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I wouldn't assume that a reversal of this ruling is guaranteed.
Congratulations to the author on the correct use of the term "non-practicing entity" instead of the loaded term "patent troll". Also, Apple will obviously appeal this decision.
I'm a fan of taking a look at what is really happening in the world and ignoring the noise that typically dominates.
 You don't see hyperactive stock trading (almost across the board), plus banks buying up real estate all over the place as evidence of anything? You don't acknowledge that the crappy laws that led to the collapse have been reinstated and are now creating new a massive new bubble? Look, man. All you need to do is look.
VC dollars also do not come without strings. They are making out like bandits under the Kickstarter model.
Double the bezels, double the fun!
That isn't accurate. Those funded do not guarantee backers will actually receive anything. They provide goals, not guarantees.
Anytime you get an opportunity to get free money with no strings attached for your business, you take it!
Yes, and tie the spatial audio panning to the position onscreen of the participants.
Pebble's cost isn't $199 to make the watch.
New Posts  All Forums: