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Marco Arment is a very high profile Apple developer, not an "anti-Apple blogger". These people are critical because they care, not because they want Apple to fail.
I find Sorkin's work preachy and every character is a motormouth.
Apple's finally found their "killer app" in Apple Pay.
I don't think customers should be forced into boxes. Everyone's money has the same ideology when it comes to Apple profits.
I feel a great disturbance in the supply chain. It was as if millions of sources suddenly cried out, then were silenced...
In which we learn that Steve Jobs was actually an Irishman.
IMO, he was very lucky that Jobs exploited his genius. He owes much of his success to good timing.
I've actually been quite satisfied with Google as far as both their online music and photos storage offerings goes.
Do you also sneak into weddings so you can eat for free?I had no plans to pay for a music subscription from the start, so I didn't bother with the free trial. It's for people who already pay for Spotify or are on the fence about subscribing.
With that much music, you really should also take advantage of the free online storage offered by Google Music. More backups in different places is always better.
New Posts  All Forums: