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By any measure, the EU is an utter failure. Germany should be the first to flee that sinking ship.
Oh, Canada... 😕
Let's get real. There should be a sales tax of exactly zero since the location is the Internet and the burden on local resources is minimal at best (a fraction of the local currency for electricity, which is already paid for). Taxes on files delivered electronically should always be zero and these laws are simple extortion of businesses and customers.My recommendation to EU customers? Buy everything you need now and buy nothing next year.
That's quite a laudable fundraiser. I'd still like to see a permanent spot in iTunes for donations to all kinds of charities and things.
Let's not be too hasty... but I do like this Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers so far.
And if not DOA, they'll face a difficult period of integration of resources and product design. I'm assuming they'll want to maintain their current investments in their own hardware no matter what is developed. It's a bit like the New York Times keeping the printing presses running even after proof that they'd be saving money and reaching more customers by capitalizing on the web and with digital subscriptions.
I don't think Ballmer owns the venue, just the team.
I'd really love to see stronger alternatives to Adobe.
Incidentally, Hugo Barra is a VP with a limited role in Xiaomi...I was under the impression (thanks to vague media coverage) that he was the CEO there. Not the case at all. He's practically just a salesman for non-Chinese markets.
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