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I take it you may not understand written colloquial English?The point being that if Apple Pay had already been in place, the Staples hack would have been essentially harmless.
LOL! That's not Apple's fault. Licensing and copyright issues beyond US borders fall outside of Apple's area of influence.
Have you seen this?http://rynomotors.com/the-ride/easy-riding/
Rey Mysterio? Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammud Baqir al-Muhri? Yong Pil Rhee?
Tina Turner moved to Switzerland... James Cameron became a citizen of New Zealand... What are the tax advantages of Woz becoming an Aussie?
It came out today that Staples was hacked. Apple Pay cannot roll out fast enough.
Already over this movie that isn't even a movie yet.
They also don't "need" to return money to the shareholders. I'd argue that the buyback makes far more sense than a dividend.
It would've been nice if they had initiated these buybacks in 2008 when the stock was massively undervalued.
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