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Hey, Disturbia... You should be writing articles here. I see some actual journalism at work. You just need to add a copyright notification to the image.
Because all of those middlemen and even countries who've become reliant on artificially inflated gas prices to collect high taxes, skim off additional profits and collect bribes are now caught in a tight spot.
 And it already has. 
Should the Russian system collapse, it could be very dangerous. Who knows how much a rogue organization would be willing to pay for missiles from some desperate military workers there? Anyone remember what led up to the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor? That's right, ruinous economic sanctions enforced against Japan.
I think there is a real danger the CIS (Содружество Независимых Государств) could collapse.
More juries need to inform themselves of their ability to both ignore the instructions of the judge AND to determine that the law itself is wrong. Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo: Fully Informed Jury Association Learn about jury nullification, one of the most powerful tools we have as citizens to beat back improperly applied laws.
Countersue! Countersue!
Which city?
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