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Actually, it's freedom of association that is your constitutionally protected right and joining a union would be covered under that.
True. Xiaomi will have no problem cannibalizing both the low and "high end" of the Android phone market. Samsung will be once again "pantsed" in public.
Most notable is their naming scheme, which is designed to game Google searches for the eventual iPhone 6S.
I'd like to get a car that would only allow people with iPhones or Apple IDs in. 😃
I'll note I didn't know him personally, however there is no shortage of behind the scenes stories from people who personally knew him. Naturally, I was referring to the behind the scenes stories. Also, none should interpret these as condemnations of Jobs. He was who he was and he was unapologetic about that.
You're not describing the Steve Jobs I'm familiar with. He seldom gave anyone credit (despite the public gushing over Jony Ive) and if someone were to insist otherwise I can almost guarantee he would've told them to go ---- themselves in no uncertain terms.
It doesn't surprise me that you've skirted entirely the facts presented in the linked article. The author, Tom Woods, is a well known American economics historian and is well versed on these matters. You've chosen to sink to personal attacks instead of deal with the issues regarding the historical role of unions in America.
According to Wikipedia, those people peaked in the 1920s and are now down to something like 6,000-8,000 members. That wouldn't even fill a 1/10th of the seating capacity of the average NFL football stadium. I refuse to even post a link to information on such an organization.
Breaking Bad edition?
It would be better if you could call Siri by a name of your own choosing. I imagine many would rather use "Miss Moneypenny" or "Scotty" or "Angelina" or whatever... 😉 Heaven help those poor schmucks stuck with "Cortana"!
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