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Our individual anonymized private health data could still be made available to IBM for analysis and then the results could be continually updated.  http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/ibmwatson/health/
In ten years, small, inexpensive computing power will be simply astounding and that power will have migrated into future Apple Watches and other wearable, invisible-to-the-user devices and products.
The future of their kind of advertising is not good. I'd get out of it if I were them.
If IBM can develop a system that effectively puts the general practitioner out of business, I'd be all for it. Let doctors move into areas of extreme specialization and research.   I'd love for future Apple devices to be so connected as to be constantly monitoring the finest body functions and determining when there is a dangerous condition or health problem that needs to be addressed. Medicine today is still disturbingly primitive and relies too much on doctors who are...
I'm willing to wait for some kind of supporting information from Apple. At some point, they'll want to provide developers with evidence to spur them to do more work to drive their sales.
Ooh. That should have a dramatic impact on Amazon and possibly even Netflix.
Hmm... These are both good ideas for apps and services.
I'd not want to expand in a country that has unreliable and combative labor and a tumultuous government. Foxconn should look elsewhere.
Doctors still require filling out 3-4 pages of ridiculous questions on a clipboard every time I visit. Their offices are still in the Stone Age.
Yet it still remains better left unseen.
New Posts  All Forums: