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Oh, Canada... 😆
Have you actually read that Wikipedia entry in detail? There is no real consensus about what are "universal human rights", nor are there any ways of protecting or enforcing such nonsense. If you want to get technical, even the US has blatantly violated these alleged "rights". Who's going to take the US to task? It's "feel good" drivel for the UN, which has no real authority anyway. If the US stopped funding the UN, it would collapse...
Oh, boy. Here come the assumptions and name-calling, right on schedule.Read post #14 and come back when you have an answer.
How about those whom are socially liberal and fiscally conservative?
True. Courts interpret the laws, they don't create them.
Which Constitution and government protects "human rights"?The point is, there is no such thing. These "rights" are made up and don't exist. In the US we have constitutionally recognized and protected rights that are understood to be inherent and everything else not enumerated in the Constitution is left to the states and the people. There is no world government going around protecting humans and their "rights". If there was, wouldn't they have invaded China by now? Or...
Your interpretation is clearly at odds with that of the Supreme Court:"The U.S. Supreme Court has held the mention of the clause in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution "has never been regarded as the source of any substantive power conferred on the Government of the United States or on any of its Departments.""http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Welfare_clauseSo, you're simply making stuff up to fit your preconceived worldview.
What are "human rights" anyway? Which Constitution protects humans? If our "human rights" are violated, who is responsible for righting the wrongs?Sounds like a load of Marxist doublespeak to me.
I've never bought into the notion of buying Apple supplier stocks. Apple could choose to dump any supplier at any time for any reason.
^^^ I'm not going to quote that entire post to reply. Marvin, where in the US Constitution does it explicitly state that the states signed on to have the Federal government provide cradle-to-grave care for US citizens?
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