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If this can eliminate even a fraction of customers coming into the stores for repairs or claims, this is a very good thing.
What are you talking about? The upgrade is free.
Purchasing land is not a "land grab".
This should be interesting. If Apple can convince a good percentage of Chinese consumers to abandon stolen and pirated digital content, it will be historic.
A lot of stocks are getting killed right now. Is it all due to upcoming Fed announcement speculation?
Pretty weird, that's for sure.
Completely agree.
Would never make financial sense unless Apple sold chips to everyone.
That wasn't a quote, although it is somewhat similar to "give me liberty, or give me death."Are you an American? If you are, you're giving a piss-poor example.
Are you kidding? It's the actions of our government that caused the rise of tea party groups in response to the bailouts after the financial collapse. Tea party groups in turn influenced the election of politicians who are to this day throwing monkey wrenches into the system in Washington. (At this point I hasten to add that I'm not affiliated with any Tea Party groups, although I do support any and all efforts to restrain unconstitutional and unchecked...
New Posts  All Forums: