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To quote our friends in the UK, "bollocks".
It's all about the renminbi.
They could rename it (PRC) RED.
It's not an intractable problem. It's a matter for the states and the people to decide. End of story. The Constitution restricts the Federal government from doing anything with regard to this issue.
Lana Del Rey has an interesting tweet about this: https://twitter.com/tropicogaga/status/612877607047032833
Actually not a bad idea. Apple should consider some kind of exclusive with Swift and soon...before she loses her cachet and her audience moves on.
Actually, this little skirmish has all the right ingredients to ensure Apple will get favorable press coverage tomorrow for Apple Music. The only downside is that the service won't be immediately available so all the attention cannot be immediately parlayed into sign ups.
^^^ I don't buy her rationale as presented. I believe what we've actually seen her do, which is to act in her own interest from a position of strength. New artists must resort to all kinds of tactics and tricks to make their name and gain an audience because there is a massive oversupply of musicians and music, just as there are far more actors than are needed. Too much supply, meet too little demand. The current market value for the majority of recorded music is...
I respect her for her business success. I don't particularly care for her music. I'm not really in her core demographic.
There's really no reason for such specious arguments. This all came out in the trial under Judge Koh.
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