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What "slave class"? Give me a break.You need a refresher on what is happening with regard to labor and demographics worldwide: http://www.wsj.com/articles/how-demographics-rule-the-global-economy-1448203724?tesla=y&alg=y
I think the latency issue will remain until nearly all of the functionality of the iPhone is migrated to the watch (thanks to the power of improved miniaturization and battery power management).
Maybe the next gen will appear in 2-3 years.
They've increased subscribers by having a continuous fire sale. That's not sustainable. Their best hope is to be sold off to a rival. Remember their sale being blocked previously?
I know of one app for iOS which just added handwritten notation recognition (the app name escapes me at the moment), but it would be nice for this capability to be integrated in Apple's apps.
Maybe even making your own emoticons with a cartoony version of your face! 😳
I'd definitely want to be able to use Apple Pay for EVERY online transaction to get my credit card info out of more databases.
The NRA is a compromised organization. You're right to say they represent the manufacturers interests more than the person owning the firearms. The GOA is a far better organization (the link is in my sig line).
Seems like T-mo and Sprint are in a death spiral, fighting over table scraps.
I sure hope at some point Apple adapts Logic Pro for iPad Pro. I'd want LP or GarageBand updated at some point to recognize handwritten notation for composing. Much faster than diddling with little blocks of notes in MIDI.
New Posts  All Forums: