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 Are you a pedophile, or are you just looking for an argument?
I'm not. To be clear, I don't care about Tim's personal life, but I do care about the CEO of Apple diverting attention away from Apple.
I have a problem believing it, for one thing.
He made this announcement to Bloomberg Businessweek, not a gay publication. So, yes, he was representing the business.
Exactly. Clinton is the worst... until you look at Nancy Pelosi.
People couldn't live until Tim told them everything's OK? 
I guarantee once half the country hears about Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi praising Tim Cook, they will rethink their Apple purchases.
The promotion of collectivist thinking is very annoying to me, and also flies in the face of our country's history of individualism. Everyone is different to one degree or another. So what?
I look forward to the day Apple is able to make a thin, transparent phone that has the appearance of a large phone-shaped diamond that is charged continuously wirelessly.
New Posts  All Forums: