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With whom is Ming-Chi Kuo "well-connected" and is that a quantifiable assertion?
Kuo's press releases come pre-filled with honorifics.
That's a rather broad and unfair attack. One could easily bet lots of non-Americans are eating at McDonald's.
Send your complaints to Janet Yellin.
This article has more 'color' on this story:  http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/may/18/bankrupt-radioshack-selling-customer-data-names-addresses
The all-singing, all-dancing Apple Stock Manipulation and Imaginary News Revue.
You are probably right about that. Our presidents have an established pattern of acting outside the bounds of the Constitution and answer to industry, not the American people. Nothing has really changed in that regard.
 Considering the only comments that ever came out of Apple were from Steve and his comment to Isaacson was very vague, I think there has never really been a definitive go-to-market strategy for Apple regarding a TV. That they haven't yet offered one indicates to me that the closest thing to an Apple Television will continue to be the iMac. Incidentally, I'd love if Apple had a build-to-order option that included a digital TV signal card and built-in DVR functionality for...
http://www.usphs.gov/aboutus/history.aspxAlso, you're blocked. Bye-bye.
"For more than 200 years, men and women have served on the front lines of our nation’s public health in what is today called the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service. The Commissioned Corps traces its beginnings back to the U.S. Marine Hospital Service protecting against the spread of disease from sailors returning from foreign ports and maintaining the health of immigrants entering the country. Currently, Commissioned Corps officers are involved in health...
New Posts  All Forums: