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I find it difficult to believe Apple had no protective clause or penalty attached to this contract with LAUSD. What legal counsel would advise a company of Apple's stature to engage in any contract unless it first protected Apple? Especially when politics is involved. I foresee class-action lawsuits and people being fired over this.
 Expect an irrational reaction from Wall Street no matter what happens. You know this. They're not married to stocks, they seek profits at any cost.
They'll not introduce a product to take the attention away from the iPhone 6. That would be poor marketing on their part. My impression is this is nonsense.  
 The result might be called Chrome's disease... or something.
I might consider it if it had standalone use (no Instagram integration). The results look pretty solid.
 iPad Pro... sure, why not.
At this point, I hope Apple sues the LA school district for  Government is inherently not competitive. It quashes competition and feeds corruption. Like any creation involving people, it ultimately benefits itself as people are self-interested. At least with competition, inefficient and corrupt businesses fail and are replaced. The only things the Federal government should be responsible for are those defined and restricted in the Constitution.
 A larger iPad with an optional stylus (and palm rejection) as accurate and responsive as a Wacom tablet would be a dream come true.
 The LA school system is hopelessly politically compromised and there are power struggles non-stop. The whole thing needs a hard reset.
I'd be first in line to get one, especially if it enhances music and art/graphics creation.
New Posts  All Forums: