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IMO, it's all "pick your poison".
I thought the leader of that church was anti-Muslim, not into promoting "whites only".
Until the individual becomes technologically absorbed into a Borg-like collective and individual thought is impossible, humans will be the same for the duration of humankind...and every generation will imagine they are the first to discover anything.  
Gator occasionally provides some "outsider" perspective, so I wouldn't want to toss out his opinion entirely.
Possibly because it's based on discriminatory, collectivist ideas? "Human rights" is a phrase that is oft repeated, yet it is meaningless and considering the real subject of the scoring is political and in support of LGBT issues, not "humans" in general. It's a bit like giving our president the Nobel Peace Prize just before he drags us into another war...it's just posturing.
 You're making an assumption that is unprovable (see bold text). I personally believe in the value of a wide variety of opinions, however I believe the individual is far more important than a collective. If I hire you because you are Chinese, or black, or from Wyoming instead of because you are qualified, that's wrong.
Ah, the time-honored "broad brush" ad hominem attack. It's an oldie, but still popular.
 The US has a Bill of Rights. Our laws do not apply to the entire human race. If the US Bill of Rights is core to the argument in support of "human rights" then there is no argument. You've lost.
We know the US Constitution limits the US Federal government to protect certain rights of US citizens.* You continue to claw and fight against answering these questions:  Since both the definition of "human rights" is open-ended and ill-defined, what does it legally mean? Where are the mechanisms to protect alleged "human rights" and who is responsible?  Whatever mechanisms are in place are hopelessly political and unevenly applied.  ( *and some rights of non-citizens...
I'm well aware of the arguments. When you really get down to it, it amounts to pandering.
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