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The user quoted in the article is just grandstanding. Lots of people don't have this problem, and others have not had the problem since theirs was fixed. He should just take it in and have it fixed.
That's a bogus complaint. What if it was your hard drive that crashed? Everyone should have a backup drive. Besides, Apple won't replace the computer, they'll replace the logic board. Chances are your data will remain intact.
Fact: Apple's DRM works on Macs and Windows Fract: Microsoft's DRM does not. If Apple did what the lawsuit suggested, they could then be sued for locking out Mac users. The fact is that if you want to buy other players, then you should purchase your music where it supports them. Nobody forced you to buy music from the iTunes music store.
Nice looking clothing costs more than ugly clothing. Nice looking furniture costs more than ugly furniture. Nice looking cars cost more than ugly cars. Nice looking paintings cost more than ugly paintings. I agree that "nice looking" can be subjective, but now you can add computers to the list. Black is a style choice - obviously you feel strongly that black is nicer, so why not charge more for something they know their customers feel strongly about?
No kidding! He was making a point! Geez!
Oh please. Is that any more greedy than you expecting a huge discount because you are a teacher. Wow, I'm a software developer - I want huge discounts on all of my products. Why don't I get discounts. I know, all the vendors are just being greedy. You should be happy you get a discount at all.
There's nothing Leopard specific about an HFS+ shared drive. Any HFS+ drive from any OS shared over AFP should be available - unless Apple made secret changes to the AFP protocol and didn't tell us.
It's a fair complaint. Any AFP-shared volume should be supported.
The secret features was the new dock, finder look, etc.
Did QuickTime run on System 6? I'm sure it needed System 7.
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