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You either leave the rates as they are and enjoy the wide-ranging employment benefits they've briught to Ireland, or you say goodbye to the only functioning part of the Irish economy to placate the complainers in the EU, which will result in no benefit for the Irish people.
The US does not need the income tax, which is punitive to lower and middle income earners.Instead the US needs to de-politicize taxation: www.FairTax.org
Block him and you'll feel much better.
It's Jimmy Barclays. He lives down the block. Wanted to pick up a few shares then catch a football game. 😀
NO ANALYST should be getting their back waxed at the expense of mildly credible journalism. What happens here is not journalism. They love to pretend, but it's often a parade of favors followed by tap-dancing to pay the bills.I've never had a problem with paying the bills. The problem comes from the failure to disclose.Why does the author choose to paint Kuo in a favorable light? It's an excellent question.
The author is obviously required to suck up to this Kuo guy or risk losing the deal they've arranged here.It's needlessly disgusting behavior, but it would be doubly disgusting if not contractually required. Why slobber all over a so-so analyst?
Expect massive job losses to be Ireland's newest growth industry.
Thanks for your views, Adolph Hitler, Jr.I have a strong suspicion that you have a lot of trouble communicating with or are afraid of women, thus the desire to control them.These views are extremely immature.
This thread is useless without comment from actual women.
Right. We're not privy to everything going on here, but this is starting to look like a serious case of fraud and insider trading. Prison sentences may follow.
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