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Early adopters and beta testers, let us know how it works. :D
Agreed. I don't follow them for everything, but they certainly had the scoop with Snowden.
Those banks with weaker security measures should immediately lose all access to Apple Pay. In fact, Apple should certify banks that use proper measures and provide a link on their site to the banks that have passed their certification requirements.
Apple Pay, just like like the iPhone, has set off a chain reaction of events by companies which have completely rested on their laurels and lazily relied on existing sources of revenue. A lot of these late to the party will eventually be out of business or they'll have to panic sell their business before they disappear.
Cool stuff.
Apple does their best work when they own the whole end-to-end experience and I think eventually they will have an 'Apple Wireless' service to offer.
LOL! Sorry, no.
Richard Branson got into wireless and airline businesses and has done quite well with both.
I like the look of that band also, but it looks like a problem for those of us with hairy arms.
First they have to make a Microsoft Wallet, THEN Windows Pay.
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