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There is no constitutional allowance for Federal intrusion on state matters regarding a healthcare marketplace. "Romneycare" was a state program, not a Federal one. Calling "Romneycare" and "Obamacare" the same thing is absurd. Show me the "Obamacare" program that was developed by and for the state of Illinois before Obama was president, then let's talk.
Please resubmit your comment. This response makes no sense.
 The last car I leased, I used my credit card. Buying the car doesn't interest me.
Beyond the core issue of the Fed being a dangerous institution for America, both Yellin and Bernanke are Keynesian disasters.
Very likely true.
My wallet contains my credit card.
Please quote the person to whom you are responding. It makes following a conversation clearer.
Believe it or not, licensing fees for patents make up a huge part of the cost of mobile phones. Companies that don't adhere to these IP licensing costs, like Xioaomi, have a clear cost advantage over their global rivals.
How about recasting Cate Blanchett as John Sculley? She's a good actor...
No one likes a boastful "winner". You should be a bit more modest, although I do appreciate the enthusiasm for Apple.
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