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I'm not laughing, but I do disagree with everything you've stated as fact.
Strange, I'm "people" and I receive absolutely no benefit from the ACA. In fact, I'm materially harmed by it.
That's weird... Why was my positive comment deleted?
Hey, great idea guys! Podcasting is hot again.
The app was free to you until the time it presented you with the opportunity to pay for additional features. "Free" was accurate.
LOL at the use of the word "scheming". WHAT ABOUT BARBARA BOXER? I posed the same question to Mel.What about the Democrats and the president who "schemed" and even changed the rules so they could ram through the ACA? Wow, Marvin. Come on.
What was Apple's guidance for next quarter?
And that would be central planning. If Apple cannot make a business case now to bring manufacturing to the US, what sense would it make merely because they had even more money? No, it would be a poor use of the money. And by the way, the small amount of manufacturing or assembly that happens here now are limited to items like the Mac Pro, which is expensive and depends on rapid customization for a limited number of buyers relative to other Apple products.
Centrally planned economies don't work, they inevitably result in malinvestment and failure.
For three years, not 'forever'. Rest assured the crappy parts of this proposal were compromises with Boxer.
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