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Well, it would break their interpretation of the law that hasn't been tested in court. Lots of other companies give away free updates to products that add new features. And they're not realizing the revenue of their product sales over two years. But essentially, yes, that is the reason, whether or not it is valid.
Have you checked their plans recently? They're perfectly reasonable compared to anyone else - especially considering nobody actually needs unlimited data and a GB or two is fine.
No. Perhaps your network connection is acting up.
and RAW support and editable channels and configurable brushes and... Pixelmator is a nice app, but it's not close to Photoshop in features yet.
Heh heh, Desktop DB and Desktop DF are from MacOS 9, not the Carbon Finder. You can delete Desktop DB and Desktop DF now and they won't come back unless you launch a Classic app. .DS_Store files aren't likely going to go away - they hold meta data needed by the Finder.
It's only worse when trying to scale large bitmaps to small sizes (and in some cases vector drawing to small sizes) - i.e. 16x16 pixels or smaller. Larger than that - bitmap scaling and vector drawing look fine. And with the DPI of displays increasing, 16x16 icons are soon going to be a thing of the past.
Intolerance is not simply being against something. Intolerance is being against something that isn't victimizing anyone. Intolerance is when you fear and hate something for no real reason, and as such, make up reasons in your mind. Gay marriage is happening all over the world. Society isn't crumbling because of it. Children all over the world are growing up learning that homosexuality is ok, and they are growing up ok. Children who are taught that homosexuality is wrong...
This is why your argument is ridiculous:Irrelevant. Two family members marrying each other is not similar to two gay people marrying any more than it is similar to a man and woman marrying.Dogs and cats do not have the right to marry. We're talking about people here. Again, not similar to gay couples any more than heterosexual couples.If you believe any of your arguments are even slightly valid, then you are arguing against marriage itself, let alone homosexual marriage.
Is it the natural order of things to marry at all? Marriage is a man-made institution. Labeling something as "natural" or not is irrelevant.
So, it's ok for schools to teach what you agree with, but not other parents? What about the other parents who don't want schools to teach their kids that gay marriage is NOT ok? Aren't their rights just as valid as yours?Catholics do not allow divorce. Why isn't this a problem.
New Posts  All Forums: