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It's not about the cost, it's about the relative value they provide in terms of winning the trial.
Congratulations!For everyone else, there's always http://www.bignerdranch.com/
Again... Why are these memos and supposedly private bits of information being leaked? Aren't all of these things restricted to the court and to lawyers, the judge and jurors? Most importantly, what has this to do with the trial at hand? It seems utterly extraneous to the defense of the patents.
Today "Judge Koh (rejected a) request to keep Google source code secret in trial because central to Samsung (arguments)."   This is a huge blow for Google.   http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_25496780/live-blog-day-3-testimony-apple-samsung-patent
Bull!   White is playing the analyst game (as usual) to heighten expectations to asinine levels so the shorts and other such bottom-feeders can further manipulate the stock.   QFT, White.
One thing I'd like to see from in-car information systems would be the inclusion of the currently posted legal speed limit for the location being traveled.
Apple needs to get the attorneys who leaked this disbarred.
Cue the "CEOs are overpaid" and "share the wealth" trolls.
Her ruling that Samsung can make these statements is meaningless. Apple can easily prove infringement. It is not necessary that the patent holder actually use every patent they hold. That's idiotic. An issued patent is an enforceable patent, unless deemed invalid for some other reason. Samsung is flailing.
Analysts, shmanalysts.
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