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Another $110 price target, eh? Analysts copying each other's homework, or just this week's pump and dump?
Looks like the whole market is up this morning, but AAPL is up quite a bit...
 Good idea.
 I wonder if any developers have attempted to make any "audio games" that are aimed specifically at blind users? I think it could be a very interesting challenge.
Sloppy reporting... it's not just for bloggers.™
The government of the PRC (just like every government) is made of people. People who are ambitious and lazy, nationalistic and multi-cultural, unreasonable and curious. I suspect there is a large amount of cage rattling for the typical political reasons. Just think of all the BS that comes out of Washington, DC. "Government" is not a single person.
I think what's been said before, that there is no money to be made in music except in touring and merchandise, has been true for a long time.
Accurate information has been hard to come by since the apes took over.
Yes, because every country's government is deeply involved in spying. It's one of the "monopoly" government functions they reserve for their own job security.
AppleInsider has determined they get more mileage out of clickbait with Obama in the title than they get with clickbait from Apple analysts. Expect more Obama headlines.
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