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My biggest concern with this machine is price of storage. PCIe flash is more than ten times the price of an equivalent sized hard disk.
An ultrabook with higher resolution than a retina MBP, and more battery life? How thick is this thing? Because if it's thin, has a high res screen, and has all day battery life, then they're lying or made an incredible breakthrough that they've been keeping secret from the rest of the industry.
Onswipe only collects web usage data. This study doesn't show work vs recreational use at all.
Solution: Don't use the suggested password. Make your own. Augmented solution: keep an eye on the status bar that shows how many devices are connected.
800 numbers work internationally. You get to specify which countries can reach you when you sign up for your 800 number.
I gotta admit, I want one of these for no reason whatsoever. A MacBook Pro has all the power I need.
There's an awful lot of ignorant speculation going on here.
When Canada had the iPod levy (thankfully, they don't anymore), lots of people used that levy to justify piracy. Be careful, France. Do you want your citizens to think "hey, I already pay money to the artists, why should I pay them twice?"
Uhm... he was referring to the LCD manufacturers having all the patents, not Apple, thus increasing Apple's cost as they would have to license the patents.
"Further investigation, including a teardown that found a built-in authentication chip, revealed that the new connector dynamically assigned contact pins to allow for reversible use. Processing was thought to be executed by a control unit onboard the iPhone, though the true inner workings of the protocol remained largely unknown. " From the start, the theory that is was solely an authentication chip was challenged. Most people knew it was to offload the signal processing...
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