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Hooray! Now I can stick a giant phone on my head and spin around like a crazy person playing games inexpensively. Excelsior!
What exactly is the problem with The Simpsons?
For a brief while, I actually had a modicum of respect for Joe Biden. He was a relentless, dogged critic of Bush who then gave up all pretense of moral outrage once he became Vice President. He really blew it.
Yes, of course. I "mis-wrote".
Again, not even close to what has happened with the ACA. A military hospital or system that serves only the military is not the same as Federal collusion with private insurance companies in a combined effort to interfere with and control health care and to force American citizens to participate. It's Soviet-era central planning at its worst... now in America! Health care marketplaces may be established and run (even though I consider it a dumb idea) at the state level, not...
You are referring to a service provided solely to the Marines? Um... yeah. That's not remotely the same thing.
The Congress and Senate in Washington.
No, because politicians who are able to establish deep connections in Washington, and in turn exercise dangerous amounts of power, are not to be trusted by anyone. Term limits would prevent the politicians we are burdened with now, with close ties to banking, military suppliers and so forth from putting their interests ahead of their constitutional duties. No one was ever meant to have a permanent job in Congress, the Senate or the White House.
Of greatest interest to me is what Google, IBM, Apple, Amazon and Facebook end up doing with artificial intelligence. Things are going to get really interesting, really fast over the next 5-10 years.
I presume he had good reason to not get involved in this production. Sorkin is a bore, in my opinion. All of his characters sound the same.
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