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 My only concern would be someone stealing my phone and consequently gaining access to my room, but that isn't an issue with Touch ID.
By the way AAPL is now tantalizingly close to $100 (high of $98.93 this morning, and the day isn't over)... May cross that threshold this week.
I would love to be able to check in and out with my iPhone. Every hotel needs this. Incidentally, Aloft hotels...best hotels ever (besides "W").
No, that's not the reality here. Government created the problem to begin with by passing the DMCA.
You are being really petty and judgmental today.
Give it a rest.
 I can live with it. The original material stands on its own.
 There is nothing to gain by suing a company with no money. They are doing the right thing for their stockholders at this time. Besides, Apple may simply settle once Beats is in the fold. However, Apple should further negotiate the company sale price down accordingly until it hurts.
 If they acquired their patent rights in a fair and legal manner, they shouldn't defend their intellectual property rights? Those protections help Apple but sometimes they hurt Apple.
 Out of context, it fits the Huberty situation to a "T".
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