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There's not been much rumours. However Japan is big on portables, so you may want to wait until just after MW Tokyo. I don't expect anything more of a speedbump if anything - and a 10% speedbump in processor MHz does not equate to a 10% faster computer. Just don't wait forever. When you decide you need one, get one. And if a new one comes out the next day, don't be upset.
[quote]Originally posted by sCreeD: Um, well actually, optical fiber Ethernet connects are two fibers: Transmit (Tx) and Receive (Rx). So if Gigawire is optical and if it is what philbot says it is, then that might explain "in" and "out" ports.
Optical fibre does not need two fibres for each direction. As long as one direction is a different wavelength than the other, then one fibre is all that is needed. However, you are correct,...
[quote]Originally posted by richard788: I doubt USB can provide the throughput necessary to accomodate 1280x1024 for example. One's usually stuck on 640 or 800. Buying a flat screen TV is very expensive. Getting a 17" LCD and a old PowerMac G4 to serve as TV is much less expensive.
Most analogue TV signals are barely 640x480 quality. When HDTV becomes a little more prevalent then you there will be a need. But for now, I don't see it's...
I agree - not everyone needs DVD burning capability. Here in Canada, a Superdrive over a CDRW is $600. I don't need to burn DVDs, and I don't watch them on a desktop computer. But don't put too much faith in those rumours. I don't think Apple will make the Superdrive standard until they come down in price by a few hundred dollars. [ 01-20-2002: Message edited by: Kevin Hayes ]

[quote]Originally posted by Junkyard Dawg: Steve Jobs thinks that people watch tv to turn off their brains, and they turn on their computers to use their brains. I'd have to agree with him.
I don't see what the big deal is - why do you need a Firewire TV tuner? Given the quality of broadcast and analogue cable, a USB device, which are plentiful already, is all that is needed. If you don't like TV, so be it - I don't care. But to say...
[quote]Originally posted by Jonathan: er, that would have no market. A more expensive display that is smaller than the 17"? If anything, all-widescreen displays. 17" 1440x960, 19" 1600x1024, 22" 2***x1***
And a 15.2" display - 1152x768. i.e. Use the PowerBook G4's screen in a Studio Display.
[quote]Originally posted by TigerWoods99: As for a selling link, as far as I'm concerned that web page makes it clear which MPC8XXX chips are available right now. So that's the proof that it is available now.
How does that make it clear? I'd love to eat my words, but I still think the G5 is months away. That table does not prove a thing. Until you point me to a page where I can actually order the thing that says it is in stock and...
[quote]Originally posted by kim kap sol: One thing's for sure, I gotta sell my Dual-800 FAST while it's still worth $3400. Dear God...I hope some poor sucker's gonna buy mine for $3200.
Careful. That new 800 on the low end may be lacking the L3 cache. They did that with the 733 last time. Do you find your Dual-800 slow? If not, why bother selling it. Computers aren't investments, it's ok not to have the latest and greatest model....
[quote]Originally posted by TigerWoods99: Follow the yellow brick road. http://e-www.motorola.com/webapp/sps/site/taxonomy.jsp?nodeId=01 M98655
Two things wrong: 1. It says 600 - 1000 Mhz, not 1600MHz. 2. Clicking where to buy only lists generic list of dealers that sell Motorola processors. It was asked for an actual link selling the 8540.
[quote]Originally posted by Dave Hagan: I would just like to know where all those "insiders" who work for CompUSA and the like are. They usually are the first to come on here to inform us that certain models have gone EOL (end of line)...anyone care to elaborate?
Because Apple has wised up to that. They didn't EOL the 700MHz CRT iMac before the new iMacs either. They just stopped selling them. So, there could be speedbumped G4s on...
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