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They'll probably roll it out by region to take some of the stress off their servers....
Maybe my memory is really getting THAT bad. 😶 I need a RAM upgrade.
Well, this is a first (as far as I can remember)... AI gives links to numerous other sites for their reviews. I commend the site for this.
It's the "switchers" campaign all over again! Love it.
 I'd still like to see a version of the iPod as a watch, minus the other functions. Please make it happen, Apple. There is still a big market for iPods for  athletes and exercise.
I want someone to develop just one kind of band that will pair with the iPhone... a band that signals a subtle alarm to go off when the phone is just out of range (for people who are constantly losing their phone)! The battery would probably last for a week.
Go away, troll.
It's the typical anti-Apple bitchfest, post-announcement.
Would you piss off already?
"May" have to wait until next year, not "will"... Just more speculation.
New Posts  All Forums: