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 I don't know about a touch sensitive band on the outer edge. It might be too easy to accidentally brush against it in the course of normal movement.
 I suppose I'll have to get some kind of strap or pack to carry my iPhone, as I'd like to wear the Watch when I exercise outdoors. They probably made the right compromises for the tech that is currently available. Adding GPS to the watch would make it huge.
 No, no, no. Apple issues the "token"... This was all explicitly described in their digital transactions patent that was shown here and on Patently Apple a while ago. You need to do the basic research before you post.
I still have no idea how to use Passbook.
Touch ID everywhere. Yes, please.
Yes, it is officially "Watch OS", per Rene Ritchie.
Slurpy and HAMETA for mods, FTW!
You're getting political again... 🙇
Give it 3 or 4 generations.
How difficult is it to have a Rolex stolen?
New Posts  All Forums: