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Thanks for the link and it looks like a very interesting product.  The great feature seems to be the ability to push variable quality and size replicas to various devices.  However, Mylio looks to be at best a networked version of iPhoto, not of Aperture.  Also, anyone with a half-serious photo collection will be looking at $100/year if not more.
If my one little sentence was OT (and I admitted it was) then certainly your entire response to my post was OT, too.
 OK... so you have a problem with one ancillary point of my post which really is unrelated to the topic.
Wrong!  I don't use Gmail and many other people who are having this problem with Mail under Mavericks don't, either.
Mail under Mavericks is the worst implementation of this application going all the way back to OS X 10.0.  There are many people experiencing sync problems with IMAP servers that never had an issue before Mavericks was released.  I'm one of them and I've tried many of the "solutions" put forth on a very long thread on Apple's community support website.  As most have found, every solution falls apart after a day at most.  We can only hope Apple has finally fixed it.  If...
Another vote from me for a plasma.  Mine's actually a, gasp, Samsung, and it's wonderful.  I've never come across an LED/LCD television with as good a picture as the best Panasonic and Samsung plasmas.
The judgment call is there because the judge always has to have authority over evidence and proceedings.  How do you know the real reason for potentially not showing the video is because the judge may feel it's irrelevant to the trial? Regardless, the chances of a trial being successfully appealed over a video the Justice Dept. helped produce is essentially zero.
It only makes sense they would say that as the judge always should have the final say as to what's appropriate and admissible.  OTOH, I don't think that implies there are situations where it's damaging to use the video.
 Seeing that the video is authorized and made available by the Federal Judicial Center (overseen by US judges), I doubt an appeal around the video itself would have any merit.  I wish I had read this yesterday as my good friend and his wife were over for dinner last night.  He's a retired IP attorney and current law professor who trains federal judges in how to conduct IP trials.  Could have asked him.
Anyone know why Apple was so enamored with the versions concept?  I understand it makes documents more idiot-proof but at the same time it makes it harder (or more strange) for non-idiots, too.
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