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Could never happen at US labor rates. Make everything with robots and it could possibly happen.
Oh, those wacky analysts... Post pictures or it never happened.
Seems to me he's lost his focus.
That's correct. As I understand it, once their current military contracts lapse they won't be renewed. I do wonder what robotics project Rubin is working on now, away from Google.According to Wikipedia there is a very vague description of his current status: "On 30 October 2014 he left Google after nine years at the company to start an incubator for hardware startups."
"Apple's employees"? Nope. Foxconn.
It's more like a high school student being the manager of a recent high school graduate.
Andy Rubin (the guy who led Android development at Google) was also the guy who was leading the Google robotics efforts. He already left Google. Not exactly breaking news at this point, but Boston Dynamics (one of many robotics companies Google acquired) has continued to make rapid advances in their robot tech.
That may be coming, but it might be more appropriate for a medical equipment company to partner with Apple on something like that.
Hey, that's a very interesting observation. Apple Music karaoke built into every Apple TV? It's a goofy idea that I think would be hugely popular. It would also fit the idea that an upcoming Apple announcement would be "hilarious"! Nice bit of piecing together clues that were right there in the open. 👍🏼
"Why would George steal from himself"?
New Posts  All Forums: