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The coffee was several degrees above the standard temperature that hot coffee is normally served at. It caused burns at a severity that normal hot coffee could not do. Everyone loves to refer to the coffee lawsuit without knowing any of the facts.
Uhm... that would be a PC laptop - back when even desktop PCs couldn't boot from their CD drive. I don't think Apple would allow that to happen. Today's Macs can boot from external hard disks - a CD drive would be no different.That would be a ridiculous requirement. I am sure that you will definitely NOT need another Mac to install an OS.
Now for all of you UK iPhone buyers - if you are not prepared to accept a price drop in two months, please wait two months before purchasing your iPhone.
Your rationale assumes that people only charge their iPods in one location. I want to charge mine in my car. I certainly can't swap out my playlists in my car. Also, I don't want to have to decide what music I want to listen to every morning before I leave the house, or even once per week. If I have my entire collection with me, then I can decide what music to listen to at the time I actually want to listen to music. What a concept! Labelling other people's needs as purely...
Nope. In homage to Bob and Doug MacKenzie, I'm going to continue to call it the iPod stubby.
Do you have a problem with Microsoft footing the bill for us to be able to read a Mac web page for free?
I guess, I'm the only one who thinks it looks fine. It's not the pinnacle of design, I'll admit, but I don't think it's ugly.
No, but didn't you think the review was a bit one-sided? And this is the place for commenting on the article? Is it not?
I question the journalistic integrity of this "review." I could only conclude that from the start you set out to disparage the Treo. Your use of language and conclusions without supporting information makes it clear. You made many sweeping generalizations made apparent by the use of the terms obviously, clearly, and apparently. For example, concluding Palm's lack of support for the Mac platform may be true, but you made a lot of conclusions about the people at Palm...
I'll bet more of those 500,000 users are casual gamers and not enthusiast gamers.
New Posts  All Forums: