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I've been on ehMac for a while. I hope it picks up the pace a little - there's not a whole lot of activity, but I do like it. Being in Ottawa, I don't want an Apple Store. We have a store called bMac. Picture everything in the Apple Store (even a Genius bar, though it's not called that), throw in a pool table, and an art supplies (real art supplies, not the digital kind) department. It's really quite nice. They have lots of peripherals and have all of the Mac models (and...
Trumpet/Sax intro in Dire Straits' "Your Latest Trick"
If you can't wait, you could buy a G4 upgrade (e.g. Sonnet Encore) for your G3 to hold you over. If you don't have a decent video card, a Radeon 7000 should do nicely. I'm considering doing this myself.
[quote]Originally posted by trapdoor: On the using RAM idea - I was thinking that you could Sync all your pictures over - I have 3000 in iPhoto already so 256mb might not do the job
I agree. Hard drive. Sync it to iPhoto with albums, slide shows, put an iPod-like interface, and sell it for under $500 and you have a winner.
[quote]Originally posted by Renan: .All this Apollo Garbage...no bus speed increase...no new memory DDR until G-5??? ... Plus the slow bus system compared to the Windows platform.What a pitty.All that Research and Development money..at Apple.What gives at Apple???
Where would you rather have Apple spend their R&D money? On making a new board for the G4 with DDR, faster, bus etc. on a system that will only be sold for six months, or would...
I grew up in Nova Scotia, and we always called it pop. There used to be a store that all they sold was pop, nothing else. Hundreds of different flavours. Black Cherry was my favourite. It was called "The Pop Shoppe". Unfortunately, they went out of business. These days I just call it sody-pop!
[quote]Originally posted by rickag: I give up, can't format a table. But the info is there the PDF was last modified 11/30/01 [ 01-24-2002: Message edited by: rickag ]
The table also says the G3 tops out at 450MHz, and the G4 starts at 1 GHz.
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