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Actually, down 36.5%...that's severe.Also, AAPL is back to $110 territory, which blows.
That was lucky. The 128 with cellular is sold out almost everywhere in my area (I think fewer people are choosing the ones with the white front, preferring the Space Gray instead.
Which marketing genius decided on the name "Horipad"?
I hope Apple is going to install some very hefty bollards in the front of that store.
I was not aware of that iTunes version requirement.
All you need is Doomâ„¢ (with apologies to The Beatles).
Couldn't find anything... You may have to call and demand to speak to her or Tim: http://www.apple.com/contact/I'd pursue this if I were you. Jobs was known to take and return calls, so I imagine Cook and Ahrendts would do the same.
Nothing I wanted was available, but I placed my order anyway. 128 GB + Pencil + Smart Cover + Case.
Thinner, better battery...these are inevitable.
New Posts  All Forums: