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You'll be able to change the bands on a whim.
Personally, I'd not indulge in a high-end sportscar unless I had a closed course with no one else around. I'm a pretty good driver, even at high speeds, it's the other people on the road I have a problem with.
They said they were joking. Perhaps you should pay more attention?
Obviously, if Apple Watches are accepted as fashionable they've won half the battle. Function is the next stage in the battle for consumer acceptance. I think the Apple Watch is going to be a smash, the more I hear about it.
That's something Adobe should do.
Are there any other indexes that currently include Apple?
I'm no expert, but there are funds that are based on these composite indexes. Could mean AAPL gains more investors, for one. Second, AAPL's volatility may lessen as it becomes more widely held. This seems to me to be a very odd move by Dow Jones and it will be interesting to see how AAPL actually does influence the index. Perhaps a little more volatility is what they need since their composite growth versus Apple's growth has been dismal.
Oh, boy.
 A professional sports team is hardly a non-profit. The sports leagues themselves ARE tax-exempt.
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