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They've also written worse. "Better" is subjective. Sales figures are not.
Plus Apple avoids banking regulations.
Cry me a river...
Obviously caused by China's shortsighted decision to delay sale of the phone. Instant black market created.
Right now all the local morning news shows are covering the lines for the phone. Best free advertising on TV.
As Snowden revealed, Android is a security sieve.
Socialism impoverishes a nation in the pursuit of elevating a few. Capitalism elevates a nation by creating opportunity, which Is the tool for individuals to lift themselves out of poverty.
I disagree. Apple is giving people what they want. It's up to them to decide if they are willing to accept the risks associated with using these extensibility enhancements.
From the story at Time.com:  "As Bono and Edge bantered affectionately at a celebratory lunch straight after the Apple launch, the band’s old friend and former producer Jimmy Iovine..."   Now it makes sense.
I find the improved Siri and dictation to be pretty astounding, actually. It's not 100% accurate, but then again I consider it a miracle I can get a remotely accurate transcription.
New Posts  All Forums: