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Sorry, I didn't clarify. Yes, you can now release your source code. (Although WordPress did from the start, even though they shouldn't have) But people can not download it and install it on their iPhone, unless they are also a developer because they need provisioning profiles keyed to their device, which they (or someone) needs to be a registered developer to do. But I believe this was legal before, since both parties were under Apple's NDA. You just couldn't publicly post...
That has nothing to do with the NDA. The NDA means we couldn't even discuss developing for iPhone in public. That means no forums, tutorials, books, etc. Now we can discuss it. It doesn't give us any new capabilities.
Wouldn't an iPod Touch meet your needs then?
Receipts already have this. Anyone who uses Apple's installer can make use of this.
Developers can use it with predicates. Users can't use GREP. I can't see it being added. Apple typically doesn't add geek-only features.
If I knew someone named Taht, I would simply remove Taht from the auto-correct list in Word. Problem solved.
Javascript and GIFs don't send your CPU utilization to 100%. Javascript and GIFs aren't huge memory hogs. Javascript and GIFs work perfectly well on slower machines.HA HA HA HA! That's funny. Flash may be widely supported, but it is unstable, bloated, a memory and CPU pig. It's horribly inefficient. Safe for the end user huh? Like keeping a private history that isn't cleared when you remove your history or empty your cache? Flash is a multimedia authoring environment...
Darn. Now I'm going to have to clean off more desk space for those extra nm!
Funny, some people say that about Bell too. Every teleco has bitter ex-customers. Complaining about how crappy your phone company is has become a cliche. What's next, complaining the Rogers cable guy can't make an appointment window smaller than a day?
True, but that's like saying Honda has a monopoly on cars running vTec engines. Should GM be able to put vTec engines in their cars and sell them? If Apple makes both, they are allowed to decide how their products are sold. They aren't exactly doing anything nefarious here. The big issue here is that Apple is using hardware sales to subsidize OS development. If some company comes along and cannibalizes hardware sales, then Apple has a big problem. This is why they killed...
New Posts  All Forums: