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What does your non-answer indicate? A failure to launch or a failure to think?
Sure. Why don't you tell me exactly how that works... 1.  Who elected the people in charge of human rights?2.  Which person or people are responsible for enforcing human rights?3.  What are the penalties for violating one's human rights?
Reread this:  post #25
Human rights don't exist. Do you comprehend why? Are you actually reading anything I've posted?
The reference was cited to provide numbers for something that is rarely quantified to address the bizarre belief that the UN is a moral compass or an actual arm of some kind of unelected world government. Far from it. If you have a more reputable source, post it. And I'm not being "/s". Also, the issue was about alleged "human rights" and the fact that no such thing exists, not about your feelings regarding the National Review.
Laws are the supposed glue of society (such as it is). If you don't like the laws, you try to get them changed or break or ignore them at your own risk. It's a good thing the Constitution is so difficult to change, because of solid historical reasons. I hope you're not receiving all of your advice from Family Guy.    Also, you sidestepped the fact that you were completely wrong about the General Welfare clause by (paradoxically) blaming "everyone". Just sayin'.
Oh, Canada... 😆
Have you actually read that Wikipedia entry in detail? There is no real consensus about what are "universal human rights", nor are there any ways of protecting or enforcing such nonsense. If you want to get technical, even the US has blatantly violated these alleged "rights". Who's going to take the US to task? It's "feel good" drivel for the UN, which has no real authority anyway. If the US stopped funding the UN, it would collapse...
Oh, boy. Here come the assumptions and name-calling, right on schedule.Read post #14 and come back when you have an answer.
How about those whom are socially liberal and fiscally conservative?
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