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It's not only self-serving, it's communistic.
Would be cool if a future iteration of the iPhone could be wirelessly connected to a keyboard, monitor, external storage and mouse to play the part of an instant Mac mini.
Ugh. Guess I'll have to find another source for this trial if Dilger is given free reign with his pseudo-reportage.
I'd like to add that my previous comment (in another thread, noted above) about Apple getting paid up front was a reference to the current social upheaval and apparent political instability in Turkey. It had nothing whatsoever to do with xenophobia. In fact, at the time I had been watching a lot of video footage on Vimeo.com that had been uploaded by a person with a remote control quadrocopter. He had a number of videos showing overhead shots of the conflict. Here's a...
I tend to agree. This demonstrates a need for a "Supreme Court" of patent law cases, or at the bare minimum, a jury of engineers and patent professionals.
The government demands their pound of flesh.
Numbers is not as sophisticated or as capable for true spreadsheet functionality, but it has its place. It's also much better looking, so designers like it. I'd really like to see Apple devote more time making Numbers more "pro" so I could get rid of Excel.
Because puncturing or damaging a battery band could cause great physical harm.
Personally, I'm more interested in the sum of the parts, not so much the individual components.
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