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I've never sold any. My only regret (if you can call it that) was that I purchased a relatively small amount originally...which then went on to gain 8,000+% (to date)... 😃
Didn't Radio Shack go bankrupt?
Don't forget the "/s"!
If Hillary is elected, it'll be a long term negative for stockholders because she is loudly talking about raising capital gains taxes. I may decide to get out of stocks entirely at that time and retire.
I've written that I'd wait for the 2nd or 3rd gen watch before jumping in, but if the next iteration is sold as being waterproof and with a greater variety of sports bands, it could speed my purchase decision.
Spotify's problem is that they haven't got a profitable business model. They are losing money and those losses will increase as the fees charged by labels are set to increase shortly (if they haven't already). Jason Calacanis had knowledge of this and mentioned it when he hosted the MacBreak Weekly (or it may have been This Week In Tech) podcast.
Personally, I think Apple tends to fluctuate largely based on sentiment. There is little that can be rationally ascribed to their stock price beyond the fact that some people love 'em and some hate "em.
The Apple Watch is ripe for expansion to more Apple authorized resellers. I'm confident there are already floods of Chinese knockoffs available. May as well make sure the real thing is available in more places.
Phillip Elmer DeWitt does a fine job of collecting all the misinformed and fraudulent advice of "analysts".
Apple could probably buy Cuba for a song.
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