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 Clicks are money. No clicks and the kids go without braces.
 I don't see it happening either, but sometimes I want to smack Jony Ive in the head for choosing form over function.
This is why I suspect someone inside Apple culled these accounts or possibly a photo app was cracked, one with easy access to the photos.
Oh, I think they are quite aware of this now. It was all over the news this morning and the originating site was repeatedly named.
Depends. Has Dalrymple been asked?
Of course, however a self-portrait is quite different from another person or artist creating a portrait.
I was actually thinking of a base that would be about the same thickness (where it's needed) as a MacBook Pro and the plugs would be on the left and right sides, up off of the table surface, closer to the monitor but visible by looking around the screen at the base.
That is my understanding.
It's all about perception, not reality. Apple will address this at some point, hopefully before the 9th so the product announcement isn't overshadowed. They are probably working with the FBI on this if there has actually been a breach of some kind.
Agreed. We're probably talking about a decade before widespread adoption, unless the credit card companies subsidize the transition because of superior Apple security, which could make subsidization financially sensible. This celebrity photo "scandal" may overshadow the security message, unfortunately. Apple is going to have to address this soon to quash fears about their services, no matter what is the real problem.
New Posts  All Forums: