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Maybe one could collect 'em all and stick them on a flat piece of material, like a keyboard.
I am against all taxes, however I think a flat tax (specifically, the FairTax) is a realistic alternative to the current tax code. The problem is that those in power seldom volunteer to give up their power voluntarily (if the FairTax was enacted, the IRS could be eliminated). It would take another massive economic collapse or widespread taxpayer revolt to get it implemented. Alternately, a constitutionally-minded president could conceivably expend all of their "political...
For people who use Amazon frequently for their shopping it is actually a good deal, especially with the quick delivery.
Taxation is theft.
HBO seems to be the only forward-thinking channel out there.
Oh, please.
I'd really love for Apple to send Samsung into a tizzy by leaking a whole series of fake, but plausible, products that would have the net effect of tying up Samsung's R&D and advertising and marketing departments and budgets. Stuff like headbands, earrings, shoes, gloves, jackets and household appliances.
The first iteration of Apple Watch is for early adopters and those who are not sensitive to price. The second and third iterations will be technologically more advanced and cater to a wider variety of price points. Not hard to comprehend.
I'm starting to see their logic a bit more on the idea and implementation. If a person is in the laundry room and they see they are about to run out of detergent, just pressing a physical button on the wall or in the closet to initiate the order process is much easier than opening an app and searching. I get it, however I think many folks won't want to be locked in to Amazon in this way. Their prices are not always the best.
Interesting to note that AAPL stock volatility seems to have increased since the buyback, not decreased.
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