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"Assinations"? Well, I don't know about Motorola, but I've seen many assinations on this forum. Seriously, would MacOS X really run that much better on Intel? Does anyone run Darwin on a 2.2 GHz P4? Is it faster than Darwin on a Dual-800 G4? How much faster? Seriously, I couldn't care less if Apple switched CPUs, as long as all of my software ran exactly same (only faster), which would be a huge undertaking.
[quote]Originally posted by crayz: If there really isn't a problem with Apple Pro machines topping out at 1GHz, perhaps you could explain why.
Uhm, I know, I know, because faster G4s don't exist? Don't like that response? How about, you have no idea what Apple is coming out with in the future? Perhaps it is wise to only give a small speed bump now and pour the R&D resources into the next PowerMac, as opposed to spending more time and...
[quote]Originally posted by satchmo: Nope. I'm just being anal but, it's still not over 1 GHz, even if there are two of them.
Fair enough. If you contend that, we'll contend that "breaking the GHz barrier" is not really a barrier and a silly goal to strive for.
A few things that are causing way too much worry here: 1. The Register did not say "all", they said "much" of the patents. 2. Where does it say OpenGL are included there. 3. I could be wrong here, but OpenGL is an open standard - MS can't just kill it.
[quote]Originally posted by Bodhi: AAAARGHHHH! Wake Up!
Relax, that was just talk for the analysts. They couldn't say anything else because it would look really bad to say "yeah, I know, our Pro products suck", and anything else would mean admitting new products are coming out soon.
[quote]Originally posted by bunge: Do these programs run natively in Windows XP? I'm guessing the transition to XP is a lot easier than it is to X. I think this has more to do with the lag than anything else. Once the programs are ported though, there's almost no chance they (Adobe) will drop further production. A lot of time and money has gone into the products already.
I agree. In most cases nothing is required to make apps run in...
You whiners really need to stop and think about things. 1. Apple's desktops machines cost more for the same "specs". Get over it. So stop this "If I go to Dell's site..." garbage. Dells costs less because they are lesser machines. If you disagree, buy one. And don't complain when XP won't even recognize your keyboard. (this happened to a coworker today, had to go back to Win98 - you get what you pay for) 2. Before the iMacs, Apple was selling Performas with lesser video...
[quote]Originally posted by Wrong Robot: If it was possible to have a dual processor device that could run x86 and ppc instructions equally, and apple made it(which if it involved AMd then apple would probably have to let AMD use PPc)then apple would become the best computer on the market case closed.
Yeah, but it would only be on the market for a few months before Apple would declare bankruptcy. Think about it. If every (or even most)...
[quote]Originally posted by Fran441: There's also no way for Apple to increase it's marketshare without more applications running on it's operating system. I don't see how people fail to realize that.
There's no way I'd buy a Mac if I was stuck using Windows software, no matter what the interface looks like, it just wouldn't be Mac software. I don't see how people fail to realize that. Who's next?
[quote]Originally posted by discstickers: Sure, the iMac has a 1/8 inch headphone jack. Yes, you could plug speakers into that. But the Apple Pro Speakers are USB audio devices.
No they are not! The Pro Speakers have their own powered port on the back of the iMac. There is an amplifier in the iMac, just as there is in the G4 towers (they have their own jack there too). This is why you cannot order these speakers with the iBook and...
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