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No matter what he decides to do in his future endeavors, he's certainly not hurting financially. From his Wikipedia page:  "On October 31, 2007 Johnson exercised 700,000 stock options in Apple stock with a strike price of $23.72, and then sold the stock later that day for $185 to $185.21 apiece netting him a $112m profit. It has been reported that Johnson earned $400 million during his seven and a half years at Apple." Of course, if he had simply held onto that stock he'd...
Is there any evidence that Johnson was pivotal to the turnaround and growth at Target? He was VP of merchandising there, not the CEO and it is usually the CEO who is responsible for strategy and making sure it's executed. Jony Ive is an EVP at Apple, but he doesn't set the direction of the company, for example.
I didn't know "the world" was an employer. 😐
With that description of the service, it sounds like he's targeting the massive population of elderly who are underserved at retail. In-home demonstrations? Reminds of the "good old days" of door-to-door salespeople and scammers.
Not a "sit-com" style comedy, but yes, it's a dark comedic criticism of 80's-90s capitalism and consumerism: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Psycho
So...they reinvented AOL?
Only dropped 13%? If investors woke up and smelled the coffee, it would be down 90%.
 Exactly what I had in mind. There comes a time when a person needs to realize that they were a part of something special and that they are not really that special on their own.
Ouch. Not good. I'll be holding off on that update.
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