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Perhaps the baby ate your dingo.
Regrettably, both you and the other fellow have been fed pro-union propaganda and have never really delved into the facts for yourself.This is a lengthy article, but one that must be read thoroughly to gain all of the relevant facts. Sorry, but the unions as heroes and modern myths surrounding labor are complete fabrications:http://mises.org/library/forgotten-facts-american-labor-history
The "commonly accepted knowledge" with regard to unions is not correct. American prosperity was already on an upswing, wages were rising and the number of hours per week people were willing to work were already being shortened by the time big labor was a part of the picture. In fact, it was because of the pace of growing business that most were able to absorb and pass along these additional costs to consumers. When the rapid pace of business growth started to slow and the...
Having a college degree isn't a guarantee of a job. It's just proof that a student is capable of completing assigned tasks. If there is no work available in their preferred field, they have to adjust their expectations.
Yes, the good ole UK...where you have to pay a license to watch television. 😐
Constitutional rights of Americans trampled? Check!Presidential powers expanded far beyond what even Bush and Cheney engineered? Check!Openly supported the passage of the ACA with misrepresentations and lies? Check, check, check!
Want to know how to really stop these guys dead in their tracks? Raise an all-female army to fight them. If these fanatics are killed by a woman, they believe they will not receive their afterlife rewards. Once they see an all woman army, they will give up. Their beliefs are very primitive and tribalistic.
I'm guessing only the woefully uninformed or very special cases are those spending time waiting in bank lines.
From an engineering perspective, I think a larger surface using ForceTouch might be problematic, whereas the additional flex and physical wear on the small surface area of the watch face would be less of an issue.
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