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Keep patenting around anything perceived to be coming down the Google product and service pipeline, Apple. Hit 'em where it hurts.
I'd love for that to continue to happen, if for no other reason than just to stick it to AT&T.
When I did buy AAPL I actually bought an equal dollar amount of MSFT because it wasn't clear who would come out on top at the time...one guess which stock won in that race.
Interesting idea. Perhaps banks should start demonstrating Apple Pay and selling iPhones!
In my case, I loved using Apple computers before I thought of investing in the stock. If I had done it much earlier I'd be rolling around in Scrooge McDuck money by now. 😃
Looks like AAPL could hit $120 sometime this week at this rate.
Next up, Tim Cook has dinner with Walt Mossberg at The Russian Tea Room, then they go to Macy's to buy stuffed animals. Then Craig Federighi gets a breakfast burrito at McDonald's with Brian Williams in Shanghai, followed by waterskiing on the Bund.
I just want to know when I'll be able to use the mouse as a microphone, a la Scotty in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
I guarantee you'll be wasting your time tracking such a broad guess.
I was delighted to see this segment when it aired yesterday. Cue must be making the rounds in other large markets also. Perhaps he'll show up in China ordering something at KFC with a reporter.
New Posts  All Forums: