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I hope I'm not the only one using Safari for whom the Apple Watch videos are a complete mess. The audio continues to play after the videos have stopped, the video is spotty, and other problems. Not the greatest viewing experience for my money. I wonder what is the issue...
I like my 5s, but sometimes a bigger screen would be nice. In my opinion, the vast majority of web sites are not designed with accessibility in mind.
I read on The Verge (take that for whatever it's worth) that Google's service piggybacks on top of Sprint and T-Mobile, plus WiFi. Whichever service you happen to be using (based on signal strength) will be the one which adds to your data usage. EDIT:  Ignore my post. This was all addressed in the story. 
"Validify" is not a real word. It's a made-up word for someone confused with the differences between "validate" and "verify". I hope you're not using Urban Dictionary for your definitions.
"Absolute power corrupts absolutely." It doesn't matter who is the person. Power corrupts.
Across the board term limits is the better way toward solving deeply rooted corruption in Washington: www.TermLimits.orgThe problem is that only those partisans whom are out of power at any given time support term limits. When they hold power, they never support reform. Washington is dominated by powerful, connected insiders and they should never have been allowed to stay in office as long as they have.
FYI: Validate is the word you wanted to use.
It's not sand, but the materials that are harder than glass (such as diamond) that scratch.
It'll be tough for buyers there to sort out the fakes from the real Apple Watches. I suspect if stores aren't already flooded with lookalikes, they will be soon.
Does this suggest the blue band Sport is the least popular model? Most people I've read who ordered a Sport model want all black.
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