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I hope so. They're pretty prickly about their credit card partnership.
Tethering is the biggest scam since the old per-text fee from the carriers. Abysmal to charge for any device to simply make a connection. Man, I still wish Apple would buy a cell phone service provider. I'd rather send my money to Apple than AT&T.
Since IBM just sold off their chip making business, maybe an Apple acquisition is really in the works? Imagine Apple buying IBM... That's one way to instantly own the enterprise business.
In a manner, yes. Apple attempted to subsidize something that would never have survived on its own in the business world, because they were the only customer for the product and by throwing around tons of cash and involving unknown "actors", they attracted an apparently unsavory business partner. At least this time Apple walks away with most of their investment.
Oh, Marvin. "income inequality" is a semantic trap created by socialist politicians and unions to push their agenda. It's utter nonsense. No one "deserves" anything simply because they exist. Please do not bring up that bogus drivel here.
Why would they? Also, define "rank and file".
Remember the movie, "When Harry Met Sally"?
No debit cards, but gift cards, cash and credit (not to mention a 1/2" thick stack of receipts I can never seem to disgorge).
 The mobile version of the site has quite a few problems of late.
Yeah, that's right. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2014/10/16/obama-nominates-former-google-exec-to-lead-u-s-patent-office/
New Posts  All Forums: