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I wouldn't mind if they continued with the surf spot names.
Guess AI really hit the jackpot of trolling formulas here. The class warfare and racial politics stories have noticeably increased of late. As for this particular story, it doesn't really bother me. I think it's wrongheaded, however it's not something enforced by the government (and that's the best spin I can put on it).
 (emphasis mine) Not liking the US patent system is nothing new, however it seems clear to me that the US system provides greater overall protections for patent holders. No system is perfect, of course.
Avalon BOOM!
Except that's not the case. People could choose to buy a "feature phone" instead, or even an iPhone (shocker).
Jesus, Marvin. Is this really what you believe? You'd rather live under fascism or mob rule?
Government regulation causes monopolies, not competition. That canard has been trotted out so often it is now mistaken as a permanent installment. It's a complete lie.
Doctors misdiagnosing is a huge and costly problem:http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/misdiagnosis-is-more-common-than-drug-errors-or-wrong-site-surgery/2013/05/03/5d71a374-9af4-11e2-a941-a19bce7af755_story.htmlhttp://www.cbsnews.com/news/12-million-americans-misdiagnosed-each-year-study-says/The sooner this recurring human error is eliminated, the better.
Computational photography is clearly the future.
Yes, but I also don't have the benefit of knowing what is the theme for the conference. If the OS X update will actually be "San Andreas" that makes a distinct difference.
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