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 Dogpile? Web Crawler? Lycos? AskJeeves? 
Whatever best delivers the government their pound of flesh.
She has lousy taste in logos (the old one was much better), but she rose high in the ranks at Google.
I wonder if Apple's real interest in this product was in the artificial intelligence aspect of it and not the 'play' aspect.
While distasteful, strategically speaking it makes sense that Samsung would take advantage of "a competitors weakness." That's not illegal. Bringing it up is an appeal to emotion and not relevant to the patents-in-suit.
Yes, audio track control is particularly difficult in comparison to FCP.
If you want to bathe yourself in a real Apple hatefest, try The Verge. Nothing but Samsung, Google and Windows trolls.
Next trial against Samsung by Apple needs to be moved to that oh-so-famous Eastern District of Texas. Aren't their lawyers thinking strategically? Easy win!
Bad comparison. McDonald's sells in high volume and makes a decent profit, Samsung doesn't. All the more reason to eliminate that razor-thin profit with a huge licensing fee from Apple.
Your Electronista link is the only one I've seen that adequately fills out details the shoddy mainstream press has completely ignored. "Reporters" like Howard Mintz have almost entirely focused on what the Samsung and Google hired witnesses have pocketed while superficially detailing the substance of their testimony.
New Posts  All Forums: