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IMO, this indicates there are not enough qualified candidates available in Silicon Valley. When you start seeing crazy incentives for employees there is a high level of competition for those employees. I think Apple really should consider creating their own college system to train and grow employees (from pod to grave).
Expos are a massive waste of time and money. We have a thing called the Internet that is far more efficient about informing people of new products.
What did the US "steal" from Europeans? AFAIK, foolish investing by individuals and companies "stole" money from their own pockets.
He is alive... and living in Las Vegas.
Just like Amazon... Loses money every quarter since they started, yet Wall Street loves 'em.
Absolutely. I see this as a loss for Ireland if it goes through. And considering another global financial collapse is apparently looming, so much the worse for their people.
Good for them! Everyone should pay as little taxes as legally possible. Once the money gets in the hands of politicians it's misspent.
But we have more debt than any country on Earth... oh, wait...
IDG must be bleeding cash, on top of their surprise layoff of Jason Snell and crew, shutdown of Macworld, now this? Not good for these guys.
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