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4K is better than 1080p? Who woulda guessed? /s
"Sorkinisms": https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S78RzZr3IwI Fill your Sorkinisms bingo card if you see the movie.
Here's a feature for the Apple Pencil I'd really love to see to enhance art apps... It would be great if you could "overload" a brush with paint or ink and swing the pencil above the iPad Pro surface to "spatter" the surface using a particle physics model (a la Ralph Steadman's illustration style). This would also be great for calligraphy where randomness and spatter would be integral to the artwork.
ASCAP and BMI are not the only royalty collecting agencies. There is also http://www.harryfox.com
I don't have that problem, but using the Magic Mouse with Photoshop and Illustrator is a nightmare. Unintentional input causes images to zoom in and out or offscreen. I almost always have to break out my Wacom tablet to get anything done.
Breaking news! Apple acquires the most magical place on Earth...Disneyland.
That would be kinda cool.Can I get an IBM Selectric keyboard for my iMac? If you've never typed on a Selectric, in my opinion you've never really typed.
Magic: The Gathering
^^^ Calm down. ๐Ÿ˜
Yes, musicians should always retain all rights to their own work and they should always maintain control over their own recordings. If that means forgoing studio time and instead recording everything on an iPad or your own Mac, do it. In case of any disputes with labels or managers they should be able to amicably separate with no money owed in either direction and seek new representation or be able to license any of their songs unencumbered by previous arrangements. I...
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