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Your Electronista link is the only one I've seen that adequately fills out details the shoddy mainstream press has completely ignored. "Reporters" like Howard Mintz have almost entirely focused on what the Samsung and Google hired witnesses have pocketed while superficially detailing the substance of their testimony.
Sue the judge!
 If it has the effect of kneecapping Samsung, it'll be worth it.
After a cursory review, this app looks mostly like an advertising network. All ads disguised as help videos. Downloaded, tried then immediately deleted.
The best part about this is the 30% that goes into Apple's bank.
 There's no real proof this is the real phone anyway, so I have to reserve judgment somewhat... however, it would make more sense as a method for Amazon to derive marketing information than as some kind of a bizarre 3-D interface. Just my 4 cents (increased due to the effects of inflation). :)
From the paltry and incomplete reporting I've read on the current case, I notice Samsung is making a grand attempt to throw jurors off by larding up with loads of testimony that seems to have nothing to do with the trial. Why Apple's lawyers are not constantly objecting is odd.
I don't think the cameras are there for 3-D.
The Verge says 5 cameras, not 6. Also, if their phone does indeed have this many cameras it will be for eye tracking so they can more accurately determine what you are looking at on their site so they can serve up more of what you're interested in. Deviously clever, really. Could blow away all other advertising methods, despite unprecedented levels of intrusiveness.
That is a distinct possibility.
New Posts  All Forums: