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I did both. Local business wins out over snappy answer. 
Think of it this way... Most media now relies on mobile devices for clicks and revenue and the revenue on mobile is all Apple (apps), Google (ads) and Facebook (social interaction and ads). They promote and cover Apple out of self-interest. Every news program I see today is constantly telling viewers to download their app!
Apple really needs to work on eliminating all humans from the supply chain.
HDR video would definitely be nice.
Perhaps a new Mecca?
I would love to have an iPad Pro model.
^^^ I still say Microsoft was not a monopoly. The government should not have gotten involved. When companies fail to be responsive to customers, they leave. Apple out-innovated Microsoft and now they are winning.
Interesting it uses a non-Americanized spelling of "wavy" (or it may just be that it's misspelled).
Voice controlled anything on the desktop makes less sense. We have trackpads and keyboards.
^^^ 😂
New Posts  All Forums: