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If you really cared to make a difference, you'd not buy the content and not pirate it from a torrent. If the studios saw declining sales and declining torrent downloads, they couldn't use piracy as a lame rationalization for DRM that they do now. Besides, you don't have a right to use their products. They can put whatever DRM on it that they like. It doesn't mean you have a right to steal it just because you really want it. Simply stealing it sends them a message that...
So you can't take that VGA feed and copy it. The CP in HDCP is for Copy Protection. iTunes should down-convert to 480p in this case; that's the only mistake on Apple's part.
That I agree with. But does anyone think unlimited wireless Internet should be cheaper than your home Internet connection? Rogers sells a computer wireless solution separately from their cell phones for $45/month for 30GB. Seems reasonable to me.
No true. First time customers can get different plans too. Maybe your local sales guy doesn't want to sell those to you, but you are free to call up Rogers and ask for a separate voice and data plan other than the packages on their web site.That is false. You can still get caller ID separately if you choose.They have a cheaper plan. But cost structures aren't necessarily linear. Don't expect half the data to be half the cost.That is false. You can get separate voice and...
EVDO card? You are talking about using a computer from Sprint, not an iPhone - Rogers has computer plan too that is not related to this. I'm talking about on-phone usage. It's pretty hard to hit 6GB unless you really try. I agree there are some heavy users out there, but they're not the norm.
Well, it would break their interpretation of the law that hasn't been tested in court. Lots of other companies give away free updates to products that add new features. And they're not realizing the revenue of their product sales over two years. But essentially, yes, that is the reason, whether or not it is valid.
Have you checked their plans recently? They're perfectly reasonable compared to anyone else - especially considering nobody actually needs unlimited data and a GB or two is fine.
No. Perhaps your network connection is acting up.
and RAW support and editable channels and configurable brushes and... Pixelmator is a nice app, but it's not close to Photoshop in features yet.
Heh heh, Desktop DB and Desktop DF are from MacOS 9, not the Carbon Finder. You can delete Desktop DB and Desktop DF now and they won't come back unless you launch a Classic app. .DS_Store files aren't likely going to go away - they hold meta data needed by the Finder.
New Posts  All Forums: