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Problem exists between chair and iPad (PEBCAK, updated to reflect the times)...
They'll certainly have that option, but knockoffs are almost impossible to squash. The moment almost anything comes out, there are 100 ripoff versions from China or Korea on the boat, headed for sale everywhere.
Theoretically file or photo data could be represented similarly as a seemingly random swirl of dense data for faster transfers between devices via the camera. I could also see this as an in-person method for anonymous and secure funds transfer, a la Bitcoin or other blockchain-based transactions, including private contracts. Avoiding the Internet, email or texting ensures greater security and privacy.
Honestly, that might be the better way to go for the majority of people. Would be nice if Apple's solution could get rid of the half-dozen remotes required for component TV operation.
I bought a cheap iPhone case from a mall kiosk and it's perfectly acceptable. It's worth the $5 or $8 spent.
Yes, this is for licensees. Apple has patents on their connector for the watch bands which will be ignored by knockoff manufacturers, but those interested in selling product through Apple Stores will obviously need to pay Apple and be certified.
But go over to The Verge and their phalanx of Microsoftian fanboys will all insist "what a masterstroke"!
Must be a false rumor. I can't see Apple doing this so soon after the Bromwich thing... Unless the Beats guys are acting outside of Apple's control. .
Unless an iPad Pro was much larger people who already use a Cintiq would keep the Cintiq.
Pretty sure there are no plans for Apple to go private at any time in the near or distant future. If their value suddenly collapsed and they were worth 1/4 of their current valuation...maybe. If there is another global economic collapse...maybe, but it still seems unlikely.
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