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What else are you gonna do? If you're Huawei, there's no money to be made in the phone business.
Another vaguely Apple-related thing has just been announced. An ex-Apple engineer has taken on the furniture industry to make couches that knock-down and set-up in minutes. Looks intriguing:   http://www.campaignliving.com
Just peel off the old set, roll it up and throw it away? 
 Unless some magical entity responsible for negotiating global rights appears, that'll never happen. Broadcast, streaming and content rights are all local and country-specific.
Considering there is an unprecedented number of companies entering this space, I'd say he's going to be right on the mark. If he had said, "...in twenty years...", then it would be a far more suspect comment.
It would be ironic if the new Apple TV was a pair of thin, light glasses with extremely high resolution displays...
 Like face-recognition software, mass data collection, advanced hacking programs and secret courts? Hmm... If it's of benefit for consumers, there's nothing wrong with the private sector developing something for their customers. Nearly every modern technology has the capability to be altered for a military purpose... and often is. I'm in favor of a strong military to protect Americans. Not in favor of the uses of our military for secret purposes which are damaging to our...
That doesn't always work. I've heard some judges will ask you if you're capable of rendering a fair judgment based on evidence presented (or something to that effect) and they'll not let you off the hook. In many places, they're having problems getting jurors and accept fewer excuses these days.
Aww... You made a funny.
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