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There are more middle and upper income people in China than in the entire US (so I've heard), so it seems someone is doing something right at Apple. ;)
To quote Steve:  "Boom."
Is this guy the latest TekStud?
On the other hand, Apple is just getting started in China, what with their new middle and upper class.
Go away.
Time for Tim to drop the mic and walk offstage.
OMG is right.
Wow...   Revenue: $74.6 billion versus $67.5 billion expected. Stock up almost 5% after hours.
By the way, where's the link to the page for AI's live coverage of the earnings call?   Here's the link on the Apple site:  http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/15iuhbsdfvuohibwfvohub01/event/   The livestream starts at 2PM PST.
They defend their patents. Microsoft, Google and other companies all have certain licensing arrangements with Apple. There is nothing that says they wouldn't license this patent (or even the stylus patent) if it made business sense to do so.
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