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Bloomberg is a shit news organization, that's why.
Wall Street is so reactionary they'll actually punish an entire "sector" (in this case, the "technology sector"), as if every company was equal. They are intellectually lazy and largely sheeplike with their behavior.
Blame Bloomberg. And while you're at it, mercilessly attack the shmuck who made the 'bendy' iPhone video. He's a tick.
Oh, brother.
Are you saying the story isn't accurate?
They'll bounce back tomorrow or next week. I'm not in the least bit concerned.
More snappy = more happy
I've never said anything of the sort suggesting what you wrote. Pay closer attention, Yves.
Yes, the entire market hit the skids over the Fed announcement and various other 'panic points'. Let's face it, stocks will never be a rational short term investment. They are for the long haul.
A US citizen does not lose their rights guaranteed by the US Constitution while they are outside the US, however a US citizen would be subject to the laws of that nation. You seem to be flailing.
New Posts  All Forums: