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All I can do is LOL...
Who is going to hold them to this rumor?
Or just make the entire surface of whatever is being typed on a camera.
I'm currently writing a script and seeking funding for a movie that will star Molly Ringwold playing Steve Jobs as a former "Brat Pack" 80s star down on his/her luck, trying to revive Next Computer as an Amazon.com competitor. The role of Woz will be filled with a muppet. It's a musical.
Why give anyone credit for a half-assed design and implementation?
Bromwich strikes again: http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKCN0S01TY20151006
People I know who work in a Fortune 500 company and are currently using a Surface are now looking at switching to the iPad Pro.
Meh. The laser projected keyboard has been out for quite some time and it still looks like a bad compromise in terms of capabilities. I'd much rather have a real keyboard for serious amounts of typing.
The real question: Is it illegal to disable your EDR (aka "black box" recorder) in your car? I did find this: https://www.autocyb.com
"Introducing the all-new Microsoft Refrigerator-Toaster Pro!"
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