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 You know what they say about people who live in glass houses...
 This is true. The iPhone 5 didn't arrive for what... another month after the announcement? (I'm sure someone with a better memory will correct me)
 Worst possible choice of words.
 You gotta admit that would be hilarious.
 Thanks for the exchange of views. Always appreciated.
 Maybe the Swift announcement was influential?
 I didn't intend to keep addressing this issue out of respect for your request to keep the thread on track, but since you politely responded I'll respond.  Do you know for a fact that Gazelle and the publisher have no financial arrangements whatsoever? I'm sure you are only passing along what you know, but frankly, this does not sound realistic. This site has a history of promoting products and services without full disclosure. It should be noted that Associated Press...
 Acoustics. The entire chamber will be a live demo of Beats headphone technology in the form of a building. 
 I'm skeptical there will be a monster phone this soon also, but 4.7" definitely.
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