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Will this upcoming event only be the new iPhones? Nothing else?
Why they're still there is what is so baffling.
Not really Apple's problem.
I think it would be a great strategy for Apple to take. Even if they only paid for half, or if they provided financing terms for the purchase of Apple Pay compatible terminals for businesses, it would help speed the adoption of Apple Pay.
Apple's CEO made it clear that he envisions this partnership with Cisco for the long haul, telling salespeople in attendance that he wants Apple to have a relationship with Cisco "long after I am dead and gone,"...   And AAPL will get slammed tomorrow. The headline: "Tim Cook is dying!"
Tried to watch the VMAs online at the MTV site and couldn't stand it. Just unbearable dreck. So bad it's not even "good bad".
Hasn't worked for my browser for many months.
That was an odd ending, but students and the MTV-age audience would be very price sensitive. Personally, I didn't like the ads, but I'm not in the demo that watches MTV any more. If I had kids watching MTV these days, I'd probably cancel my cable.
That's right. I'd be confident it will hit $150 at some point in the not-too-far-off future, but I'd not stake my reputation on a definite date.
Well, the tricked out iPad Air 2 with 128 GB and cellular goes for $829, but with the minimal configuration starting as low as $499... I think a top-end iPad Pro could easily exceed $1,000.
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