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Black and red would've been nice.
It surprised me as well, so I added one to my order.
This note was at the end of his post:"Update: Multiple helpful folks from Apple promptly reached out about this post, and I see that Music Player & Playlist Playtube manager has now been removed from the App Store. This is a win for users and a win for my support inbox.In the longer term, I hope they put together a policy to deal with this kind of scam. This is surely not the only offending app. In fact, I was notified today that another scam app just went up that uses our...
There was, in fact, an Apple Pay logo on the terminal.
Could be a great tool for getting remote performances by actors for animation, both live and filmed. Imagine none of the actors ever seeing another person in the performance other than in the final product.
Would be better for Apple to make and sell more smartly designed accessories and make those extra sales when the products are initially sold.
What "slave class"? Give me a break.You need a refresher on what is happening with regard to labor and demographics worldwide: http://www.wsj.com/articles/how-demographics-rule-the-global-economy-1448203724?tesla=y&alg=y
I think the latency issue will remain until nearly all of the functionality of the iPhone is migrated to the watch (thanks to the power of improved miniaturization and battery power management).
Maybe the next gen will appear in 2-3 years.
They've increased subscribers by having a continuous fire sale. That's not sustainable. Their best hope is to be sold off to a rival. Remember their sale being blocked previously?
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