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And how do you represent binary data with this scheme? It seems to me like one misplaced indent could corrupt this file too. ascii, using simple text files is just not practical for anything but the most basic preferences. And besides, why are you hand-editing preference files. How are they becoming corrupted? If you software isn't managing this for you, then you aren't finished developing your application. I understand people need to trash preference files to debug...
1. Colour calibration can alleviate that. 2. Not everyone needs accurate colour.
I don't think that's a limitation of the AppleTV. I believe it's a limitation of the content shared from iTunes.
The mini-tower is only popular because it's cheap, not because there is great customer demand. The demand for a mini-tower is so overblown on these forums. The Mac buying public at large is not crying out for a mini-tower. And I'll bet if you showed a Mac mini to most PC owners (i.e. not the hard core gamers and geeks), they'll wish their PC was that small too.
For some people, yes. For some, their Mail application is the center of their work day - all work starts and ends within mail, so To-dos actually work there. I don't know for certain, but I'll bet you can turn To-dos off in Mail if you don't like them.
Smart folders are just a fancy way of saying "Live Searches". If you think of them as an always up-to-date search, you may use them more effectively. For example, deal with the mail in the smart folders first, and you then won't have to deal with them in the inbox.
Sure you can - at your own risk, not Apple's. For Apple to provide functionality they have to be able to support it. If they can not or do not want to support functionality, then they are doing the correct thing in not supporting it. But if you ruin your iPod by doing something that Apple doesn't support, it's your own fault.
Given that the iPod is the only model that can hold most music fans' entire music collection, I disagree. I think the classic will continue to sell well. I just got an 80GB classic. Had there been a 32GB Nano, I may have purchased one as I'm using 25GB now.
What does MAC stand for? Are you a friend of Wakashizuma? Or are you Wakashizuma yourself. No self-respecting Mac geek will ever call a Mac a MAC. In fact, when I wanted to play games, I bought a console - not a PC. PCs are ridiculously expensive if you are just going to use it for playing games. And I use my Mac for everything else a PC can do.
Exposé is not meant to be just an application switcher per se. It's more of a visual window search tool. But the best part of Expose is the Desktop key in my opinion. For example, I'm in Mail and want to email an attachment on my desktop - I can hit exposé (desktop) to clear the windows, start dragging the file, hit the exposé key again and drop it on the window. This works great for dragging and dropping anywhere. The exposé application only key is handy too for "bring...
New Posts  All Forums: