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It's more like a subscription fee. Every other app store has the same deal also, so singling out Apple is bollocks (with apologies to the Brits).
I still say a small nation purchased by and for the benefit of Apple would be a great move. Apple should buy an island just outside U.S. territorial waters and immediately sign a peace treaty with the U.S. for peaceful trade.
I always reinvest my dividends anyway, so it makes no immediate material difference to me. Yes, it's nice to have, but speaking from the POV of the company, how does it really benefit them?
You can't have those numbers and you're not entitled to them.
Let me also note that I'd be 100% onboard if they decided to end both the buybacks and the dividend. They don't need either. They continue to grow like a startup.
As long as that app is offered through the App Store, that pricing is completely fair. Let these deadbeats offer their services as web apps otherwise.
I don't like the dividend either. Stock buybacks are fine, but the dividend does nothing for the company except create greater volatility around the quarterly reports.
$9, not 9%.
Especially if Apple is legally able to continue to provide uncrackable security measures. Expect our illustrious leaders to continue to mount full frontal assaults on Apple.
So Apple's guidance has been for 30%+ each quarter prior?
New Posts  All Forums: