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Used to have them many years ago, but one bad customer service experience sent me to T-mobile (which I later dumped because they had no iPhone at the time)...
So is this is a sponsored ad, Kaspar? I can't tell if there are any disclaimers because I'm viewing this on mobile.How about comparisons with all of the other Gazelle competitor sites, plus Amazon thrown in for good measure? There is a much larger market for used iPhones now.
The framers of the Constitution understood this well, and I prefer the term "self-interest" versus selfishness or greed.
Extortionists and blackmailers only target companies with a lot of money.
I think albinos are woefully underrepresented.
It's not inconceivable that at some point Apple disintermediates these various agencies. Cutting out middlemen would streamline the music publisher's and musician's experience.
Keep in mind that using ASCAP or BMI are completely voluntary. There is also the Harry Fox Agency, another old timer in the music licensing business. None of these are required. They simplify (for publishers) the complexities surrounding royalty collections and licensing issues, but a music publisher could take care of these myriad details on their own also. In fact, it's arguably easier for a small publisher to manage the details now more than ever.
You don't have to do anything. Mine go straight to the shredder.
Of course they have the right. Without question.
As Shakespeare said, "kill all the 'layers'"... ☕️
New Posts  All Forums: