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Yeah, but GOOG is trading at $555 and Google is worth much less than Apple.
Hey, genius: http://m.imore.com/apple-announces-q2-2015-results-million-iphones-million-ipads-million-macs-billion-revenue
And they used to be such a good company.... /s
Nope.And by the way: http://m.imore.com/apple-announces-q2-2015-results-million-iphones-million-ipads-million-macs-billion-revenue
Apparently the earnings have been released, which explain the huge after hours jump...
No, it is not telling. It's standard operating procedure for new product launches.
Most likely all they will say in the call today will be along the lines of the watches being well received or beyond our wildest expectations. 😉
Thank goodness for all of these "experts". Society would crumble without their opinions.
I also keep every box. You are not alone. 😱
I just wish a digital signal tuner was built-in to the iPad. It would be cool to watch local TV on an iPad with no cell service and no cable.
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