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The insanity of that headline immediately told me it was Judge Cote. LOL!   She should be bounced from the bench like a Superball.
OMG...it has cables inside!
 I hear the agonized screams of Android trolls in my nightmares...
No one cares.
 There is nothing that prevents Apple from offering their own version, then partnering with the big watchmakers to offer their own variations with versions oriented to specific market niches. The rumor could, of course, be a complete fabrication but it's an interesting idea.
 I would actually approve of such a move. A company like Apple would be a great steward of the park.
An "iWallet" wouldn't be a Google Wallet competitor. There would be no competition.
This would make a lot of sense.
 Probably correct, but how long will MS continue to throw money at Surface with no near-term or any-term prospects for profits? Just guessing, but I think they'll abandon Surface in about a year.
New Posts  All Forums: