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 First and foremost, US presidents are not elected by the popular vote, they are elected by the Electoral College. Second, we're not out of the recession/depression. If QE (quantitative easing was stopped today and interest rates increased, the economy would implode again...which it should, by the way). Third, Obama and Democrats were completely unopposed during the first part of his term and they managed to ram through the ACA with no Republican involvement. It's bad for...
 Sorry, I just got back.   I personally see no reason for Apple to adopt this program. What does Apple get out of the deal? Although largely symbolic, it is unnecessary and it appears to be mere sucking up to Washington. As someone else stated, if it was a good idea Apple would've done it already! Apple "contributes" to the economy as a follow-on effect to them being successful and they have become successful by focusing like a laser on customers and making great products....
Maybe Apple should delay the purchase of Beats until this legal matter is resolved. :D
 Great. He's 'less hated than Bush'... LOL.
Is it possible for one to agree that Bush was a lousy president and also acknowledge that Obama is as bad, if not worse?
Since compliance is voluntary, this "program" is largely irrelevant anyway. It's all about appearances.Also, not everyone who is disgusted or disappointed with this president is a Fox News follower or identifies with the Tea Party. I don't watch Faux News. Even Obama's own Washington supporters have distanced themselves. They want to get re elected!
I think it's a bit more serious than schoolyard politics. Obama, even more so than Bush, has been called one of the most egregious offenders when it comes to our nation's history of presidents who have actively undermined the Constitution. I'd not be so fast to cuddle up with him. Fairly or unfairly, Obama has come to symbolize what is bad about big government and he also has a poor reputation overseas.Do you think China and Europe will be more positive or less positive...
I was never a supporter because I'm not a Democrat, but are there any Democrats left who actually believe a word this president says? I'm amazed any are left who defend the man.
I personally pay no attention to John Boehner. It's aligning Apple too closely with an unpopular president that I take issue. If Bush was still president, would it be wise for Apple to align with him?Apple is a company that serves customers regardless of their beliefs. Politics is a cesspool that should be avoided by companies, except if it is core to their operations.
Instead of thoughtlessly ganging up, you should've actually read the legal decision.And I quote:Me again. That's a lot of weasel wording and sufficient evidence that NOT all of the money earmarked for consumers who were negligent in handing over their bank accounts to toddlers will receive 'every penny'... and I do not hesitate to mention I don't think anyone who foolishly let this happen deserves a refund anyway.
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