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Just give me "ENTER to send" in Messages and I'll be happy. Anyone tried this?
I've always wondered how this accurately represents actual usage.   The statistics come from App Store usage. With more and more apps requiring newer OS versions to run, devices on older OS have fewer reasons to visit the App Store.
The whole point of encrypting the drive is that, in the unfortunate case where a malicious party gets physical access, it would still be very difficult to access the data.This is a case where a security feature does not fulfill its promise.
Remember the pre-iPhone era? History is repeating itself.   Back then PCs were the central to how people use technology. So manufacturers tried to cram what worked on PCs into smart phones, while others tried to cram PCs into tablets, and both results were terrible.   Now that smart phones are the hottest thing, people start to cram what worked on smart phones into the device of the next battle field -- TVs. "Look! You can do all those cool things that your smart...
Except when you need to develop and test against the latest iOS SDK, then you need the latest XCode, which Apple doesn't let you run on perfectly capable 10.6 machines. Sigh...
  Since when did Apple hold back software on new hardware because they had to support old hardware? Apple excels at putting out new software features on latest hardware only. Try explaining to iPad 2 owners why they don't have voice dictation.   Optimizing software for older hardware is at a much lower level; it's things like memory management, file I/O, library routines, etc. It's not "gimping" the software.
That's actually great because 3GS will keep Apple iOS engineers and app developers in check to optimize their software, instead of blindly relying on faster hardware. Ever wonder why console games keep getting better and better on the same hardware years after the hardware debut, but the same cannot be said for your PC? Because the developers have a stable and unchanging hardware that they can (or rather, forced to) optimize for.   I have a 4S myself, but this is good...
If the new Macbook Pros are going to be released alongside OS X 10.8, it makes you wonder why the retina-ready icons have sneaked into 10.7. It leads to two guesses -- 10.8 won't be ready by the time Macbook Pro ships, or there is gonna be a retina Cinema Display that works with Macs running 10.7.
Keep in mind that iPhones have always used 3:2 aspect ratio displays. A 4.6" with a 3:2 aspect ratio will be quite huge. The 4+ inch phones currently on the market are mostly 16:9, which is long and narrow (relatively speaking). If the rumor is true, either Apple will change the aspect ratio on the new iPhone and wreck havoc on how developers design their apps, or it keeps the 3:2 ratio and end up with a monstrosity that doesn't fit in your palm. I highly doubt this will...
It's not even a moral issue; it's economics. We already know Foxconn is testing waters in Brazil. When the manufacturing cost rises in China, what will Foxconn do? It might as well move some of its production to Brazil, and thousands will lose jobs at the "highly paid" ShenZhen plant.
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