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And who might that be?
So... completely absent and left unrepresented in these secret meetings are the very citizens affected by these outrageous abuses of power.
He immediately ordered fish and chips.
I wonder if Apple is filling for patent continuations on their fingerprint-reader-for-a-phone IP to try to cover every angle and shut out knock-off competitors?
With whom is Ming-Chi Kuo "well-connected" and is that a quantifiable assertion?
Kuo's press releases come pre-filled with honorifics.
That's a rather broad and unfair attack. One could easily bet lots of non-Americans are eating at McDonald's.
Send your complaints to Janet Yellin.
This article has more 'color' on this story:  http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/may/18/bankrupt-radioshack-selling-customer-data-names-addresses
The all-singing, all-dancing Apple Stock Manipulation and Imaginary News Revue.
New Posts  All Forums: