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They are tasteful. That's a significant part of their longevity.
What portion of sticker sales go to Apple?
Are there more people who were / are opposed to it because of the low quality / overpriced junk product issue?
If the acquisition can be leveraged to damage Samsung in any way I'm all for it.
Meh. Still has the whiff of a payoff to Jimmy Iovine.
 Amen. I can't stand it.
 In 3-5 years the entire low-end smartphone market outside the US may be completely dominated by Chinese companies and Samsung will just be an unpleasant fuzzy memory.
 Yes, Apple isn't the entire market. When I see bizarre stock movement my first impulse is to check the news for unusual world events.
Incidentally (text bolded and in red for clarity): http://research.kgi.com.tw/KGI1/index.htm A firm that allows employees to hold positions on the securities they are covering should make everyone nervous about trusting their "free advice". Such analysts may be compromised and in my opinion are facing a clear-cut conflict of interest.
Hey, here's a better story. I'll post a link here before the AI authors repackage it and serve it up.   San Francisco Airport testing beacon system for blind travelers App will tell visually-impaired travelers, and eventually everyone, what's around them at all times   http://www.theverge.com/2014/7/31/5956265/san-francisco-airport-testing-beacon-system-for-blind-travelers
New Posts  All Forums: