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For very important meetings and places, I always use two and sometimes three sources to make sure I get the right location.
The only way to keep any children from dying in the future is to prevent people from having them in the first place.
The Kutcher movie really was dreck. I felt my time was completely wasted after watching it.
Every time the DOJ talks an angel loses his wings.
My Spidey-sense tells me this movie is radioactive.
Boredom is a "human issue" and one that arguably affects more humans than mere gender issues. Who will defend the rights of the bored? What about the able bodied and their discrimination from using handicapped parking spaces? Who speaks for them? And what about people who, by no fault of their own, were born with dry skin? What about their rights? Everyone has skin, right? Let's keep inventing "rights", why don't we?
 I'm not familiar enough with Canada's Constitution and whatever may be considered the Canadian "Bill of Rights", so I cannot compare the two systems. Also, I'd be skeptical of any suggestions by others that Canada's Constitution may apply everywhere and to every human on Earth (not saying you wrote this specifically, but it's just as absurd as the argument that there are a set of recognized, universal "human rights" that apply globally and are the same as the protections...
Why haven't you answered any of the previous queries?
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