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It's nice that you are a believer. I prefer to be realistic.
In technology, "potential" is a code word for "there is no audience for this product and we don't know how to sell it." You know what also had "potential"? The Segway.
Yeah, I seriously doubt this game will ever be allowed. They're trying to make headlines for themselves.
I think we all instinctively understand that until VR or augmented reality systems are as light and easy to wear as a pair of sunglasses (and no, Google Glass ain't cutting it), this stuff will remain niche.
The Xbox is still not a big moneymaker for them.
Considering the majority of Windows installs in Asia are reportedly stolen copies, I'm having a hard time seeing a way forward and a road to continued profitability for Microsoft.
It should also be noted that Google and Fidelity just bought a 10% stake in Elon Musk's rocket company SpaceX. There is talk of SpaceX deploying their own fleet of satellites to create a satellite-based alternate Internet...an Exonet, if you will. http://www.cnet.com/news/google-reportedly-in-satellite-investment-talks-with-spacex/
Perhaps every button click, every drop down menu, every visible surface in Win X will be plastered with advertising and exhortations to buy add-ons and extras. I can't see them risking an entire years worth of software payments from customers. That's a massive loss.
Looks like an awesome update.
New Posts  All Forums: