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Isn't that what guitarists call a "drop G" tuning?
I've found I can generate a fairly good sounding MIDI guitar using a variety of iOS apps, occasionally a keyboard, but mostly the iOS guitar functions in GarageBand. Since I have no actual guitar, it's a time consuming process attempting to emulate any kind of subtlety that is easily achieved by a skilled guitar player.
MagicPrefs helped a bit, but I eventually got rid of it because it was so inconvenient to switch on and off only when needed. For the most problematic situations, I just use a Wacom tablet instead of the mouse.It is odd that Apple seems to have never acknowledged the problem with any kind of a software fix or mouse settings option.
Fantastic. I did notice those masses of advertisers went away and wondered what happened.
FYI, if one already has both a real guitar and Logic Pro X, the audio file can already be converted to MIDI without additional software:http://www.ehow.com/how_6793320_convert-audio-midi-logic-pro.html
Could very well be all about one set of corrupt payoffs being swapped out for another.
Touch ID to activate would be a great safety feature.
I'd buy an Apple Pistol. You already know it would be the most advanced personal protection device made.
No, I agree as long as the decision was his, then at least he is responsible.
TBH, Entrepreneur Magazine has always been complete fluff. They are like Entertainment Weekly or People Magazine.
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