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Touch ID everywhere. Yes, please.
Yes, it is officially "Watch OS", per Rene Ritchie.
Slurpy and HAMETA for mods, FTW!
You're getting political again... 🙇
Give it 3 or 4 generations.
How difficult is it to have a Rolex stolen?
Why do all the trolls always say the are huge Apple fans/supporters/users?
Does the 5S contain this so-called Secure Element? Without that Apple Pay will not work.
When it comes to politics and economics we could not be more opposite (I cannot comprehend any defense of discredited Keynesian theories), but we have many agreements regarding tech and Apple.
I happen to think the EU is going to eventually break up. Germany should definitely leave, for one thing. At least they have a functioning economy, but they are paying for the irresponsibility of the other countries.
New Posts  All Forums: