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With their current ranking system, I would never work for Microsoft. If that goes away, I'd be much much more inclined to stay if I worked there.
I'd like an in-app purchase to turn off freemium mode. Yeah, that sounds silly, but I'd pay $5 to have it dole out the plants as I earn them by playing through levels in the game, like in PvZ 1. "Cheat" type purchases can still be in-app purchase and I can just not buy those.
Uhm... how about building one of the best supply chains on the planet? Apple's piles of cash and ability to actually manufacture and sell millions of iDevices in a very short amount of time is all Tim Cook's doing. Without Cook Apple wouldn't have nearly the amount of cash that they do, and the press would be all over Apple's inability to meet demand. It's not like Tim Cook walked in from another company after Jobs passed away. Go read up on him and learn for...
Uhm, the headline adds up to 103% of the profits. That is not valid in the slightest bit. If another company has a loss, then it's zero profits, not negative profits.
AppleTV does much more than a Chromecast. You won't see an AppleTV for $35.
  Not everyone takes it personally. Some users understand that FM discontinued Bento because it didn't sell well enough to continue to maintain it. Would you expect the company to lose money just to keep you happy?   If they want the more advanced features, why wouldn't they look at FileMaker Pro. The upgrade price is really good and FMP has a huge installed base so you know its not going anywhere.   I don't know what you mean by "burning from the last time." When has...
" the actual visual presentation of the app may be at the center of the copyright issue, as opposed to any functionality." I would say yes, that's that reason.
  Dude, if this is your example, you should look within your own borders.
    The charger is the secondary product here. She was using an Apple phone. The accessory (the charger) was to blame, but she wasn't thinking "gee, I'll use this charger to power this thingy to make a phone call." She was thinking "I need to charge my iPhone so I can make a call." It'd be in incredibly poor taste to proclaim, "this dead girl is an idiot because she used a knockoff charger with our product."
Most companies feel that calling someone who just died using their product an "idiot" (even with a knockoff accessory) is not very good PR.   Seriously, this is tragic. Someone died - why should that girl be expected to have the technical knowledge to know that cheaper chargers are dangerous to the point of being fatal? I'd bet you that most people believe the Apple charger costs more because it's from Apple and not because it is of higher quality.
New Posts  All Forums: