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Soon though, a 75 cents per gallon tax will be slapped onto California gas sales. It's just unending here.
Canadian socialists... Opening up markets to competition all across Cana... oh, wait.
It's difficult to see past the nonsense that is cited by Wall Streeters as the cause of markets or stocks rising and falling. Frankly, I doubt they really know themselves. It's cyclicality within cyclicality.
I'd like to know where he got his doctoral degree, personally.
I heard they changed it officially to "Beats by Dr. Dre"...
 BB-8 says "hi"!
Of course, after taxes is a whole different ballgame.   This very handily illustrates that musicians who rely on music sales for income are not going to do as well as those who are fully involved in every aspect of their career. Practical business knowledge goes a long way in every industry.
And I have an original 1GB iPod shuffle I'm selling for $25. Booyah!
I agree. The more basic tasks can be performed via touch without ever looking away from the road, the better. Sometimes a fraction of a second is enough to contribute to a collision.
Who are you and why are you here, agitator?
New Posts  All Forums: