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Chinese people are no different from any other people. Politics ruins everything.
"Members of Congress, the NSA, the FBI and the New York Stock exchange all swarmed Apple's headquarters today demanding answers...and a free iPhone 6."
"When Watson Met Siri"
And you thought the NSA was bad.
What? Why? A signature in addition to Apple Pay is a bit backward.
Oh, the Washington Post owned by Jeff Bezos? The guy who runs one of the largest data collection businesses in the world? Good grief, Charlie Brown...
My two cents on this subject: There aren't many world-class industrial/product designers who are also world-class graphic designers and Ive is no exception. He has more than proven his skills in his chosen field.
Where was this and which vendor?
One wonders what methods the criminal class will employ next to steal... Hold more people for ransom? More home invasion robberies? It's not as if an entire group of people will simply disappear if their highly profitable criminal activities are thwarted.
New Posts  All Forums: