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By the way, here are some great tips and tricks for working with podcast audio and developing a workflow.http://www.macworld.com/article/2138467/how-to-get-started-in-podcasting-editing-the-audio.html
Don't they have stockbrokers in Germany?
LMAO!"You wanna get nuts?! Let's get nuts!" —Michael Keaton as Batman
I'd rather it was something completely nuts, like a string of squirrel DNA in a nanoscale tumbler.
My preference is no government and no taxes, however this is a more realistic and achievable way forward:www.FairTax.org
What is the Secure Element, anyway? Has one been cracked open and studied? Is it a random word from a dictionary? A water droplet? An atomic-scale crystalline anomaly? Maybe it's a JJ Abrams "mystery box",,,
Human behavior (as I have said time and again) is individually rational, but appears to be irrational in aggregate, mainly because of rivalrous self-interests at play.If you understand human behavior is based on self-interest, you will understand everything in the history of humanity.
It cannot be said often enough that businesses do not exist to provide jobs. Businesses exist to make a profit. That is their primary function. Jobs are a side effect.
Yep. Traders make individually "sensible" decisions, but the market in aggregate appears to be utter nonsense.
 You are not acknowledging the fact that there is competition and there is also cooperation in business. Nothing would prevent businesses from making deals that make sense for both parties, as far as sharing already established infrastructure.
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