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Bet on it.
This is almost as bad as a Business Insider story trashing Apple.
It's higher than it was yesterday (so far), but it could be higher or lower in minutes, hours or days... Let's not pop the champagne yet, guys.
Apple has never EVER promised scratch proof glass. Screw the trolls.
Jobs had a life that easily surpassed the imagination of movie makers.
It was a commercial for Corning...or were you kidding? Even though this is a stealth ad for Corning, it's very well done and the MythBusters guys do a good job.
Logic Pro is a quantum leap above GarageBand. Would be cool to get an iPad Pro 4K and Logic and Final Cut for iOS.
And that is 100% of the danger of competing on cost.
I've used all kinds of software, hardware and musical instruments and nothing beats the convenience and flexibility of the iPad with all of the available options for idea generation and recording. Still, I'd be very excited to see any of my suggested improvements. 😃
Shin gets kicked? Lovely.
New Posts  All Forums: