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What kind of a man ignores that women make up half of humanity?
What about women? "Take it like a man" is such a dated and sexist comment.
The bible itself is mostly false and unproven.
I think by the time the 2nd gen watch comes out, they'll have a sales track record and regular watch stores will also sell Apple Watches.
I'm so glad I dumped my AMZN.
Listen, I'm not a bible-thumper anyway. In fact, I don't care for any organized religions. However, most people do claim some kind of religious affiliation.
As I recall, it was only after it became politically expedient did Barack Obama suddenly supported legalizing gay marriage.The scenarios you've laid out are simplistic and partisan, which has not been the case historically.
That's a simplistic and incorrect interpretation of my comments.
Do you appreciate that Cook's opinions will have a material impact on sales if he manages to offend a large number of customers or potential customers? You keep insisting its all about money. Well, beliefs translate into buying decisions.
New Posts  All Forums: