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Hey Gene, stick with the TV predictions.
Yes, $200 seems particularly egregious for what amounts to minimal hardware. I'd look for the Chinese knockoff version for $10-20 (available whenever from your friendly neighborhood pop-up store).
Maybe this PC-centric web site will better explain this partnership: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2453939/ibm-to-sell-business-optimized-ipads-in-unexpected-partnership.html
 Even Apple uses Azure servers for iCloud, that's not the issue. The issue is this deal tilts hardware and enterprise software solutions in Apple's favor.
 It's people like Glenn Beck who inaccurately self-identify as Libertarians who have mildly tainted the popular notion of what a Libertarian "is"... One clue, it ain't Glenn Beck.
 Excellent point. If Apple has been talking with IBM for several years just to announce this partnership, you can almost bet there is more happening behind the scenes.
 I don't think so. Microsoft and Google are enemies on the enterprise front. Google is in the process of stealing MS's Office business.
 That's iOS/2 ... LOL
Meh. Apple will contest the ruling or license from Kronos. Not a big deal.
 It's called IBM Notes now.
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