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As far as I know, U2 didn't make their name by posing as a Malcolm X wannabe or sowing race hatred and division. Spike Lee has also become a very sloppy filmmaker who has been coasting on his early films for many years.
 You are aware that people are not immortal, right?
 Actually, ripped Blu-Ray discs are in violation of existing copyrights. You are technically breaking the law. It's my understanding that personal backups of DVDs are treated differently by the law.
Incidentally, it was revealed by Williams' wife that Robin was going through the beginning stages of Parkinson's disease. That may have pushed him over the edge.
 Only if you buy a Surface.
 Actually, in both the case of gunshots and fire, the pain receptors will typically shut off in cases of extreme pain. The affected areas just go numb.
 There's always cloning...
 Are we looking at an Ebola Apocalypse? Buy your flamethrowers now! :D
 The all new, all exciting Apple Rat™... it's unsqueakably different!
 And everyone else detests both of them.
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