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That isn't always the case. I watch the day and after hours and they will go in odd directions. Remember, the goal of traders is to make money for themselves, not to reward a company for a job well done. A company's sales are the reward for doing a good job.
Keep in mind that including the after hours price, relative to the starting price for the day, the stock gained something like $3, but the end of day's trading we saw a massive drop.
That's after hours activity, which always strangely disconnected from the regular day's trading.
Looks like the shorts won today, but tomorrow we'll see some real excitement.
A government employee disagrees because his livelihood is completely dependent on taxation? Shocker.
You took the joke seriously? Humor doesn't always translate well... Next time, try to imagine the "/s".
 Stop it, Debbie.
There are more middle and upper income people in China than in the entire US (so I've heard), so it seems someone is doing something right at Apple. ;)
To quote Steve:  "Boom."
Is this guy the latest TekStud?
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