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This looks like a high school drama club version of Jobs' life. Amateurish and shallow.
It's just a moronic comparison from the point of view of a moronic investor. They may as well have written that Shake Shack was the Apple of fast food joints.
More power efficient processors is what will enable better battery life in future Apple Watch models.
Nah. There will always be plenty of "fast followers" (aka rip offs) of Apple's latest designs.
What do we call the 'Kremlinology' of Apple? Apple-ology? Cookwatch? Executive Shuffleboard?
^^^ FYI, the U.S. is currently $18+ TRILLION in debt! I seriously doubt the public appreciates the magnitude of this problem. Spending like lunatics won't solve anything.
 I'd love to see the Fed shut down permanently. If Rand Paul gets elected, it would be awesome for him to put Ron Paul in charge of the Fed so he could end it.Plus... term limits. We need those across the board in Washington.
Based on the trailer, Jobs as Magneto would've been a better artistic choice.
Nicely done.
Did Google do it?  /s
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