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The beatings will continue until morale improves!
When Toto makes a remotely flushable toilet, we will be living in the future.
Interesting. I didn't think this was allowed under the developer's guidelines... guess I was incorrect in assuming such a thing.   Will this also work for making donations to people asking for money for their boob jobs, or for people offering to smash their electronics for cash? Where will it end? Is this only for religious organizations that meet the "smell test"?
 Oh, that isn't good.
Lacking a complex control mechanism that would normally be the responsibility of the user may mean this device would be subject to remote hacking and control.
"Best" is so subjective.
I don't trust my photos to a single location anymore because of past crashes. I use Picasa, Flickr and iPhoto (plus Time Machine).
Not that it really matters in this informal setting, but it's actually spelled "bated", not "baited", FYI.
Fighting VILLAINS.
New Posts  All Forums: