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I'd even accept if they magnetically snapped into the left or right side of the keyboard ( plus a ten-key number pad).
They should look nice on the new iPad Pro.
Batteries really are magical.
Exactly. No bloody way would I allow Adobe exclusive access to my photos.
None of the wireless power solutions is more efficient than a direct connection with a plug.
Although you are being sarcastic, this is exactly what happens. There is an oversupply of artists and music and limited demand, which is why only a fraction of people competing for the same consumer dollars will ever make a living in the music business. Same applies to actors and the movie biz. These are very, very competitive markets and entertainment is a non-essential purchase.
 (emphasis mine) Agreed.
Mmmm.... Millennial bacon...
I find Nilay Patel in particular an unbearable jerk.
Yes, where exactly are these Geekbench scores for the unreleased iPad Pro?
New Posts  All Forums: