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"The Cowen forecast calls for Apple to ship 18 million Watches by the end of 2015, but at least 45 million in 2016, added analyst Timothy Arcuri." Just asinine.
Literally any excuse may apply, because there is no science involved in human psychology. Opinions are facts.
Holding out for the Rainbow Trout edition.
And wetting their bed.
What's the excuse today? Janet Yellin has a toothache?
Apple should be forced to stop selling iPhones to terrorists. /s
Maybe Wall Street is consulting with Gazelle for sales predictions now. /s
Nearly 30% improvement over last year? Who could possibly criticize th...........oh.Looks like Wall Street has determined a narrow range they'll allow Apple stock to "live" and it will go no higher. Sog's $150 prediction was a bust before it was even a prediction. At least he'll be gone for a year.
Incidentally, in the latest episode of Accidental Tech Podcast (episode 136: War and Peace) my exact criticisms of Arment and his app abandonment were addressed and my observations were right. He's a programmer with little stomach for business. He pulled the app based on his own fears. And he was frightened by the success of the app. I will never buy an app from this guy again. He really has no business being a developer since he is incapable of caring for or growing what...
I still say China should be booted from the WTO (World Trade Organization) for their ongoing and rampant theft of IP and their state-sponsored military and corporate hacking. In fact, it could prove useful if their entire country's access to the Internet were severed for a few months.
New Posts  All Forums: