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It's astounding how disorganized and confused most companies look from the outside. They must be complete zoos on the inside.
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Interesting. I was not aware of that particular mistranslation.
I'd really have to see the text of the law, but I think on constitutional grounds this law likely cannot stand. The Establishment Clause prohibits government from making any laws "respecting an establishment of religion", which this law seems to do, based on the barest of descriptions here.
"Gay" is not the same as "child molester" and that's a weak argument on your part. If you had said "people can choose to do business with whomever they want" and let it be, you'd be in the right.
 That's a poor argument. Homicide is illegal, except if committed in self-defense.
I disagree. A business isn't the same thing as the government. The government cannot violate our individual rights without violating the Constitution. A proprietor should be able to discriminate against any person, as shortsighted and disgusting as that may seem, and I'm sure none here would argue that discrimination based on skin color, gender or religious affiliation is a laudable trait.
One does not lose their individual constitutional rights simply because they run a business.
The Constitution is difficult to change for excellent historical reasons and the more incursions against the Constitution, the more powers are concentrated in the Federal government. These incursions ebb and flow, but they have gotten much, much worse, historically speaking, over recent decades.
Google owns a whole lot of robot technology thanks to the acquisitions spearheaded by former employee Andy Rubin. Apple owns no robot IP (patents), as far as I know.
New Posts  All Forums: