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You could save to iCloud but I believe you'd have to get their 1TB offering. You should also consider Google Photos (free).
So is this problem traceable back to Chinese hackers, Russian hackers, Syrian hackers or the NSA? So many to choose from! /s
Actually, I CAN imagine that!
I loved the feel of that keyboard far more than I thought I would, spurring me to add one to my iPad Pro purchase. What I am REALLY wanting to see from Apple now are specialized attachments for the iPad Pro Smart Connector. Specifically, I want to get rid of all current MIDI keyboards to attach directly, I'd love to see a music workstation for producers, something for DJs, plus there has to be someone out there making an editing suite style keyboard for on-site 4K video...
Criticism of Glen Beck should not imply an endorsement of anything Obama. Both are charlatans.
There is no "gun debate", however there are people willing and able to relieve you of your constitutionally guaranteed rights if you simply allow it.
CarPlay adoption thus far has been absolutely glacial. Not even "global warming" has helped! /s
I've used Wacom tablets and other drawing pads for decades and literally less than 30 seconds with the iPad Pro was enough to convince me to buy one. Placed my order and hope to have it arrive this week.
I really like the clever reuse of the old six colors as test pattern. Subtle and smart.
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