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There may be a rationale for every decision, but not all decisions are rational. 😀
What does Apple call it?
Let's calculate those valuations in inflation-adjusted Bitcoins.
That's a clear conflict of interest. How that is allowed is beyond me.
Yes, the courts are typically backlogged.
Actually, that has always been the case. The moment an individual chooses to allow a representative to act in their stead, that representative will be working for their own interests, in addition to those of the person represented.Self-interest is as natural as eating or sleeping, yet so many still cannot accept or recognize this fact of life. Nothing is free, there is self-interest in all human actions and whether one chooses to characterize that action as "good" or "bad"...
Absolutely right. You can bet this will immediately be used by one of the 3-letter agencies to get more departmental funding to roll out all-new spying capabilities.
This is EXACTLY the kind of entitlement mentality that takes over when people are given raises or perks for no reason and envy over other employees takes hold. I'd fire every one of those guards and get a new company with temp guards, then I'd start looking into solutions to get rid of more of them with automation. Attempts at corporate blackmail should be met with overwhelming opposition.
Although Microsoft was just looking at those robots, it really won't be that long before these jobs are eliminated. Guards, drivers, maids, and the list goes on. In many cases it'll be because there are no people available to fill the positions, in other cases it'll be because people are just too unreliable, too expensive and too much of a liability.
But that happened in July.
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