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And this after Samsung dropped the waterproofing/resistance on their latest, the S6.
Note to the author: Early in the piece this phrase is repeated twice, "Taiwan is the "Republic of China," and maintains a strange relationship with the mainland People's Republic of China" And I believe DED meant to write "...strained relationship.. ", not "strange". Also, if DED visits China, be sure not to identify yourself as a reporter or writer, you could get an extra level of scrutiny and it's likely you'll want to pick up a burner phone or a local SIM card when...
Is Kuo working for Bloomberg now?
Clearly Apple must relocate to Korea. There's no such thing as justice here anymore.
 Not even close...they're number 8:  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-02-05/america-s-most-loved-and-most-hated-companies
Seems doubtful.
Apple paying even a penny more than the going rates should be discouraged. They should continue to negotiate hard with all vendors and suppliers.
Remember "Temporary Insanity"?... it's baaaaaaaack.
I'll have a poached employee breakfast special with a side of bacon.
You live in Switzerland, eh? That explains a lot.
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