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Only Facebook and Apple offer this perk for women, so I see it as a hedge against the competition for both of them.
He soured on posting here due to bitterness.
Technically, I think he is an activist investor, rather than a 'passive investor'.
Yes. This precise issue. Ireland will not benefit from this EU peer pressure.
OK, you got a good one in there. That was funny. You're still not forgiven for your "Bendghazi" hysteria, though.
That's a better casting suggestion. Who would Schmidt be? Scarecrow?
He's available.
Bane will be played by Eric Schmidt.
"Pay or die" isn't the only option. The top killer (heart disease) is avoidable if exercise and food choices made by individuals are even mildly intelligent. Lung cancers are largely avoidable by stopping smoking... Socialized medicine results in distortions in the health care market and creates bottlenecks that 'more and bigger' government cannot solve. Intrusions into markets in the form of regulation prevents true costs and risks from being factored into pricing and to...
Actually, it's funny you mention that clip... Steve had a very slight lisp, just as Bale does. There are a number of really good reasons Bale makes sense.
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