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 He should rip them a new newshole.
  http://otoharmonics.com/public/ It's not a cure, it's way to train the brain to 'ignore' the signals created by the brain. I really wonder if this is effective in severe cases.
I agree. If it doesn't improve the navigating or identifying process, how is it positive for users?
There is a combative history between the English and Irish.
Socialism in France is causing those with money to flee. Who will be left to squeeze? That's right, the middle-class and lower income. Socialism is a farce.
Irrational jealousy?
You're right. Time to revisit all of the moronic rumors and alleged insider knowledge pre-announcement. Hello, Ming Chi Kuo?
My pleasure.
They've also written worse. "Better" is subjective. Sales figures are not.
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