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I don't think anyone has a problem with "inclusiveness" ("inclusion"?), the  problem is pandering to racists. Since so many here are large investors in Apple, they are also owners in the company and should be free to voice their concerns. Let's agree to disagree.
How about granting an exclusive interview with the writers here at AI instead? At least you'll have a chance that the story will be picked up by other news organizations. Just posting in a thread will get you nothing.
OK, I have to admit that's hilarious. ­čśŤ
Perhaps you should think twice before divulging private family matters here just for the attention. In my opinion, you should shut it.
They'll sell just fine, don't worry.
But will people be able to use Apple Pay on the plane to buy drinks?
Cool. Now let's get those devices in the hands of every airline employee.
Forgot about that. There have been so many.
I think the favorite phrase marketing people have latched onto is now referred to as the "tipping point". All insider double-speak to essentially say something is now popular.
I used Nokia's HERE maps just once and found it abysmal. Deleted it and never looked back.
New Posts  All Forums: