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I think it's Punches by Ray Rice...
 But if you want seamless integration with Apple's ecosystem I doubt Office 365 is going to cut it.
 Oh, come on. Buy on the rumor, sell on the news. You know the routine.
JJ Abrams likes the new Apple Watch:  pic.twitter.com/6aW4mEyB3F
 Yes, this was stated by Rene Ritchie on MacBreak Weekly on the day of the reveal. He was the only person I know of who asked that question.
Wait a minute... I thought this was going to be online backup for the desktop. What?!  iOS only?   Is iCloud Drive the online backup option for desktops?
And drama queens. Don't forget the drama queens.
Sure, it's a massive new profit center for them with nearly zero risk. Just wait until Apple Financial Services (aka Apple Bank) comes on the scene...
I guess it's up to the marketplace to decide if it's ready for this product.
New Posts  All Forums: