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"After the iPad came out, many otherwise intelligent people admitted that they occasionally tried to touch the screen on their MacBook..." After experiencing the then-new iPad at an Apple Store for all of five minutes, I then walked over to a MacBook Pro and proceeded to raise my hand to the screen to touch it in the same fashion. I was surprised that my entire way of thinking about computer interaction had changed.
Sounds about right. I fully expect the Windows Phone OS to disappear in a year or two. It has zero traction with consumers.
I knew this news would have absolutely no effect on the stock. /s
Mergers happen because growth and increased shareholder returns are "legally" required and in this economy, a merger is a quick path to growth.
You can't have competition because politicians + business interest donations = you know the rest.
From Marketing to UI VP? 😕 I can't speak for anyone else, but in my entire working life, marketing people have always been clueless about how things work in the real world. Maybe this guy is completely different...
Being able to "rename" Siri would be nice."Your name now is... Reek."
Completely autonomous vehicles will happen much sooner than 2040. Expect partially autonomous over the next 5-10 years and no driver needed by 2030: http://www.kurzweilai.net/fully-self-driving-cars-expected-by-2030-says-forecast
Ideally, incoming messages and calls would be treated as if every user had a personal assistant and calls and messages would be given priority based on typical response patterns. Some calls could go straight to voice mail almost every time, while certain texts would override all incoming messages. Once our communications interact with us intelligently, there will be far less need to sift through dirt to find gold.
And who might that be?
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