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The NRA is a compromised organization. You're right to say they represent the manufacturers interests more than the person owning the firearms. The GOA is a far better organization (the link is in my sig line).
Seems like T-mo and Sprint are in a death spiral, fighting over table scraps.
I sure hope at some point Apple adapts Logic Pro for iPad Pro. I'd want LP or GarageBand updated at some point to recognize handwritten notation for composing. Much faster than diddling with little blocks of notes in MIDI.
Only site I allow to show ads is SixColors, because I think Jason Snell is a great guy.
When I use cash neither the retailer nor a credit card company is allowed any personal information. Once when I was at a Best Buy and used cash, they wanted my zip code and I loudly said "I'm paying with cash, you don't need my zip code!"...problem solved.
You should not make the assumption that Apple Pencil will suddenly be available for other Apple products. It could remain an important point of differentiation for a number of years.
Thank goodness I hardly ever need to take notes anymore. If ever I need reminders of little things, it goes directly into Apple Notes or into my iPhone calendar. If it's something longer in need of more detail, I just write myself an email. I strictly avoid any and all software which relies on a proprietary format for note taking. I learned a long time ago that if important notes are kept in any format other than plaintext, there is the risk at some point of that data...
Less than $100.
Would be great to have this motion capture software apply to sign language also so a non-sign language reading person could use an app for translation of combined face, hands and arms in communication.
Finally found a retailer near me (in the US) with Apple Pay and used it for the first time yesterday! Honestly, it was not as clear-cut as I thought it would be, plus it took longer than if I had simply chosen to pay with cash (my usual method). On top of this, the retailer still required my signature, undermining one of the key benefits of the service. I'll probably just continue to use cash instead.
New Posts  All Forums: