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Uhm... what? DRM does nothing but hurt the business. It's the labels that refuse to admit it. They're going to hold onto DRM until they can get away with not selling CDs or other forms of non-DRM music. It's their goal to only sell DRM music. That's why they won't give it up.
Apple Lossless is larger and can not be played by iPod shuffles, nor other MP3 players. MP3 is lossy. Geez, give this re-rip thing a rest people. It is not a viable solution.
Good. That's the way it should be. All that does is scare people away from buying a Mac. Reading a couple of posts in the forums lead people to believe the problem is widespread, which is not necessarily true, and shines a bad light on Apple. If it was your business you'd do the same. It also does nothing to help others who may have the same problem. Most posters on their forums could not grasp the simple concept - "The forum is for posting questions and possible solutions...
Wow, that and 15-minute battery life, or double the thickness - take your pick.
Someone chopping off your arm doesn't kill you, it's the secondary blood loss.
Uhm... anyone on the inside who wanted to take pictures would sneak in a tiny digital camera in their pocket. They're not going to aim a PowerBook screen around the office. There is absolutely *no* increased risk here.
You have heard?!? Should you really be commenting on things that you only "have heard" about? What should it cost? Have you priced other solutions? FileMaker server is a bargain compared to comparable solutions. Even if you go with something cheaper like MySQL you are going to pay more to have clients developed unless you consider a web interface to be a suitable database client. I don't. Edit: I agree with you on the interface front. I wish FM had OS-native interface...
DVForge is run by Jack Campbell. He has a history of criminal behaviour. While he has attempted to put his criminal past behind him, his business (DVForge and MacMice) consists of mostly finding cheap OEM accessories, advertising them as "designed for the Mac market" and marking them up by typically more than 200%.
If they did all that, it would cost more. Sure you think it should include all that, but at what price? Apple needs to decide what they can include, and what is a good price for a 12" PowerBook. There's a trade-off between price and features. Apple's margin on the 12" isn't huge. It sounds like you disagree with it being called a PowerBook more than what it is or what features it has. If they called it a "midBook" would you still think it is crippled?
Market share is irrelevant. Market *size* is. Around 1990, Apple made a special version of their IIci that used parity RAM for government contracts. They had less customers then than they do now. However, I agree that it is a bit far-fetched.
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