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Profit dollars are more important than units shipped and sold.
It may simply be that music sales across all categories are shrinking because the "last mile" is full of people who will never pay for music.
I've yet to have any interactions around iBeacons. Am I the only one?
That's what I get for commenting on a subject about which I know almost nothing. Thanks for the info.
Yes, at the volumes Apple is selling iOS devices, small savings would quickly add up.
I'm preparing myself for the next iPhone. My money is ready.
From a business owner's perspective I think it has been unwise of Square to only develop for iOS. Unless there are overriding security concerns. They should also extend their product to Android. One never knows when a bidding war might break out.
Apple is certainly big enough to start to engineer their own proprietary phone technology that could potentially put them in the drivers seat and eliminate their need to license costly existing patents.
Can't see any value Square would bring to Apple. Let Google buy them.
DigiTimes = Instant rumor failure
New Posts  All Forums: