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Would you sign a lifetime NDA for $60 million? $30 million? $5 million? I think most people would be eager to sign such an agreement.
Not to mention the unholy marriage of said banks with their crony capitalist buddies making and enforcing the laws (presidents past and present included).
The "gangs" and "drugs" part of that list could be largely eradicated with decriminalization (gangs rely on scarcity, which leads to artificially high prices created by those laws declaring certain drugs illegal).
An NDA could potentially last a lifetime. On the other hand, there is no way to enforce a 'non-compete' in California.
Yes, I'm sure you're very concerned about Apple. 😐
Let Foxconn buy and run it.
A person caught wearing dozens of hidden taped Samsung phones can be prosecuted for wearing a "suicide vest".
If memory serves, I recall taking a boat from Hong Kong across the harbor into Shenzhen, China and didn't have to walk through a metal detector there.
And that, my friends, is why it's so important to use Apple Pay or cash only at retail establishments.
Sure there have been breaches. Gmail is under constant attack and has been broken into by Chinese hackers, for one high-profile example.
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