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 It's a very interesting product. Leo Laporte ordered one so I guess we'll see what he can do with it.
Only 2 million? That seems shockingly small, even though it represents a platinum status for sales. When an idiotic video of PewDiePie can garner tens of millions of hits on YouTube one wonders...
Bloody AT&T.
Oh, and "expectedly high call volumes"... Love it.
Which is why I think all new Apple hardware will have Touch ID integrated, or will be able to (via NFC) connect to a Touch ID device to complete a transaction.
By the way, a relative just sent me this informative take on the watch from a watch blog: http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/hodinkee-apple-watch-review
I'm still cloudy as to how Apple will make Apple Pay work online. If it's all reliant on new hardware, it'll take a while to roll out.
Unless there is a GPS antenna watch band that we haven't seen yet. 😀
Depends in whether or not Amazon will allow Apple Pay. I think they might reject it because it cuts into their data collection practices.
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