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For about a year, I've been able to walk into an Apple Store, scan an item with my phone, and walk out the door. No credit card swipe, no checkout, no line. It's called EasyPay. Am I missing something here?
I've had one power supply from Lacie go bad in the years of owning many many Lacie drives (since the mid 1990s). I continue to buy from them.
When you make more money than you can spend, I really don't understand why you want more money. Can someone help me here? What's the end goal for extremely wealthy people?
Solution in search of problem.
"The outage could put a not-insignificant dent in Apple's revenues" Why not just write, "the outage could put a significant dent in Apple's revenues?" To which the answer is, no, no it couldn't. People will come back later to pick up their stuff.
109%? Time to go back to stats class. It's not valid to count other companies losses as "extra" profits. There's no money to be had there - that's why they had losses. Remove them from the equation.
That Airplay icon is to control the remote device's (e.g. the Mac your are controlling) AirPlay setting. It's not for setting Airplay on the iOS device you are currently using. It's a remote app, remember.
None of this matters. What matters is that since the iPad was released, people realized that MS Office is not as crucial to their work as they thought. They got along fine without it for three years. Very few are waiting for Office for iPad with baited breath. This should scare MS if it isn't already. They didn't rush to buy the Surface 1 when it came out, even though it came with Office. So what's different now?
mwhiteco, you didn't read the article, did you? Regardless, this will never make it to trial. The first and most obvious reason is that he's suing Tim Cook, and not Apple. Tim Cook did not sell him a phone. Apple did.
If you aren't tracking tablets, then you shouldn't track the home PC market at all, IMHO. Many households used to use a PC for web, email, facebook, twitter, games, and photos. These can all be done on a tablet or smartphone now. I wouldn't be surprised to see many young adults forgo a PC altogether now, if not replacing one far less often than they used to.
New Posts  All Forums: