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Funny, some people say that about Bell too. Every teleco has bitter ex-customers. Complaining about how crappy your phone company is has become a cliche. What's next, complaining the Rogers cable guy can't make an appointment window smaller than a day?
True, but that's like saying Honda has a monopoly on cars running vTec engines. Should GM be able to put vTec engines in their cars and sell them? If Apple makes both, they are allowed to decide how their products are sold. They aren't exactly doing anything nefarious here. The big issue here is that Apple is using hardware sales to subsidize OS development. If some company comes along and cannibalizes hardware sales, then Apple has a big problem. This is why they killed...
That wouldn't be very smart. Who knows what other advances in memory storage will crop up in the next few years?
I think people are forgetting that Apple is more than a movie rental box. It's also an iPod for your TV. You can't rent movies in Canada, but I still want an AppleTV. Then I could stream the shows that I record with eyeTV on my Mac, play music, look at photos, etc. The only thing holding me back is the AppleTV does not have an S-Video output and I'm not planning on buying an HDTV in the near future.
That would up the cost - then you could just buy a Mac mini and EyeTV - in fact, why not just do that now?
Really? How many ears do you have? It's quite possible to do 3D sound with two audio sources. Clever frequency and harmonic processing will give very good 3D spatialization. Speakers will work ok, but headphones should much better as they know the sources are directly at your ears. This is a pretty cool idea.
If you mean 8-bit per channel displays without temporal dithering, then yes, it's a pipe dream. No laptops have that. Although I've still yet to see someone answer this: 8-bit displays fool the eye into seeing more than 266 colours that it actually can only display (255 red, 255 blue, 255 green, plus black) because the RGB elements are so close together. Your display can not display the color yellow, only red + green close together. We're perfectly happy with this...
If they were burn marks, you would have gone to the hospital for having burned hands and sued Apple for lots of money. What's more likely is that oil from your hands and dirt accumulated there and stuck, and then you scraped too aggressively. I don't doubt the paint came off due to excess heat, but I doubt there are actual burn marks.
At least someone here agrees. The MacBook Pro has a timeless look, definitely not dated. Any redesign is only to satisfy superficial desires for something that looks "new."
Don't assume that is the problem. I have Airport Extreme routers at home and work which both support NAT-PNP and have it turned on, and it still doesn't work for me. From work, I can see my Mac at home, but it just won't connect.
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