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Constitutional rights of Americans trampled? Check!Presidential powers expanded far beyond what even Bush and Cheney engineered? Check!Openly supported the passage of the ACA with misrepresentations and lies? Check, check, check!
Want to know how to really stop these guys dead in their tracks? Raise an all-female army to fight them. If these fanatics are killed by a woman, they believe they will not receive their afterlife rewards. Once they see an all woman army, they will give up. Their beliefs are very primitive and tribalistic.
I'm guessing only the woefully uninformed or very special cases are those spending time waiting in bank lines.
From an engineering perspective, I think a larger surface using ForceTouch might be problematic, whereas the additional flex and physical wear on the small surface area of the watch face would be less of an issue.
If you make an appointment online (or even using a phone) for the DMV, you'll find your time spent waiting is dramatically reduced, although this is certainly not an endorsement of any government services. Also, many banking tasks may be carried out online and using an ATM. Automation and computation are already so embedded in our interactions that they seem invisible to most.
You're using a computer right now, plus whether you realize it or not computers have multiplied the productivity and access to information for almost everyone because even if an individual does not have access to a computer, the people THEY interact with have access, and that additional layer of access affects every aspect of economic activity.
Do you have more or less time to do whatever you want because you own computers and iPhones? Speaking for myself I have more free time and can do more with these effort multiplying devices. I "work" less than half as much as I used to and spend most of my time doing what I really want to do (I put the "work" in quotes because I like my work).
As you are aware, automation led by business and consumer demand will cause the eventual elimination of many low-skill jobs out there. Drivers of all kinds will start to disappear within 5-10 years. Once the general purpose robot is developed to a point where they can replace line workers of all kinds, businesses in the US will certainly engage that level of automation simply because people represent a huge financial risk. If I was a truck driver or easily replaceable...
Unions also contributed to the decimation of the U.S. manufacturing base, along with the unwise decision by global members to allow China into the WTO, thus enabling a massive IP thief and currency manipulator entree into American markets and freedom to bleed America while building up their own manufacturing. Unions created a business-hostile climate and businesses fled for the low wage "factory floor for the world".
New Posts  All Forums: