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Unfortunately, both parties would support a dictator if it was their own person.
Congratulations. I wonder how many here have become millionaires over the past several years thanks to Apple?
All Americans should be grateful for a presidential term limit. In fact, Congress and the Senate need to also have term limits.
I predict that account will be hacked PDQ.
There is no constitutional allowance for Federal intrusion on state matters regarding a healthcare marketplace. "Romneycare" was a state program, not a Federal one. Calling "Romneycare" and "Obamacare" the same thing is absurd. Show me the "Obamacare" program that was developed by and for the state of Illinois before Obama was president, then let's talk.
Please resubmit your comment. This response makes no sense.
 The last car I leased, I used my credit card. Buying the car doesn't interest me.
Beyond the core issue of the Fed being a dangerous institution for America, both Yellin and Bernanke are Keynesian disasters.
Very likely true.
New Posts  All Forums: