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Watson is one of the biggies, but they also own a significant number of patents and have large accounts with enterprise business.
What if the players are replaced with monkeys? The hand vs. foot dilemma disappears...
The military probably will be a major buyer of this stuff.
How many people will fall down the stairs or wander out into traffic first?
Whenever I see someone say 'it's not about the money'...it's always about the money.
Doesn't "hand-eye coordination" also apply to feet...sort of? Maybe that's just spatial skills, as a general term.
It's not embarrassing to those who work for the company or own their stock.
The point is they are all very small specialized markets.
Yep. Waste Management, one of the biggest garbage collection/landfill management companies in the US ($24 billion market cap). http://quotes.morningstar.com/stock/WM/s?t=WM
I tend to agree that there is no real market demand for simulated 3D imagery beyond CAD visualization or possibly in the medical field. Consumers have largely rejected wearable goggles and glasses beyond a limited audience of gamers (and even they cannot wear these things for extended periods of time).
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