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Are you of the belief that your religion is the only "true" religion? Anyone who claims to have a hotline straight to a deity, I turn in the other direction and run while clutching my wallet.
Look up "Nixon" watches and tell me what you find.
I dreaded seeing it because of the acclaim it received, but once I actually saw it I was pleasantly surprised at its unblinking forthrightness.
Oh, no you cannot. As of now, a "marriage" and a "legal agreement" are the same thing. You may want to argue government involvement in marriage-related matters, especially ceremonial matters, should be removed from the influence of any and all government entities.
 That's a fair point. People believe in things because of their own experiences, so I can't condemn someone else completely, even if they choose to condemn someone else. People discover different points of view at different speeds and few people will change their point of view if they believe they are being attacked.
You are certainly entitled to your opinion. Speaking for myself, I'm blocking you. With any luck, you'll grow to understand that all people are relatively similar in that everyone wants what is best for us as individuals and there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" philosophy. Even within religions there are large areas of disagreement.
I liked that movie. It really surprised me.
Indeed. The Internet is the devil's work. 👹
I said nothing about a marriage license. Contract law covers all legal aspects of a union between people. If a person wants a prenup or a ceremonial marriage certificate from the person or religious institution providing the marriage service, that's another matter.
New Posts  All Forums: