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What does a story about a bunch of possible land-scammers have to do with Ayn Rand's Objectivism? Scammers come in all shapes, sizes and philosophical clothing. Their game is to scam people out of money by appealing to their beliefs, which these alleged crooks did. So what?Need proof that people of every political and philosophical stripe have tricked, stolen, misrepresented, etc.? Try looking at a history book or the news sometime. Most fraud is committed by people who...
On the other hand, I just saw "The Martian" and I can recommend it without hesitation.
Why didn't Danny Boyle cast Cate Blanchett as Steve Jobs? She's played Bob Dylan once and appearance was not important for this movie, right? Oh, but wait... Seth Rogan looks marginally like Woz and Jeff Daniels looks slightly like John Sculley... This is just a flimsy excuse since they couldn't get Christian Bale for the role. Fassbender is a fine actor, but he was not their first choice.
If historical accuracy is unimportant, don't call the film "Steve Jobs". Call it "Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs" in the same way that we got "Walt Disney's Snow White". This is definitely Sorkin's story, accuracy be damned.
Nope. I have no desire to see this movie.
I actually like the Hanx Writer app from Tom Hanks that simulates a typewriter. It really "feels" like a typewriter.
Those restrictions come from the labels, not Apple. How would Apple possibly benefit from preventing the use of their products?
Good retailers survive. There are plenty of retailers that have no reason to be in business.
Target already sells some Watch accessories: http://m.target.com/p/x-doria-defense-edge-for-apple-watch-38mm-gold/-/A-39593025
I like NPR quite a lot. Can't stand commercial radio.
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