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To be fair, there's plenty of intolerance in opposing camps for either respecting or simply ignoring personal opinions.
I probably don't need to tell you, but subsidies distort markets and lead to favoritism and corruption.
I doubt it. They wouldn't want to invite lawsuits because profits are what matters to businesses however, corporations do not have "beliefs". They may have a mission, but beliefs are held by individuals, not companies.
"Corporate beliefs"?
I'm unhappy about all subsidies.
As mentioned previously, it may violate the Establishment Clause.
You agreed to the same terms of use I did when I signed up here. You're on a public forum on a privately owned site and subject to the same criticisms as anyone.
The difference is that you cannot prove material harm. If someone takes your property, that's a different matter. I'd want to take a very close look at the terms of use agreement one "signs" prior to using a web browser. If you were using a browser YOU designed on a network YOU own, things might be different.
What difference does it make to you?
Is there actually such a thing as "normal" sexuality? Let's face it, all people are weird when it comes to sex.
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