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That is another fantastic suggestion!
LOL... Breaking news! Apple continues to roll out Apple Pay as planned!
I'm thinking of only using my middle finger for my phone unlock when I get an iPhone 6 or 6s.
Why aren't they demanding the carriers produce their contracts instead of Apple? Because it's a blatant case of harassing Apple and has nothing to do with protecting consumer interests.
That is an excellent point.
In DED's defense, art appreciation is personal and taste is relative. That the Guggenheim finds it valuable is irrelevant. I find it repulsive, yet have a lifetime of appreciation for art of all kinds, including (but not limited to) Dada, Art Brut, folk art, found art, conceptual, performance and naive styles.
Looks like a patent designed to constrain competitors rather than something Apple would actually offer, which is a perfectly valid and legal use of the patent system (I can hear the accusations calling Apple a patent troll). Apple's Touch ID is already far superior to this unlock method.
By any measure, the EU is an utter failure. Germany should be the first to flee that sinking ship.
Oh, Canada... 😕
New Posts  All Forums: