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 It is pretty awesome, isn't it? My last purchase is up 730+% so far. 2008 was a very good year to go all in.
 There's no telling since all we really know is where the price is today, but by reducing the number of shares it theoretically drives the price of shares up. Supply and demand.
So, this Feld & Volk are in possession of stolen contraband. Why isn't the FBI all over this?
^^^ Very interesting story.
All leakers should be stabbed. They'd learn.
This crap hasn't helped their sales so far.
Wasn't it Re/code insisting just several days ago that both the iPhone and a wearable WOULD be revealed on the 9th?
I'll probably wait 4-6 months for the bugs to get ironed out of Yosemite, but I'll upgrade to iOS 8 the day of release.
NFC may still have problems finding acceptance in the US, especially since recent data intrusions such as the one at Target is still fresh in the minds of the public.Personally, any place (other than online, obviously) that will not take cash I will refuse to patronize. Cash is still the fastest anonymous way to shop. I don't want my every living and breathing moment recorded to benefit a seller or advertiser, TBH.
Purportedly... 😶
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