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Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that Samsung committed perjury. Anyone?
We are entering a post-Google world, people. We are through the looking glass.
He'll never even acknowledge this story.
 Florian Muller has turned against Apple over this latest case. He reads like a Samsung shill now. I've stopped reading his posts.
 I think you're sorely mistaken if you are under the impression that this doesn't open the door wide open for Google liability. It's as good as an admission of guilt for Samsung's misdeeds. I also noticed you have nothing to say regarding Samsung's comments about moving into a POST-GOOGLE ERA.
Ina Fried wrote:  
 Sure there has... Financial liability. With Google connected to Samsung, Samsung's harm becomes Google's harm. This is a smoking gun. Regardless of what of either of us thinks, we'll soon see how Apple uses this to their advantage. Howard Mintz, reporter for the San Jose Mercury News just wrote:
 It's different because Google used to have no financial connection to Samsung. Now there is a clear link. That opens them up to liability claims.
Oh, and this is hilarious... Mike Elgan just posted this on Google+:  If this isn't proof enough that Android is screwed, I don't know what is! Remember, Samsung is currently the only company making money off of Android devices. If they abandon Android.... Well, hahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!
 It's not odd at all. Apple may be making this connection to prove Google is responsible for real financial harm as the drug dealer supplying free Android drugs to phone manufacturers. Their involvement isn't just that of a detached observer. This connection may set up Google for liability claims by Apple?
New Posts  All Forums: