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TBH, Entrepreneur Magazine has always been complete fluff. They are like Entertainment Weekly or People Magazine.
Naive would be the best possible description.
I don't know about anyone else, but it's among my favorite Kurosawa movies. Other favorites, High and Low (based on an Ed McBain novel, interestingly enough) and Seven Samurai. Both films of incredible imagination.
You forgot to include the very next line in that quote!:  "But in this case the error was so egregious because of what Lucas set up in the original films." The quote in its entirety undermines your selective argument.
I doubt this will be the last of his new ventures.
BusinessInsider...bastion of accuracy and completely bias-free! 😃 /s
His pay is determined by the board of directors at Apple.
Not only that, but if the prequels were "children's stories" Lucas must not like kids! Remember Anakin murdered an entire school full of young Jedi (embarrassingly called "younglings")?
Just meet them in court, Apple.
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