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Thankfully the US is not a completely command economy, although there is a strong element of corporatism.
Mary Jo Foley has directly stated that Apple uses Azure. I believe she got her information from a person who knows this at Microsoft.
In fairness, Microsoft needs to get rid of almost all Nokia employees. This is actually an absolutely necessary move.
You just won the thread! LOL!
 How about in their first 350 posts?
 For $200 you should have access to every sport under the sun.
It's crystal clear the analysts have no clue how to process this new information. On a forward-looking basis (which is allegedly the world these clowns live in) this is an enormous deal. What does that translate into, on a dollars and cents level? Well, start talking to people in the businesses that would be affected, folks!
Gene Munster is more like a swarm of aphids.
"And now, without further delay I'd like to bring everyone up to speed on our new programming language", said Tim, swiftly.
This site is basically a highly trafficked blog, so there has always been a strong emphasis on site revenue. The real reason to come here are the discussions because most of the stories are repurposed from other sites anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: