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The new iMac display looks spectacular.
Will you bend if someone sits on you?
Apple must do what is most beneficial to Apple. Whether that means hiring anyone associated with GTAT is anyone's guess.
What a bunch of jerks.
How about s little detail on your Mac's specs and which version of OS X you're upgrading from.
What part of "men are not angels" did you miss? People are self-interested, which is why government is no different in terms of behavior as the "best" AND "worst" of people. The checks on power built into our government (aka the "balance of power") is designed to prevent any one branch from taking over completely and our Constitution is a RESTRAINT on the powers of the Federal government. BECAUSE our government is made of people is precisely why it should never be...
I just want to know how we're going to be able to stay on track with the predictions of Moore's Law and Ray Kurzweil (his "Singularity" scenario) at this pace...   We're supposed to have a $4,000 desktop computer available by 2019 with computational power equivalent to a single human brain.   I'm not seeing that happening.
I gotta see this display in the store first.
I guess the NFC will remain the sole domain of the iPhone.
Really? That's much cheaper than I thiught it would be.
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