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I've zapped my PRAM with little effect.. (snip)UPDATE: If you have an older Mac or iMac, try zapping your PRAM three times in a row (something I've never had to do before). Shut down your computer, turn it on and immediately hold down Option-Command plus the P and R keys on your keyboard. Keep holding them until you hear a "bong" sound, it will shut down and restart, you'll hear another "bong", then let it do this a third time and take your hands off the keyboard and let...
It's also non-functional for me. Mid-2010 iMac install has been a disaster.
Jeff Bezos...what a knob.
These things all happen for selfish reasons. What do I mean by "selfish"? I mean that when decisions are made which significantly impact the direction of a company, the regular reasons people make ANY decisions apply, that is to say that self-interest is always the primary motivator and fear or the rationalization of risk are a close second. Which person or persons inside Apple were attracted to the idea of encouraging more institutional investors? Obviously those with...
I disagree. A stock with a large dividend is a good indicator of a company that no longer knows what to do with their money. Considering most of that massive cash pile is overseas, a bigger dividend would have the net effect of adding debts and obligations for Apple. A bigger dividend weakens the company while "pandering" with handouts to flyby investors, not long term investors. The regular appreciation of the stock is the best indicator of a company that is still on...
The 7-for-1 was meant to position AAPL for inclusion in the Dow Jones index, which (in my opinion) was unwise. Dow connected companies tend to do worse after they're added.In fact almost all of the stock related advice Apple has taken has turned out to be a bust.
Your source must be accurate, after all it came straight from the Internet.
Since there are so (relatively) few institutional investors in AAPL, I'd have to guess that it trades mainly based on sentiment and momentum. Emotional mobs of traders are a very dangerous thing when there is a continual stream of negative news about Apple being fed to news outlets and from "analyst notes" with an agenda.
I only asked because there are so many negative stories floating around about how difficult it is to make a decent living as a developer.
"How can we spin this to further erode AAPL?" —Apple Analysts
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