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I suspect people with deeply held religious beliefs will either sue for them to receive equal protection or shut down their business.
That's funny. I'll have to remember that image and use it in 2016.
Actually, I wasn't being facetious. I don't have a problem with polygamy if everyone involved does it voluntarily.
I'm 100% on board with equal protection. I'm against governmental involvement with marriage and private consensual agreements. As I said, these arrangements (gay or straight) are private AND there should be no government extended benefits as a result of these presumably legally binding agreements.
I think polygamy is ready for a big comeback. In fact, this ruling provides excellent precedent.
No, that's not what I wrote. You're trolling.
Regrettably, we're all Marxists now.
I agree, except as a Libertarian I believe government involvement in any consensual agreement/arrangement is anti-freedom.
Ha! Even when we disagree on occasion I still enjoy your posts.
Marriage should not be controversial for anyone who says they are a conservative. Marriage is a private matter and also a real conservative would want equal treatment to be consistent and constitutional.
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