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Time to get China kicked out of the WTO.
I'll be very interested to check one out for myself in the store.
 Despite the criticisms surrounding her success and commercialism, I find Miss Germanotta to be a committed musical artist and talent. Like many artists, she also seems a bit wacky at times.
Possible scenarios? Musk offers the CEO position at Tesla to Ive... Musk is just making idle chit-chat with one of his future co-workers at Apple... They were all just waiting for the appetizers...
My iPhone 5 only takes less than an hour to charge. Surely the watch, with a much smaller battery will take less time.Also, waterproof would be much cooler than just water-resistant. 👍
I find it inaccurate and insulting to any trying to assert their patent ownership rights. Maybe this case will be tossed out, maybe it won't, no matter if one is an Apple supporter (as I am) each case is different and each case deserves its day in court.
Interesting example. It seems to me that those most opposed to software patents (and patents in general) have either very little exposure to the theory, practice and reasons for patents, have been exposed to beliefs that because something is digital, by nature it should be free like air for the use and consumption of all, or they may already have a personal history of theft and seek to justify their actions by advocating for communistic beliefs.
I miss multi-party video conferences also. Google's video chat is so-so at best.
A horrendous joke, but I LOL'ed anyway.
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