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I wish AppleInsider would stop making assumptions. Where is the evidence that the US DEA is "upset" or "frustrated." And rickag, I don't think you know what "security by obscurity" is, because this isn't it.
Agreed. Without saying why, it's empty rhetoric. I have respect for what pioneers have started, but you have to update your thinking to remain relevant.
I almost fell out of my chair when I read that. You believe rich-textures are "taking full advantage of a retina display"? Typography, clean lines (even on an angle) does not look noticeably better on a retina display to you? Just play Letter Press - it's a perfect example of how a clean design really shines on a high resolution display. Don't forget about digital photos, detailed technical drawings, etc.
What about design? They're almost identical. Overall Quality - they're both of equal quality. Speed - Retina is slower at many graphics tasks SSD - you can get an SSD in a regular MBP.   Me, I'd buy the Retina, but other people have different needs.
"Xiao i Robot features voice interactions, with the ability to answer questions and hold simple conversations." So could the speech recognition built into the Mac Centris 660av and Quadra 840av released in the mid 1990s. , "Computer, what time is it?", "Computer, tell me a joke."
  How about some perspective? Not all in-app purchases are bad.
This. It's one thing to sell your patent to someone who can manufacture a product, but it's another to sell it to a patent holding firm. Why did you invent the thing you patented in the first place? The point of the patent system is to foster innovation. How is inventing something only to sue people fostering innovation? It's the exact opposite.   If I was King of the World™, any patent used in a lawsuit would become invalidated if the plaintiff could not show proof of it...
Well, the connector also has some demuxing to do. It probably has a few functions. Authentication being another one.
The problem is customers expect JCP to be a "always on-sale" discount type of store, but he's applying the Apple store premium retail mentality to it. That's going to be tough, if not impossible.
That just tells you that demand is increasing along with their ability to fulfill orders.
New Posts  All Forums: