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I daresay it's more ethical for Apple to allow local user data to reside on Chinese servers than if Apple had housed the data on their own servers and let the Chinese be responsible for decisions they make, rather than be complicit with divulging the sensitive data from Apple's own servers. Apple cannot change the country of China any more than a Chinese company could change the NSA's spying on the entire world.
It IS a comedy.
Of course... Foxconn!
 I'll simply say that there is "room" for ALL kinds of economic activity and professions and the 'risk versus reward' is much, much, much higher for those traders versus those who work on assembly lines collecting an hourly wage. Obviously, these stories of massive returns are the exception, not the rule and risking capital is hardly doing "nothing". The rewards for the Japanese trader (whom you seem to be criticizing) are completely rational and if other people are...
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Apple hating is fast becoming a web site's sure fire way to easy money. Always guaranteed to draw a crowd.
And this is why I take issue with the use of the term "patent troll". Either we have a country that respects property rights (one of our constitutionally protected rights), or we don't. If we don't, then the U.S. is no better than China.
Without perspective, there can be no understanding. In China, for the millions of factory workers who typically come to the cities from the dirt-poor country, these jobs represent a "golden ticket" in a country where life for most is still brutal. The death benefits that were being paid to the families of suicides was a perverse incentive to kill oneself to ensure the family would be well off.
Factory work in China pays well and is far more preferable to the alternatives available to these workers.
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