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That could be a great idea for a "Clutch Cargo"-style app.http://youtu.be/6MHg1-mpcUY
Do people still say "innit" at the end of a sentence? I've heard some curious variations on that one. Sometimes it appears to be replacing "isn't it"...and other times it appears at the end of a spoken sentence as if it were itself a question mark.
And it reminds me to urge everyone to register to vote and demand term limits for Congress and the Senate.
I had one schoolteacher who was able to speak in Middle English. Old English looks like it would be murder on the mouth and tongue.
Oh, I wouldn't go quite that far. In the latest Consumer Reports I believe they recommend a Sony phone over the iPhones. They have weird criteria. I seldom find myself in agreement.
I've actually heard some Brits pronounce "whinge" (rhymes with "hinge"). It's awkward. As awkward as a literal pronunciation of "maths".
Are you the owner of that site? If so, your ripoff products should be banned.https://www.trustpilot.com/review/case2case.net
I have no anti-Apple friends. ;-)
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