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Flat is the new black.
In 5-10 years Apple will kick out the credit card companies and have their own banks.
Whoa. That's huge.
No YouTube video to mark the occasion? Awww...
Very encouraging to see so many Monty Python fans here. 👮 (He's a fair cop)
Get a coffee. At least that isn't full of grease.
I think their DNA was irreparably damaged by Ballmer.
You can make payments online with Apple Pay and the new iPads. There's no NFC chip, so no, you cannot hold your iPad up to a terminal at retail.
Correct. Retailer failure to implement adequate security measures virtually ensues success for Apple Pay.
http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/tech-nfc/Look around here. They have most Apple patents on Apple Pay linked.
New Posts  All Forums: