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 That doesn't look completely horrible. They'll probably get a lot of business.
You sound like quite a catch. Best of luck to you!
Yeah, what's up with that?  "Product not available in your country."
So... no decorative watch faces unless combined with some other function? I'd just like to have a nice selection of watches that don't look like standard issue faces.
 A persons appearance is a good indicator of the image they wish to project to the world. I wouldn't hire someone covered with tattoos. Too bad if that offends you.
Hooray! Now who wants to eat?! 
Here are the best performing Apple analysts:   http://fortune.com/2015/04/28/best-and-worst-apple-analysts-blockbuster-q2-edition/   Why in the world AI continues to highlight morons like Maynard Um, Gene Munster and Katy Huberty instead of these analysts with real analytical skills is baffling to me.   No more Gene Munster stories, ever!
I'm also probably going to go for the 2nd gen. Any issues should be ironed out by then.
Individual results may vary.
New Posts  All Forums: