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Really? That's much cheaper than I thiught it would be.
The thought of Steve Buscemi playing Scott Forstall just made me LOL.
How much are those?
Not on your computer or Apple devices, though.
If it 'starts' at $99, where does it end? Will Apple announce they bought Comcast? No one imagined they'd ever buy Beats... AT&T is buying DirecTV, so anything goes at this point.
A cerebral cortex personal massager.
You know how Apple now allows developers to charge for app bundles? Maybe they'll allow disparate developers to sign up to jointly offer a subscription bundle!
Oh, I doubt they'll get rid of the 5s/5c size. People come in all different sizes and the human hand isn't getting bigger any time soon. Most people in the world are relatively small.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_height
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