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Comparing Dre to the Beatles? Dude, please.
 The "Democratic States of America" would be the first one to immediately sink into ruin. The all-Republican and the all-Libertarian countries would last quite a bit longer. Libertarianism isn't "extreme right". It may be briefly described as supporting "socially liberally and fiscally conservative" policies.
"Don't believe the hype!"
Presumably an album recorded more than ten years ago would completely lack relevance and sound and feel dated.
^^^ No, you could limit your music sales to any particular vendor.
I'll bet there will be a lot of highly offensive language in this...yet no one will bat an eyelash. /s (?)
I'd approve if the country was split in three; one third Democrat, one third Republican, one third Libertarian.
I really don't care what is your opinion of my opinion.
Yeah, I'm considering finally selling all my AAPL too. No matter what steps forward Apple takes, there seems to be an endless barrage of attacks, bad news, lies and political pressures that drag the stock back down. I figure if it hits $140 I'll go ahead and retire. It makes less sense for me to work than ever before and I can't abide supporting with my tax dollars a public or government I consider increasingly Marxist and socialistic. If I'm lucky I'll live another 25-30...
Correct. Should someone in Washington actually attempt it, that will surely be the day the Second American Civil War starts.
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