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[quote]Originally posted by TigerWoods99: Follow the yellow brick road. http://e-www.motorola.com/webapp/sps/site/taxonomy.jsp?nodeId=01 M98655
Two things wrong: 1. It says 600 - 1000 Mhz, not 1600MHz. 2. Clicking where to buy only lists generic list of dealers that sell Motorola processors. It was asked for an actual link selling the 8540.
[quote]Originally posted by Dave Hagan: I would just like to know where all those "insiders" who work for CompUSA and the like are. They usually are the first to come on here to inform us that certain models have gone EOL (end of line)...anyone care to elaborate?
Because Apple has wised up to that. They didn't EOL the 700MHz CRT iMac before the new iMacs either. They just stopped selling them. So, there could be speedbumped G4s on...
[quote]Originally posted by KidRed: If you have to ask, you might as well go ahead and buy now.
Uhm... no. These forums are here so people can ask. You know those whiners that come out each time a Mac gets updated complaining they wouldn't have ordered the week before if they knew something new was coming. Well, to the first poster - if you can wait until the end of Feb, wait.
[quote]Originally posted by G-News: Hehe, their RAM surely will. RDRAM is currently at 800MHz...which is going to be upped to 1066MHz in Spring (yeah that does correspond to the new 533MHz front side bus, up from the 400). If Apple comes out with 1GHz next week and then pauses until summer, Intel will have faster RAM than our CPUs for at least a month. Yeah that's ****ing sad. G-News
Yeah, but it's RDRAM - overpriced and underperforming....
[quote]Originally posted by richard788: That's great because I've heard that theKeyspan remote isn't such a great product.
I heard it was really good. I've never seen a bad review of it. The only time I saw a negative comment was that it didn't have OS X drivers, which is BS. The person was wrong as there are OS X drivers on their web site.
The funny thing about Gigawire is that nobody really knows for sure what it is, but if the new PowerMacs don't have it, they'll be really pissed and switch to PCs. Oh yeah, and Apple will go down the tubes. As for this blowing philbot's G5 thread - no it didn't - nobody believed it anyway.
[quote]Originally posted by Macintosh: I know a kid from school who's dad is an EE and he TOLD me that G5's would ship shortly and that is when he would upgrade.
Heh heh, I know several EE's and guess what - I had to explain to them what a processor pipeline is and how a processor with a longer pipeline can require more CPU cycles to execute an instruction compared to a processor with a shorter pipeline. I have a CS degree and I know...
"Assinations"? Well, I don't know about Motorola, but I've seen many assinations on this forum. Seriously, would MacOS X really run that much better on Intel? Does anyone run Darwin on a 2.2 GHz P4? Is it faster than Darwin on a Dual-800 G4? How much faster? Seriously, I couldn't care less if Apple switched CPUs, as long as all of my software ran exactly same (only faster), which would be a huge undertaking.
[quote]Originally posted by crayz: If there really isn't a problem with Apple Pro machines topping out at 1GHz, perhaps you could explain why.
Uhm, I know, I know, because faster G4s don't exist? Don't like that response? How about, you have no idea what Apple is coming out with in the future? Perhaps it is wise to only give a small speed bump now and pour the R&D resources into the next PowerMac, as opposed to spending more time and...
[quote]Originally posted by satchmo: Nope. I'm just being anal but, it's still not over 1 GHz, even if there are two of them.
Fair enough. If you contend that, we'll contend that "breaking the GHz barrier" is not really a barrier and a silly goal to strive for.
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