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I'll definitely be getting the 6S regardless. Apropos of nothing, it would be nice if the Magic Mouse had an "ignore light touches that appear to be accidental" feature...
Surely there would've been hardware leaks by now if that was the case.
"Introducing our BIGGEST IPHONE EVER!"
Upon reflection, I don't care for the word "awarded" in the headline. Cook earned that stock according to his agreement with Apple.
Actually, that link reinforces what I've been saying over and over again. Ideas are not patentable! "In particular, these cases developed the principle that an “abstract idea” is not patentable (even though 35 U.S.C. §101 does not expressly say this). In turn, the U.S. Patent Office drafted instructions to its Examiners on how to examine software patents for “subject matter eligibility”, i.e., patentability under 35 U.S.C. §101. Before the Supreme Court’s decision in Alice...
You're both uninformed. Patents protect implementations/expressions of ideas. Patents are never issued to protect "ideas".
Funny you should mention "mathematical solutions". Mathematical formulae are not patentable. A program is a description of work for a computer to execute. There's an order of magnitude difference due to the use of programing languages.  http://www.uspto.gov/web/offices/pac/mpep/s2106.html Also, the opinion you hold is not "increasingly shared". This was a German court. When someone starts gutting US copyright and patent protections... be worried. It will mean the decline...
I'm aware of the public arguments against software patents. The way I see the issue, software is no different from other inventions. They aren't simply a collection of words, which may be protected by copyright laws (like plays, books or screenplays), they are inventions that actually do some kind of work. They are instructions which are carried out in digital form by a computer, therefore they are inventions which patent laws must cover. Plus, a flaw in Stallman's logic...
First thing they said when they heard Columbo used to say this... "Who is Columbo"?
Then why single out software patents to not receive the same protections?Software also requires thought and effort and is a form of property (in the same way a book is the property of an author, plus a book is a collection of text, not just a physical thing that has been printed), but software has a functional aspect that text in a book does not. Software provides the ability to perform work. A book imparts information to a person and that person does the work.
New Posts  All Forums: