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No one should be calling it a democracy, because on paper (see the Constitution) and in practice it isn't one. It's a republic.
I echo your sentiment.Also, with government agencies and politicians continually undermining and demanding backdoor access to our data and the various spy agencies hacking into and weakening privacy everywhere, these pledges ARE laughable.
Wouldn't that be interesting. Apple could then get a piece of the even more expensive high end market.
There is admittedly thin evidence, however taped evidence from the FBI from their lengthy investigation into King is sealed until 2027: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Martin_Luther_King,_Jr.&mobileaction=toggle_view_desktop#FBI_and_King.27s_personal_life
High end watches are both works of fine art and fashion. They fill a different need.
Could be that TAG licenses watch faces to Apple for use on the Apple Watch? Seems unlikely, but who knows?
It's also contrary to human nature. It advances the lie that the mob is more important than the individual and that the individual serves the state, not the other way around.
Yes, that detail somehow eludes the reporting on MLKing. It's a fact, so why not make that absolutely clear? Are Americans even aware of that part of his life?
If you can't beat them, you're not using a big enough hammer.
Quite nice. It'll be even more impressive once packed with customers.
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