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I'd really love to see stronger alternatives to Adobe.
Incidentally, Hugo Barra is a VP with a limited role in Xiaomi...I was under the impression (thanks to vague media coverage) that he was the CEO there. Not the case at all. He's practically just a salesman for non-Chinese markets.
Oh, come on. It looks like a century's worth of gum stuck to the underside of a desk.
Still waiting for CMYK and Pantone inks integration for Pixelmator before it can be taken seriously as a tool for production.
Yes, to my knowledge there are no plans for Apple to use Watson, but it's a great idea just waiting to happen.
You need to get that woman fired. 😃
The implosion of OPEC would be a nice side-effect. The oil market could use actual competition (for the first time in my lifetime).
A direct translation is still quite different from a sentence an actual person would use. Perhaps in about 5-10 years we'll have online services that will imbue translations with colloquialisms and sentence structure more akin to what a human translator would add to the process.
This is actually great news. This means Apple is very serious competitor and if these guys don't get their ducks in a row, they'll soon be dead ducks! 
Русские люди должны немедленно купить Bitcoin ! Это была торговля в диапазоне $ 350 в течение нескольких месяцев.
New Posts  All Forums: