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Sorry, but "forced compassion" foisted on Americans by the Federal government isn't my idea of what is supposed to be constitutional government.
I don't believe a word of this. In fact, it sounds like a rumor a desperate CEO would start in a last ditch attempt to get attention.
 How many of those other countries are republics with a constitution that expressly limits the powers of their Federal government? "The four best legal arguments against Obamacare" 1. The individual mandate violates the original meaning of the Constitution.2. The individual mandate rests on an unbounded and unprincipled assertion of Federal power.3. The individual mandate cannot be justified under existing Supreme Court precedent.4. The individual mandate threatens the...
Great! The world takeover continues!
Thanks for at least putting a stop to the use of the phrase "well-connected analyst".
Do you work for the Obama administration? Are you a recipient of any public assistance programs? Are you a member of a political organization? What is your excuse for your bizarre, unusually defensive positions?Take a look at this: https://www.cbo.gov/publication/49973Specifically, look at projections for 2025. That should scare the hell out of every Anerican.
Or just use TinyURL... ^^^
I think most people caught on pretty quickly that the Iraq invasion was built wholly on lies. When the military-industrial complex and foreign powers so easily manipulate the U.S. to act in their interests, you know you've got a big, big problem.
But did that spelling error originate here or with Apple?
Although both are misguided and destructive, "Romneycare" was executed at the state level. It's a commonly trumpeted canard calling Obamacare and Romneycare the same thing, but there is not and never has been an allowance in the Constitution (a document that is an agreement between the states, after all) for a Federal healthcare system.Also, I find it darkly amusing when Democrats/progressives call the American people idiots or brainwashed when they appear to oppose...
New Posts  All Forums: