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Rumor or not, more RAM would be useful.
"It's a Hard Knock Football Life"?
We thought you knew all the secrets...
"...a copy of which was provided to AppleInsider..." There are two beneficiaries in that transaction and the AI reader is not one of them.
He finally rose to his full potential. Good for him.
Why didn't the aggrieved party just sue Secret to have them divulge the identity of the person who posted their compromising photos and alleged libelous commentary?
Absolutely. Have you seen the new multi-passenger rocket passenger cabin for future space travel? SpaceX is the most forward-looking space company today, IMO. I would get in on the ground floor of their IPO.
Mm-mmm... I might also note that the stock CMG (Chipotle Mexican Grill) has been going absolutely insane for the past year. I had a buy order for that one, but my level was just a bit too low at the time. Would've been a great one to own.
Oh, Ming... Your trolling is legendary.
Until relatively recently she's had an abysmal track record. Look up her history with Phillip Elmer DeWitt, who keeps track of Apple analyst performance. I think Shaw Wu no longer covers Apple. He was terrible.
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