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Since AAPL is such a large component of the stock market, it appears general economic news affects their stock as much as Apple company news. This past week the entire market has been getting hammered day after day.
That might be a subtle David Fincher jab at non-Apple computers.
I cannot for the life of me figure out how Amazon missed such an obvious name for this product: PrimeTime™ TV It's so obvious since the box is intractably linked to their Amazon Prime video service. Fire TV is a horrible name.
Could make those inevitable phones dropped into toilets just that much more awkward.
That'll be pretty sweet. By the end of this Samsung may have to abandon the "smartphone" market entirely. LOL!
Unfortunately for Samsung, Apple has legitimate patents.
I'm confident this engineers testimony will be shredded to pieces by Apple's lawyers next week.
 I think Samsung still has a boatload of people they will be dragging before the court. This is supposed to go on for another week.
 A patent comes with twofold benefits. First, it provides the inventor(s) or owner(s) with a time-limited monopoly that in turn receives the backing of law for protection from theft or infringement. Second, "society" (however you choose to define that word) benefits from the expiration of the patent at the end of it's time-limited term. It then becomes essentially "free" for any individual or business to use. Now let's look at the 'opposite of a patent'. An inventor may...
"Consualtant"... is this a "casual consultant"?
New Posts  All Forums: