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Yes, crap sells! This is why Huffington Post, Business Insider and many other sites flood their sites with titillation and gossip along with the occasional well-researched and reported news.
There's a Munster on the loose! Run for your lives...and your sanity!
I was just ribbing you. 😉
They won't be advertising that "feature" in the U.S., those scumbags.
Buzzfeed is a joke, but this reporter has a good track record.
"Neighbour"? "Advert"? You're no American.
I don't buy this last minute rumor sharting from these jokers.
Kanye West is going to stumble around on stage in his diapers and rant for an hour?
Android is "successful" like a black hole is successful.
And he should stay that way.
New Posts  All Forums: