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This is my hope for a second or third version of the Watch.
What the hell?
But Mark can speak Chinese! 
That's China in a nutshell (and a good summary of how their entire economy is built on the shaky legs of fraud and misrepresentation).
What? I thought they already had a messaging app?
True enough. Misguided incentives create bad outcomes. Just like endless bailouts in the US and loose monetary policies have resulted in malinvestment and a massive new stock market bubble that has been building (most money in the US is apparently concentrated in just 6 main stocks).
Franken, once a relentless and vocal critic of power has fallen into the same old trap as any who hold powerful positions. Power breeds corruption, no matter who is in the office.
You shouldn't be surprised about the lack of data on Watch sales, since they were quite up front about them not providing information that would be important to their competitors this early in the product cycle.
Here are some perfectly valid criticisms and a troubleshooting guide from people who actually like Apple but realize Apple Music is rife with problems: http://sixcolors.com/post/2015/07/a-rough-ride-for-apple-music/ http://www.imore.com/troubleshooting-apple-music-ultimate-guide
In other, more important news:  http://www.wsj.com/articles/intel-micron-claim-memory-chip-breakthrough-1438099234   Intel and Micron announced today a memory chip 1,000 times faster than current NAND flash memory chips.
New Posts  All Forums: