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The idea of a HUD in the form of glasses is definitely not new. It was used many years ago in the aerospace industry as a way of viewing wiring diagrams and other information for workers on the floor, plus fighter pilots were using something similar with their helmet and cockpit displays (according to Wikipedia, cockpit displays originated in the '50s).
If an "analyst note" is published verbatim, it should probably be labeled as an Editorial or Press Release. If it is neither of these things (as is usually the case), then the person responsible for logging the story should provide neutral coverage that presents both sides of the story. In other words, if analyst "X" makes a claim, then it's incumbent on the AI writer to provide analysis and context and not simply reword the analyst's provided "note".
Apple could probably open 7-10 new stores in Shanghai a year and still not meet demand.
Capitalize on mass panics and irrational drops, then never sell. :D
Actually, GE and MO have both been very good to me.
I thought they had effectively ended the Glass project. For all intents and purposes it's dead.
Spin (aka point of view) is all a part of the process of delivering a story. They needed a story and they got a story.
 I've never sold a single share of AAPL, I only keep adding to my "collection". The last time I bought big was 2008.
I still haven't decided if this is a net positive or negative...perhaps it should simply be considered an Apple stock "law". To a long, it's relatively immaterial since the annual gains are often substantial. For a company of their size and valuation, I cannot recall a similar company demonstrating such wild stock price swings (except during the first dot-com boom and bust).
A range of $80 to $140? That looks like some lousy forecasting... although it should be noted that AAPL was at $96.26 a mere 3 months ago (unfairly).
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