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While the rumor says 24 hours from when you purchase, are we certain it's not 24 hours from when we start watching? I guess we'll have to wait until next week to know for certain.
PPV and On-demand from cable has a tiny library of movies - I suspect Apple will have a lot more. And I don't rent often enough to make use of Netflix. This service seems like a good fit for me.
No need to result to personal attacks. Did you stop to think that maybe for a moment that part of the reason Blockbuster rents movies for a week is because people need to drive to the store at a convenient time to pick them up and drop them off? Also, I don't think that people are understanding that the 24hour limit could be when you start watching the movie, not when you download it. So, what makes me a tool? Saving gas and time by not driving to the store, or not taking...
Nobody outside of retail uses this term. Hardly anyone inside of retail uses it either. AppleInsider should have simply used "checkout-free" or "cashier line-free" or something that people understand. I had no idea what the term meant either.
We are discussing a suit here - we should be using the standards of the justice system. Regardless, your point is not valid. What information do you have to support your claim that they are murderers?
Doesn't it do this already, through syncing with your Mac?What would the iPhone sync to .Mac that wouldn't automatically sync when synced with your Mac and then your Mac synced to .Mac? How many more times can I put the word sync into a sentence?
I didn't realize, in the US, people were guilty until proven innocent. Silly me, I thought it was the other way around.
You need to read more sites then. There is a very large anything-but-Apple crowd with respect to music players. There will always be anti-establishment people that will not buy something just because it is the most popular. They mistakenly believe that they are "thinking for themselves" and call others sheep. In my opinion, rejecting something because it is popular is just as sheepish as accepting it for the same reason. Think for yourself and buy what fits your needs -...
and power sucking too. I'll never buy a plasma - too wasteful.
In what way were you suckered? Which feature did Apple advertise and not deliver on? Sounds like you suckered yourself into Apple's advertising if you really didn't want it. I'm sure Apple didn't send goons to your house to force you to buy an AppleTV.
New Posts  All Forums: