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  Dude, if this is your example, you should look within your own borders.
    The charger is the secondary product here. She was using an Apple phone. The accessory (the charger) was to blame, but she wasn't thinking "gee, I'll use this charger to power this thingy to make a phone call." She was thinking "I need to charge my iPhone so I can make a call." It'd be in incredibly poor taste to proclaim, "this dead girl is an idiot because she used a knockoff charger with our product."
Most companies feel that calling someone who just died using their product an "idiot" (even with a knockoff accessory) is not very good PR.   Seriously, this is tragic. Someone died - why should that girl be expected to have the technical knowledge to know that cheaper chargers are dangerous to the point of being fatal? I'd bet you that most people believe the Apple charger costs more because it's from Apple and not because it is of higher quality.
"Google refreshes Nexus 7 by sacrificing performance and/or battery life to compete with iPad mini."
I have to laugh at the wintrolls who whine "Microsoft wouldn't do this." I suppose they can show me all the Nintendo games Rare released after Microsoft bought them.
My biggest concern with this machine is price of storage. PCIe flash is more than ten times the price of an equivalent sized hard disk.
An ultrabook with higher resolution than a retina MBP, and more battery life? How thick is this thing? Because if it's thin, has a high res screen, and has all day battery life, then they're lying or made an incredible breakthrough that they've been keeping secret from the rest of the industry.
Onswipe only collects web usage data. This study doesn't show work vs recreational use at all.
Solution: Don't use the suggested password. Make your own. Augmented solution: keep an eye on the status bar that shows how many devices are connected.
800 numbers work internationally. You get to specify which countries can reach you when you sign up for your 800 number.
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