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I tried out Yahoo's weather in the notifications pane and immediately removed it. Too big and poorly thought out. Haven't bothered to modify it any further.
A good "problem" to have.
As long as they keep it a distinctly different brand that cannot taint Apple, big deal.
Change it from "Beats by Dre" to "Beats" and buy www.beats.com, redirect traffic from www.beatsbydre.com. But for the sake of Apple, keep Beats a separate company with agreed upon goals. Problem solved.
Haven't seen any of that stuff, but then again I haven't been looking for those kinds of comments either.
What?The news coverage on the lines was non-stop and amazing. Apple couldn't have asked for better coverage.
I think Larry is getting visions of Google becoming a new independent nation, with him and Sergei as the new dictators.
They all raised their estimates, while selling short. LOL...
Here's my request to Apple to replace the iPod shuffle... Please make a shuffle/watch that will work with a pair of wireless headphones (Beats or Apple branded, either one). I don't really need every function of the Apple Watch, I personally just need a sports watch with iPod function. That's it.
New Posts  All Forums: