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So you can backup multiple machines - why ask this question since you just answered it yourself in the next sentence?So what if all machines lost their backup? Replace the drive and back them up again. Drive loss is always a risk whether it contains the backup of one or more machines. People who are serious about backups have multiple offsite backups anyway - this product is not meant to fit that bill.I don't think it's hype. I think people want a device that is always on,...
Nobody needs push email. I challenge anyone to provide an example of why they need an email message instantly rather than waiting for the mail client to check, for example, every minute or 30 seconds. If you need instant communication, SMS or chat are better suited to that task.
Are you new to the computer business? Models are updated all the time. If Apple announced "we are going to release updated models every four months forever" would you never buy a computer again? Buy what you need and use it. The fact that in four months someone else can buy a better computer at the same price is irrelevant - they didn't get four months' worth of usage that you did.
He didn't cite examples, he asked for examples. And Blu-ray isn't popular enough that there is a large number of people with only Blu-ray movies wanting to watch them when they travel. When the cost comes down and Apple implements the required copy protection, we'll get there. In the mean time, get an external blu-ray drive, download some software and rip the blu-ray disc to your hard drive.
Or they're very happy. Don't forget that RIM writes software for other device makers.
Ha ha! Good one. Every cell phone and every cordless phone does this. They take the number, look it up in their built-in phonebook, and use the name if there is a match. Do you think every phone vendor is paying this guy?
Sure, if you want to wait a few weeks for them. Netflix is limited by physical supply. The iTMS will never put you on a wait list. You can watch a movie when you want to watch it, not when other people are finished with it.
I for one, do not believe there are tons of people who want one. I believe there are a disproportionate number of people who post in forums that want an xMac, including myself - but they pale in comparison to the actual consumers.I agree, but a few people asking really loudly is of lower priority than a lot of people who just settle for an iMac.
Wow, people just don't get it. In the days of online shopping and big box stores, the smaller retailers have to smarten up. Does anyone honestly think this is just a problem with Apple? Every product from cell phones to cameras to other PCs, or even non-tech products can be bought cheaper online or at big box stores. Here's a subtle note to Apple retailers: YOU CAN NOT HAVE A VIABLE BUSINESS IF ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS SELL MACS. You need to provide value-added service, not...
This guy is just bitter because they didn't like his ideas. Apple's success is due in part to their secrecy. When your success is because you have better ideas than everyone else, you have to keep them secret until their release. If you allow your employees to blog all day, secrets are going to get out that are detrimental. If this guy thought for a second why Apple is able to wow everyone year after year, he wouldn't be complaining. He should go work for an open source...
New Posts  All Forums: