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And she's married, with three kids. Not bad at balancing her work and life.
I agree. Slot car racing has never held much interest for me and it seems that because of the speed of these little cars, the person driving is barely controlling the car anyway. It's mostly controlled by the software.
Tim is improving a bit, but his presentation skills don't concern me as long as he has a great speaker like Craig Federighi to take up the slack.
Which ones have been hired with a pedigree like hers?
It's absolutely the intent of the patent system.Property protection, plus innovation, equals increased competition.Increased competition drives innovation, invention and commerce.I cannot believe you don't understand this.
I stand by my theory. Apple hasn't been hiring any other world-class CEOs recently.
What are you going on about? Apple's buyback program is well known. It's a good use of all that free cash.
That makes no sense. Nothing prevents you from duplicating the diversification of a fund on your own. You can even choose to duplicate the buy-sell strategy of Warren Buffet, if you're so inclined.
It's a very unusual move to bring in a CEO for this kind of senior-level position, unless she is seen as a logical successor to Tim when he is ready to retire. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
And this is really meant to block Android from expanding their methods further by patenting around them.
New Posts  All Forums: