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F U, EU.
Hooray! Aaaaaaaaand...the stock drops.
 http://voices.suntimes.com/business-2/iphone-6-vs-6-plus-andy-ihnatko-has-one-question-for-you/ This reviewer has more experience and credibility on things Apple than 95% of the people who post here. He likes them.
How about we take a second a talk about the naming of the various Apple Watch lines... -Apple Watch -Apple Watch Sport -Apple Watch Edition... Edition? Really? The Edition name is very weak and unsuitable for their highest priced product (fortunately, the industrial design is outstanding, so that offsets a lot of the clumsy choice of name). Anyone read or hear anything explaining their choice to use the word "Edition"? Alternates they could've...
Because you believe everything you read here?
Obviously it does more than that, however it is an accessory. Not a standalone product.
It would be great if Apple had a permanent tab in iTunes for donations of every kind, not limited by season or fundraising windows.
PayPal cannot die fast enough, IMO.
Those theoretical 'ticking clock' scenarios have almost NEVER happened. The acts of violence and the subsequent Gestapo-style pursuit tactics in Boston being a rare exception.
You're off your rocker.
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