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It would be nice to be able to plug in your phone or iPad to your main computer and get a desktop icon you could double click on to open and immediately see representations of files accessible to you in some kind of intelligent organization, probably by app.
I didn't like that episode either. Skip it and go to the next one. You may also want to skip the last episode on Netflix as it is very grim and I could barely get through it.
There's no reason an app couldn't implement a unique file management scheme that would make more sense for the Pro.
There is absolutely nothing special about GoPro tech or hardware. If Apple decided to actually make an action sports camera, they'd surely do a nice job of it. GoPro as a company is all about marketing. They've established a solid brand.
I'll bet the Pro used in conjunction with a nice DSLR is going to be a killer combo for both pro and amateur photographers and videographers.
Actually, down 36.5%...that's severe.Also, AAPL is back to $110 territory, which blows.
That was lucky. The 128 with cellular is sold out almost everywhere in my area (I think fewer people are choosing the ones with the white front, preferring the Space Gray instead.
Which marketing genius decided on the name "Horipad"?
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