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 Nah. Samsung stories always generate a lot of heat here, so they'll keep posting them.
Looking forward to 'dark mode'.
Their ads are reasonably amusing, but their current sales are nothing to laugh at.
Apple isn't above valid criticism. If these complaints are valid, I'm confident Apple will look into them.
After comparing her "good" and "bad" photos, I'm convinced her good photos have been heavily Photoshopped.
Precisely. His pieces have never been accurately labeled before.
I wonder if the average Murderers' Row analyst will take into account (going forward) the presence of that new board member as influential to the stock price?
I refuse to read this DED opinion based on previous submissions, but I congratulate AI on finally labeling his work "editorial". Perhaps there is still hope.
Well, Simon was really meant for a group of people to play...at least it used to be.
My unsolicited advice to Apple? Release no new iPhones, no new iPads and no new watches or health bands in the next year. Just sit on everything and jump right to the next generation a year from now. With nothing to copy and no clue about what to release, Samsung will market and sell bomb after bomb and they will implode on their own. It'll be beautiful.
New Posts  All Forums: