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Is there an "Irish History Month"? How about a "White Pride" tab in iTunes? I dunno, pandering to all of these groups is such a slippery slope. It was kinda better when Steve didn't give a shit about what anyone said and he jealously guarded Apple like it was his baby. Treating customers like customers instead of blowing smoke up everyone's skirts to divide people into racial, sexual and political lines would be a better strategy.
Dude, you "Godwinned" yourself.
Looking forward to perusing the "Apps for White People", "Apps for Black People", "Apps for American Indians", etc. tabs. Apple's collectivist tendencies are really on display recently.
Growing up, the only experience I had with that flag was the one I saw on the General Lee car in the Dukes of Hazzard on TV, so I'm not that invested in it as a symbol. However, trying to whitewash history certainly isn't beneficial.
In the case of the states, it's up to their people whether or not they want to remove all evidence of the Confederate battle flag. In the case of Apple, it looks like collapsing under the weight of political correctness even faster than them succumbing to Taylor Swift's demands. The optics are that Apple is a company that no longer has a spine, whether that is fair or not.
Won't be long before the Gadsden flag is banned, then of course any imagery that doesn't glorify the state.
Marshall Mathers should sign a waiver before he's allowed any participation in any Apple business relation.
Are there any "historical flags" apps that are being yanked due to this faddish madness sweeping the country?
They are decisions made by cowards covering their asses in service of their bottom line.
Visit California. It's like Russia with beaches and sunshine.
New Posts  All Forums: