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I look forward to the day Apple is able to make a thin, transparent phone that has the appearance of a large phone-shaped diamond that is charged continuously wirelessly.
Someone is going to think you were serious here.
Why? Is Tim Cook a robot?
AI headlines should also be treated with great skepticism.
Valleywag is a snarky, sarcastic site that isn't taken seriously.
Product RED contributed to the bottom line, though it was certainly a niche product. Was it political? I suppose an argument could be made. However, it was not a person.
Warning: I am going to make a mildly political statement here. Ignore if you don't want to read it...That statement sounds alarmingly like the claims of racism that have been repeatedly invoked against any whom have disagreed with president Obama, which is similarly ludicrous.
Unique and difficult to reproduce differentiators like Touch ID and Apple Pay are essential to keeping Apple ahead of the gaggle of thieves and copycats. Future innovations will probably cost billions to reproduce, further ensuring Apple's leader position.
Was there a new Fed announcement? That would do it.
The whole market is getting slammed. Don't look for rational explanations for stock market gyrations, it's almost entirely emotional and herd-like behavior.
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