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And they didn't ask him why Andy "Android" left?
He's developing a music delivery system for the holes in your head. (hopefully NIN fans will get this one)
I'll employe the Wikipedia definition of self-interest for the sake of simplicity:   Self-interest generally refers to a focus on the needs or desires (interests) of the self. A number of philosophical, psychological, and economic theories examine the role of self-interest in motivating human action. It's not referring to 'things a person is interested in'. You may be interpreting the word too literally.
The good news is version 2 will be better and version 3 will be even better. They have to start somewhere.
Thanks. By the look of things, it appears the ex-dividend date is a carryover from pre-electronic trading. Today these trades could be (and may be) settled instantly.
I suppose at some point Apple could offer a lower price / reduced function version of the Apple Watch. I still see room for an "iPod shuffle"-like version of the watch.
I was attempting to avoid the use of profanity at the expense of accuracy. 😶
I still cannot understand the logic behind the stock ownership dates with regard to dividends. Why not only issue dividends to stockholders who hold the stock for three months, for example? Is there a legal requirement behind these short time requirements?
"No" cents.
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