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[quote]Originally posted by BRussell: My virginity.
He said "in the mail", not "on the male". [Laughing]
[quote]Originally posted by MacsRGood4U: Apple will eventually release a digital still camera and camcorder as well. They did have 2 digital cameras with their name on it in the mid 90s.
They had 3. The QuickTake 100, 150 - the 150 was just an improved version of the 100. The QuickTake 200 that was a rebranded Fuji camera.
[quote]Originally posted by super: Can anyone advise on which is the best card for 2D work ? The radeon or the GF4mx ? Thanks.
The Radeon. Especially for video.
[quote]Originally posted by The Toolboi: No, though I dont doubt that this kid had a bit of a jab at gay pride in mind when he decided to wear this shirt, I really dont think that it in its self is a homophobic statment.
I don't know if the kid was taking a jab at pride itself or at the attention it is getting.
Maybe it costs more than $999 per unit to research, design, and produce the Cube?
[quote]Originally posted by G-News: It actually looks similar to an old Apple WorkGroup server. these had PowerPCs too, where big and ugly and expensive.
Nope, I used to have one. It was a lot better looking than that, twice as wide and much taller. It also had a small LCD screen on it that indicated processor stats, network activity, etc., and error codes. It looks more like an old Daystar 4-proc box. It's probably that with MacOS X...
IMHO, the richer you are, the higher tax rate you should have. Why? Simple. The rich typically get richer or stay rich by exploiting the poorer. The low-income earners are working their butts off to bring profits to their employers. Employers get rich from the profits and from their stock options that they so graciously award themselves. They also get even more money from buying and selling huge amounts of stock, because they have enough money to buy lots of shares. The...
There's a couple of things you can do: 1. Move all your savings to ING Direct - no fees - ever, and really good interest rates. Unfortunately, you still need a chequing account to move money to and fro. 2. Ask about a "minimum balance" account. My bank charges no fees if I keep a minimum balance of $2000. 3. Negotiate. Find the bank with the lowest fees, don't switch to them. Go to your current bank and say "If you don't beat bank x's fees, I'm withrawing all of my...
Coke, A&W, 7up, Canada Dry, Orangina, and Dr. Pepper.
OS X Server on IBM servers is a good idea if Apple charges enough for it. Apple currently subsidizes OS development with hardware sales, but if IBM could put OS X on some big iron, there's room to give Apple the OEM licensing fees they require. I do think IBM could provide a service that Apple can't. Big, robust, servers with a service plan to support big purchases. The only fly in the ointment I can think of is that Apple may have to penetrate the enterprise market...
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