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 It's not clear to me, but are you stating the facts surrounding the matter (that the state promotes its own interests in the school curricula via propaganda), or is it your personal view that abiding the will of the state is ultimately beneficial to society versus the individual? Or do you believe that "society" and the "individual" are indivisible? Because it's my view that what's good for the state is seldom good for the individual and the only thing we as individuals...
 Throwing my hat in the ring:  2 hours
 Well, now that we have a better idea how this whole thing happened, it really had nothing to do with iCloud security being compromised.
 I know what you mean. I get the "Trust this computer?" pop-up regularly for no apparent reason when I hook my iPad up to my computer. Of course I trust my own Apple computer!
 Good for you! The nuclear option is sometimes the only option.
Interesting looking (although potentially very uncomfortable with those large squared off edges. I'd hate to release a watch like this now, especially if Apple actually does announce something on the 9th.
 Mel, you have a fascinating work history (not being snarky). Very interesting to see what jobs people have held over their careers.
 I'm looking for that "/s" real hard, but not finding it (although it seems strongly implied)...
 New Orange-Yellow iMac FTW!
 While I agree that self-responsibility is key, getting hacked is no cup of tea.  Here's the link to Apple's statement, which seems oddly missing from the main story:  www.apple.com/pr/library/2014/09/02Apple-Media-Advisory.html
New Posts  All Forums: