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Whatever source you are allegedly quoting isn't indexed by Google, so...sources?
Was the FCC the source of this conclusion you reached? How about including all of your sources instead of providing your own highly partisan spin?
If you develop a foolproof way to determine a stock will drop 20% in advance, I'd like to hear about it...and so would every person holding stocks.
Quantum electrodynamics. Sutor, ne ultra crepidam.
Please look in a mirror first and good morning.
How are YOU part of the FCC?
Ah. Now YOU are a "we"? No, you're responsible for your posts. Don't try to argue a weak point as if "everyone" agreed with you.
Also, why in the world do you keep insisting that I'm a Republican? I've said many times I'm not over years of posting. Are you unaware of this?Would it be fair for me to label you a Communist, Marxist or even a racist based on your posts? I doubt it.
Then why lump my posts in with "right-wing conspiracy theorists"? It's not a theory, it's a fact that there's nothing to link to.
Johnson was formerly head of retail at Target. Clearly he was an executive, not a person who knew the nuts and bolts of running a business that one acquires by... actually starting and running a business.
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