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Interesting historical note: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_automobileTechnically, it's much, much older.
I've grown sick of the ATP podcast also. Arment really gets on my nerves.
I was talking to a rep at the Apple Store yesterday and they said they were sold out of their stock of 128GB with cellular Space Gray iPad Pros and they were disappearing as soon as stock comes in. Looks like the high end is the hot seller again.
Jay Somaney is a hedge fund investor. His interest is fast buck, short term investments (in fact at the end of the Forbes article it divulges that he is both long and short AAPL, in addition to AMZN, FB and others). Who cares what is his opinion? I can get an opinion from someone waiting in line to pay at Target.
Nah! OS X is not optimized for s touch environment. Better to slowly engineer iOS toward greater functionality than to try to dump touch-centricity onto a massively complex desktop OS.
I understand your huffiness, however I was referring to on-device file management, not external cloud storage.
There's really no reason why Apple couldn't implement money transfers using their Messages app. In fact, I think it would be a fantastic upgrade.
It would be nice to be able to plug in your phone or iPad to your main computer and get a desktop icon you could double click on to open and immediately see representations of files accessible to you in some kind of intelligent organization, probably by app.
I didn't like that episode either. Skip it and go to the next one. You may also want to skip the last episode on Netflix as it is very grim and I could barely get through it.
There's no reason an app couldn't implement a unique file management scheme that would make more sense for the Pro.
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