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Pre-Snowden I might agree with you. Post-Snowden I might be accused of not being paranoid enough.
As I understand it, a lot of the automated trading that goes on today includes trading based on "sentiment", which would include negative comments and news stories. The bottom feeders and whiners certainly are having a field day.
And if you want to start throwing around conspiracy theories, now the government's spy agencies have plenty of motivation to infiltrate Apple's ranks, bribe Apple employees to sabotage software to break encryption and Touch ID and otherwise undermine iOS because of Apple's recent decision to disable any ability to access their devices via password or backdoor weaknesses.It's also interesting to note that China STILL has not announced when the iPhone 6 will be made...
Well, all this Apple trolling has successfully pushed the stock under $100 again...which may have been the real goal from the start.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have entered the wonderful world of Idiocracy. The comment above is your official welcome.
Looks like you have unrealistic expectations. Software is extremely complex and it is almost impossible to check for every possible thing that might go wrong. Rest assured Apple is evaluating every problem reported.
A heavy duty vice? Like gambling on dogfights?
Well, at this point they've pulled the update and no doubt they are evaluating the problem. It would be even worse if they came back with a fix that didn't fix anything. Patience, all.
 This is true. However, people love Apple so attack videos are an easy way to troll us supporters. This is easily verified by checking the number of anti-Apple stories out there. There are a ton of them.
If you just want Bluetooth file transfer, there are apps for that.
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