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It's not possible to completely understand another person's reality. All that is possible is for us to project our own experiences and understanding onto their actions.People, motivations and values are very complicated.
There is no evidence of a 5.5" at this time. Ignore claims saying otherwise.
If accurate, I theorized at the beginning of Apple's push into China that there was no way the Chinese government would allow Apple to have their own data centers and App Store if it wasn't controlled by the Chinese. China Mobile is government owned. Apple would never have gotten wide distribution without ceding significant control to the Chinese.
I already knew it was your fault. The question was rhetorical.
Unfairly labeling some chemicals as toxic is discriminatory and offensive to people with chemical imbalances! /s
Looks and smells like a rumor to spark up Pegatron's stock. Not buying it without concrete proof.
How did this thread get derailed into a discussion on theology?
"Apple is undermining China's political authority by actively fomenting worker dissatisfaction and affecting national stability by forcing wages upward!" /s
 Oh, my. I just had the biggest laugh because of that comment. The neighbors must have fallen off their chairs.
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