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 Plus Ballmer is still on the MS board of directors. He's like a bad penny.
Still not clear about how these ownership/use percentages are derived. From web traffic to select sites? From apps?
 He's not an Apple spokesman, but point taken.
 When I was fresh out of school and without fear ...... I cold-called one of my personal heroes in the field of my interest (at that time) and he graciously gave me 1 1/2 hours of his time to discuss anything and everything in person, even though he was very busy. I will be forever grateful for his generosity. My advice is to be persistent but friendly. A person has nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain. In Kobe Bryant's case, the odds that he would be turned...
Which text-messaging service did Lois Lerner use?
They're bringing their own device because they don't want to be monitored or they are engaging in private business on company time. IBMs involvement won't change human behavior.
Apropos of nothing, when is Apple going to buy Beats.com? "BeatsbyDre.com" is not only a lousy domain address, it no longer reflects the ownership. Just buy beats.com, please.
Nothing like reading a HAMETA post in the morning...like a large cup of coffee laced with adrenaline.
Gene will do or say anything for attention. It's sad, really.
Yeah, the ad wasn't bad and tying the stickers to the idea that people love the product was fun.
New Posts  All Forums: