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Now THAT'S Samsung innovation! /s
All I'm seeing here is "Apple vs, the World" and the fact that they need to seriously increase their Washington lobbying efforts. Also, don't forget that an ex-Googler is the current head of the patents office!
Google acts like Communists whenever it suits them.
They aren't going to get rid of the home button. Having a button with a distinct purpose is important to preventing accidental activation. Also, the most obvious problems: Not everyone has all of their fingers. There are amputees in this world. Also, thanks to our existing privacy and security laws, I will never buy a phone that relies completely on a fingerprint to unlock it. To use Apple Pay after the phone has already been unlocked with a password, fine.
Troll post of the day. Congrats! 👌
Samsung should shut their company down and give the money back to the shareholders. 💩
Well, they certainly have the money to get into the car business, but I don't think it's the kind of business they really need to be in. In addition, if they actually were going into the car biz, we'd see patents along those lines by now, right?
Maybe the lawyer's client should've invested $15 in a cell phone case instead of pulling this?
From your lips to Sog's ears! Personally, I'd be delighted with $140 by end of year.
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