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You believe 20% of the U.S. (or are you saying global) population has tattoos that cover their wrists?
The unchecked power of armed police, naturally. The ACLU app puts some balance back in play.
I admit I'm not up on the latest in UK politics. What is going on there to warrant such a statement?
What? Who said anything about the ACLU possessing absolute power? That's a reference to unchecked political/governmental power. ...HEADSLAP!
Effin' Samsung. ūüí©
It certainly does. :D
Yes, it certainly does matter what kind of business one has. If I had a chain of tattoo parlors, I'd certainly consider the person with whole-body tattoos.
It sounds like you suffer from an unrealistic view of the number of threats and predators out there relative to the general population.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely. THAT is something that should concern Americans as much as these other imagined threats.
Did you notice this? "...if I was considering two similar candidates..." Also, what is "unprofessional" about being selective with job candidates? I've no desire to hire a person whose personal image would reflect badly on my company.
New Posts  All Forums: