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 That's the whole thing. There is no donation, just a headslap with a fish (with apologies to Monty Python).
 How about use the bald-headed image of Britney Spears to combat alopecia? Or get Mel Gibson to raise awareness of child alcoholism caused by insanely racist parents? Everyone can get in on the act... and they will!
 How about "Drown-a-Buddy" in a bathtub? Let's do it for the kids!
 Yes, I understand people today have no connection to Lou Gehrig, but there are no plans to change the name of the disease just to increase donations. I'm absolutely fine with donations being increased, mind you, but a bucket of ice water over the head is ludicrously stupid...and I'd be much happier if there was an actual "challenge" involved that involved commitment or skill. Is that too much to ask? "Hey, look at me! I'm dumping a bucket of water on my head, but it's all...
 It smacks of rampant escapism, quite honestly. There used to be a term in the news business. They called certain news periods the "silly season" because there was always a dearth of things happening and they had to make stuff up to fill the papers. Maybe I'll start walking up to people and offer to make a donation to the charity of their choice if they'll let me slap them in the face with a large herring, then just walk off... WHO'S UP TO THE CHALLENGE? Also, dumping a...
 Next up... "Waterboarding for Parkinson's Disease"!
I like the trackpad, but I do like the precision of a mouse.
It's an opportunity to tell others you are not a lemming or a sheep.
Neither Adobe, nor Google have improved their software or services to accommodate for the Magic Mouse. Using Photoshop, Illustrator or Google Maps with a Magic Mouse is insane. Random jumps, zooming in and out wildly, objects flying offscreen...
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