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I like that red band.
Yes. /s
Why? Because he's continually referred to here as "well connected"?What happened to his claim that the watches would be made of Liquidmetal?
Did you actually SEE the new trailer? It wipes out 30 years of Lucas' neglect.
Nope. 😃
My phone completely locked up while viewing an embedded YouTube video in Safari and I was unable to shut down or do anything for almost 10 minutes. I was only able to do anything after repeatedly attempting to do a forced restart. I thought my phone was permanently fried.
Yes...hmm indeed!
If I were into conspiracies I'd wonder if both Cote and Bromwich were on the NSAs payroll.
Honestly, I'd like to see him make a comeback somewhere...as long as it isn't Samsung or Xiaomi. Maybe starting an app company. I'll bet he could make some awesome apps.
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