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If Apple could make a pen better than Wacom I'd be all over that.
The most important parts, making things people want and in turn recommend to other people and their solid profitability are what are 'good for humanity'. They're not a charity, nor is there anything they need to do beyond make the best products in the world.
Easy. Soon, every job will be directly or tangentially connected to Apple, since it's nearly the only thing actually growing in our economy.
Just like "low gas prices are bad" arguments.
Used to fly first class overseas for business. Man, that was nice...
后门程序     And this is a prime reason why China should be kicked out of the WTO.
Google isn't for sale...yet.
Keep in mind, I was not expecting or calling for a dividend increase. In fact, I've been lukewarm on the idea since it was first proposed, despite being rewarded handsomely by its existence to date. I think large dividends for Apple attract fair-weather investors, many of which pile in, then sell off AAPL to collect their paycheck. I know my opinion on this matter is in the minority. A stock buyback program, minus the dividend would have been my druthers.
That's not "voodoo economics".
Sony has really lost their way with regard to the consumer, other than their PS3 (or 4, or whatever number it is now).
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