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You won't be getting any products sooner anytime soon. This is all PR hype.
It's a complex solution to a non-problem. It's absurd.
You should know better than to give out stock advice. 😉
If be more concerned about the influx of MS-13 than the occasional cuckoo in the US flipping out and going postal.
A 13-inch screen capable of displaying 4K content, smarty pants.
I am so glad to be free of such trivialities.
You haven't lived until you have coffee in Italy. The best!
If your meetings are over the phone it would be illegal unless announced. If you're in the room, that does not violate any wiretapping laws. Also, the hang up about typing notes in a meeting is absurd. It's quite common. People take notes in all kinds of ways these days. There's no reason to not be an effective note taker in the manner which best serves your skills and job. Way back when I had to attend such idiotic time-wasters I would usually use a computer since my...
I even like that better! 😃
Since an iPad is already involved, why not just make a recording of the meeting, which could supplement any notes taken? Incidentally, I despise meetings...
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