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Has anyone here actually posted the entirety of this Indiana law? I'm beginning to wonder if it's as bad as reported.
To be blunt, you have developed some unusual ideas.The income tax isn't progressive, it's punitive. It harms the maximum number of people who are least able to afford it. The current tax code is a nightmarish tangle that has been piling up on people for decades and must be replaced with the FairTax. I believe all taxes are misspent, but the FairTax would (temporarily) reboot the system and take out the favoritism and corruption. As long as there are people in Washington...
Why don't you post links to these opinions instead of painting "libertarians" with a broad brush?
Isn't that foie gras?
How about a 4K Vine? 😃
Why was he wearing an eyepatch?
Good luck getting the biggest polluters to throw coal under the bus (metaphorically speaking).
Steve Jobs Place?
It starts around 12-13 for boys.
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