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Water vapor is a byproduct of a hydrogen fuel cell. There would be some measure of water. Not a bucket of water, obviously... If it was a superior technology providing vast improvements over a battery, Apple would've used it already.
Not that you need to explain yourself, but presumably your buy was very large if you consider it your best trade?
I don't know about anyone else, but I'd not want my pants getting a steam press every time I put my iPhone in my pocket.
At least talk to Maria Bartiromo. I understand Joey Ramone was a big fan... 
The Chinese stock market, their currency and their economy should be exposed as the fraud it is, just as the existence and role of the Fed in the US should be on the table.
Actually, I'd like for someone to actually do the research into how Apple buys back its own stock. Is it handled by a brokerage? Is it timed (in other words, does it happen automatically every week or once a month, or something)? Is it something that takes advantage of drastic market corrections? My impression is that it all happens on a schedule and is executed by a disinterested third party, but my impression could be incorrect. It would be imprudent for the CEO to have...
That notoriously anti-Apple troll over at Zero Hedge (the guy with the pseudonym Tyler Durden) was also jumping all over Cook.
Cook divulged nothing of importance with his communication to Cramer (of all people). It was all very bland and free of numbers.   On the other hand, Cook should never talk to circus monkey Cramer anyway.
Read the bottom of the link you provided. They updated the information on the bottom as an addendum and failed to update the text in the main post.
New Posts  All Forums: