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I've owned Microsoft stock as long as I've owned Apple stock. One guess which stock has done well and which one has been a dead dog.
It would be nice for a "Snowden" to do the same level of information dump in China, Russia and Iran, but of course we all know those people would be immediately executed.
Because this strategy worked out so well in the housing sector...   Hopefully Apple receives up front payments for their devices from T-Mobile. This looks like a last-ditch desperation move on Legere's part.
Aerospace and the military are where these systems originated. Please do some basic research.Also it should be noted that Apple has some patents regarding binocular displays and interaction that could affect Microsoft. Perhaps they are already licensed under the existing patent sharing agreement with Apple.
Security would become the selling point. It's harder to access the data when it's not land based.Musk intends to establish this new space based internet before eventually taking it to Mars.
Let's just cut to the chase and get China kicked out of the WTO.
Also a lot of "EDM" features. Who the hell knew that kids were calling synthesized disco music "EDM" (Electronic Dance Music)?Personally, I wish they'd sell as in-app purchases more of the Drummer type features with expanded drum sets, not just styles of drumming with the same limited number of drums, plus percussion accompaniment. Loops are inadequate replacements for decent percussionists.Another Drummer feature should be the ability to "follow" different instrumental...
Hey, I read the descriptions from The Verge and other sites covering the event. I know it was a very limited demo. The point isn't that it was a demo, the point is, goggles don't replace a screen and keyboard or an iPad or iPhone. "AR" glasses/goggles are inherently limited and good mainly for visualizations or demonstrations that are brief, otherwise fatigue quickly sets in.
"We want our 'investigators' to have access to your most sensitive corporate secrets so we can pass them along to our own government, Mr. Cook."
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