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Not always obvious which way the market will go, but 2008 was the biggest flashing BUY sign in my life. I'm glad I acted instead of being paralyzed with fear.
I hope you fired that broker.
Personally, I find his work overly talky, with a lot of hand waving and typically preachy. His characters are all intolerable know-it-all blabbermouths.
Apple must be the biggest boon to Taiwan's economy and people in their country's history. Well, if Ireland ever succumbs to EU pressures, I know where Apple could relocate their overseas operations...and probably completely tax-free.
They should completely "clean house" and keep absolutely no one previously employed. Sounds like a real mess GT created.
For very important meetings and places, I always use two and sometimes three sources to make sure I get the right location.
The only way to keep any children from dying in the future is to prevent people from having them in the first place.
The Kutcher movie really was dreck. I felt my time was completely wasted after watching it.
Every time the DOJ talks an angel loses his wings.
My Spidey-sense tells me this movie is radioactive.
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