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When a company like Samsung is willing to give away their product in innumerable cross promotions, it must be near impossible to determine actual sales figures.
It's "normal" to shove a massive phone into a small front pocket? Normal?
Do YOU understand and appreciate that it isn't necessary for a company to mine the ore in order to use it in a product?
There's an idea. A Netflix-like news subscription service that aggregates everything in one portal.
Let me guess... You're short AAPL?
The question isn't what will tank the stock, it's what won't tank the stock? I think we've seen just about every manufactured excuse possible to manipulate AAPL at this point.
Hahahahaha! The "media" now is as bad as they've ever been. As in every human activity, the media is full of self-interested people who are as lazy, stupid, careless and foolish as anyone else.
And how much per month will Adobe want for this amateurware?
Uh, yeah... You can just 'sell it to China'...
Then do us all a favor. Go buy one and never post here again.
New Posts  All Forums: