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Samsung Flow, sponsored by Tampax.
Is this a compensated promotion for this company? Sure reads like it is.
IMO, Apple is slowly transitioning to a model that will rely less on their hardware to ensure they can maintain a steady revenue stream with subscription services and incremental income via Apple Pay, which will eventually become a massive revenue source for them. After the Alibaba deal is done, we may have better focus on what China will mean for Apple growth.
OMG... It's REAL! 😫
Absolutely FREE!
I've never really considered PKD about science-fiction. He's really more about paranoid delusion.
That's already been demonstrated here with the quad-copter videos of Apple's campus-in-progress.
All of those "fears" would apply to pre-existing radio-controlled planes and helicopter models and there has been no need to regulate them out of existence.
Saw someone mention this in a post yesterday (?) and thought they were kidding. Good grief. 💩
It was "skyrocketing" back then because stocks were still climbing out of the 2008 market crash (and there's no guarantee we won't have another massive crash, incidentally).
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