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Nobody here can estimate but they can guess. My guess is the iPod will get a bigger hard disk at the same price. The old one will be discontinued and people who buy the old soon before the new one comes out will whine and complain like there's no tomorrow. There may be playback enhancements but I don't think that'll happen next. As for when? Probably mid-year.
Don't forget Apple is on the west coast. If there's going to be anything new today (which I'm not convinced there will be), it will be afternoon on the east coast.
[quote]Originally posted by EmAn: There's plenty of others who would love to be able to use an Apple display with their portable.
Plenty != enough. Don't forget you also need to power the display. The power supply in the PowerBook is just not enough. It would increase the cost of the whole display just to satisfy the relatively few Powerbook owners (note I said relatively) who would buy it. It's not like you don't have an option. There...
[quote]Originally posted by EmAn: Of course Apple won't. They should because people, including me, would love to hook up an Apple LCD to their laptops. Unfortunately Apple doesn't seem to realize that.
Apple realizes it just fine. They also realize their are not enough of customers like you to justify including the extra expense of an analogue-digital converter in their studio displays. Sony makes nice LCD monitors, there's a really...
Would this be the same spymac that showed us the iWalk, claiming it was coming two weeks ago?
[quote]Originally posted by cowerd: The internet != browsing websites. On-line banking, stock/portfolio management, financial services, etc. There's much more in store as broadband becomes more widespread. Apple [and many of their users] seem to equate the internet with web browsing and e-mail.
Yeah, whatever. Internet banking and stock/portfolio management work fine for me in OS X. Just a because a few companies went out of there way to...
[quote]Originally posted by MarcUK: Ive decided that my next computer (about July) will be a PC. "Hearing shouts of troll....from the background ."
Enjoy your PC. No, I don't think you're a troll, but I think you are forgetting the point of having a Mac in the first place. If you buy a PC, remember: while you are busy reinstalling your OS, spending hours analyzing price lists, reviews, and spec sheets for your latest and greatest upgrade,...
There's not been much rumours. However Japan is big on portables, so you may want to wait until just after MW Tokyo. I don't expect anything more of a speedbump if anything - and a 10% speedbump in processor MHz does not equate to a 10% faster computer. Just don't wait forever. When you decide you need one, get one. And if a new one comes out the next day, don't be upset.
[quote]Originally posted by sCreeD: Um, well actually, optical fiber Ethernet connects are two fibers: Transmit (Tx) and Receive (Rx). So if Gigawire is optical and if it is what philbot says it is, then that might explain "in" and "out" ports.
Optical fibre does not need two fibres for each direction. As long as one direction is a different wavelength than the other, then one fibre is all that is needed. However, you are correct,...
[quote]Originally posted by richard788: I doubt USB can provide the throughput necessary to accomodate 1280x1024 for example. One's usually stuck on 640 or 800. Buying a flat screen TV is very expensive. Getting a 17" LCD and a old PowerMac G4 to serve as TV is much less expensive.
Most analogue TV signals are barely 640x480 quality. When HDTV becomes a little more prevalent then you there will be a need. But for now, I don't see it's...
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