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Good luck getting the biggest polluters to throw coal under the bus (metaphorically speaking).
Steve Jobs Place?
It starts around 12-13 for boys.
Yes, you agreed to a software license for every piece of software you use on a computer or iOS device. Example: http://apple-mac-update.blogspot.com/2013/01/iphone-ios-software-license-agreement.html?m=1Additionally, all activity online has been determined by our own US government to be public information (in other words, not private), which has given them wide legal latitude to scrape, collect and hack data.
I think it's more a violation of the Establishment Clause, due to favoring and establishing a particular religion.
I think the poster was merely pointing out that moving to another state is an option. California is a beautiful state, yet it is overwhelmingly liberal and progressive when it comes to elections, the net effect has been that the climate has become so hostile to so many businesses that they have fled the state for other states with fewer onerous regulations and risks to their operations. A person seeking greater personal freedoms could conceivably leave their state and move...
To be fair, there's plenty of intolerance in opposing camps for either respecting or simply ignoring personal opinions.
I probably don't need to tell you, but subsidies distort markets and lead to favoritism and corruption.
I doubt it. They wouldn't want to invite lawsuits because profits are what matters to businesses however, corporations do not have "beliefs". They may have a mission, but beliefs are held by individuals, not companies.
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