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It cannot be said often enough that businesses do not exist to provide jobs. Businesses exist to make a profit. That is their primary function. Jobs are a side effect.
Yep. Traders make individually "sensible" decisions, but the market in aggregate appears to be utter nonsense.
 You are not acknowledging the fact that there is competition and there is also cooperation in business. Nothing would prevent businesses from making deals that make sense for both parties, as far as sharing already established infrastructure.
Red has special meaning in Chinese culture, so I see no reason they'd want to change that to blue.
I can't wait for Elon Musk's satellite-based "Exonet" to launch.
Mr. Applebaum, This is why I strongly advocate for term limits for the "selfless public servants" in both Congress and the Senate. www.TermLimits.org
I like Jason Snell also. Actually all of his podcasts are very good. He'd be a good guest!
No, it has been courteously reposted and there is no issue now.
Not yet, but I personally have little interest in those metrics. If the company keeps innovating and delivering great stuff people want, that's what matters.
How do you feel about the unilateral "forgiveness" of illegal immigrants for political gain? In California, not only are federal immigration laws unenforced, people are issued driver licenses. The mind boggles. I know of no other country that would do something so insane. If you are narrowly focused on "jobs", this should be an issue.
New Posts  All Forums: