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At least someone here agrees. The MacBook Pro has a timeless look, definitely not dated. Any redesign is only to satisfy superficial desires for something that looks "new."
Don't assume that is the problem. I have Airport Extreme routers at home and work which both support NAT-PNP and have it turned on, and it still doesn't work for me. From work, I can see my Mac at home, but it just won't connect.
Well, yes there is. Any gradient from black to white will show banding. 62 is not enough greys. However, for the most part temporal dithering takes care of it for all but the most demanding proofing tasks.
If it's a laptop, it has a 6-bit display. I don't think any laptop uses 8-bit displays. Did you ever wonder why Apple's Studio Displays cost 3 times as much those you find at Best Buy? It's because they're using true 8-bit displays.
I guess, but they do no harm sitting there, other than taking up a a couple of GBs of disk space. They don't slow down your computer because there isn't code running. Windows bloatware often consists of adware checkers, virus software, and other garbage that actually loads on startup, thus slowing down your computer. There's more necessity to remove this than a couple of extra printer drivers on MacOS X.
EyeTV is not meant to be a set top box completely controlled from the remote - it's for using a Mac to watch TV. There are lots of shareware and freeware software to turn your Mac into a set top box if that's what you want. Anyway, why do you need to delete a recording from the remote? Just do it when you are back at the computer keyboard.
If instant vs. 30 second polling is important as you say, why are you trusting server downtime notification to email? I know several people with jobs like this, and they don't trust it to email - they all carry pagers with more reliable uptime that was meant for emergency notification. I still believe the world will get along just fine without push email and that it only offers a perceived value rather than actual. The two examples provided have not changed my opinion.
Hmm... I'll give you a maybe since I don't work in advertising, but I'd argue that very few contracts come down to a few seconds rather than a few minutes or longer. Not only that, do your clients just respond to the first to reply, or do they review all the replies to pick the best company for the job? Maybe they are that fickle, but geez, I would never hire a service based solely on their speed of replying to an email down to the second. I understand the importance of...
But that's not an example. I understand push-IM because IM is meant for realtime conversation. It should work at real-time. Email is not suited for that, as much as people try.
I agree - and this is kind of my point. If customers were more realistic of what their needs vs. their wants were, we'd be a whole lot more happier, and vendors could spend their time working on features that would actually make our lives better, rather than satisfy a false need that just makes us feel like we're more important than we are. If people would admit that they didn't really need push email (and I still challenge anyone to tell me why they need it), then RIM,...
New Posts  All Forums: