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And the last new one I bought I think it was about $50. If it would cost another $5 to get an ergonomic clip, I'd pay for it. If they could make a sweat/water resistant one, I'd pay more for that. I certainly don't want to slap a phone on my arm when I'm running (and I'm not ready to wear an Apple Watch, plus have the phone on me).
I love my Shuffle for running, but the clip function is really harmed by the impossibly small grip area. The player's volume/advance control ring interferes with what should be an easy and intuitive action and the prior iteration of the Shuffle actually did have a larger grip area. There's really no excuse for an ergonomically clumsy design and the additional amount of metal needed is minor.
Incidentally I asked Siri "What is Apple Music" (it gave me Apple.com) and "What is Beats 1 radio" and it had no answer. Come on Apple... at least use Siri to properly market and sell your own services.
Related to Shaw Wu?
Who are you, again?
The jackasses at The Verge are helping people get around the lack of Apple Music radio for Androidians: http://www.theverge.com/2015/7/1/8876019/beats-one-android-stream Probably illegally, I might add.
On the other hand, he may be working on transparent aluminium.
Where are you? Greece?
What are you seeing?
I'm sure Google will have no problems with this development... at all... /s
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