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Provide a link to your source, genius.
Abandon your phone business, Samsung. You'll be better off in the long run.
Microsoft is a big sponsor of The Verge. They troll Apple all the time with extremely biased "reporting".
Sounds like more anti-Apple trolling. How about you provide some no-BS story links to bolster your assertions.
No. It was just about someone at VW making a dumb choice to cheat on the software instead of adhering to the local emissions regulations, which would've added cost and reduced performance.
Looks like a person could get a nasty cut handling that thing.
Apple should wage a massive public relations campaign against both of these crooked rats and the legal system that allows such judicial overreach in the first place. Cote should be unseated and Bromwich should be sued.
Son of a Bromwich!
That extra screen size should be quite nice.
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