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This is completely in reaction to Facebook's purchase of that VR company. VR and augmented reality systems will be rejected by consumers and then both companies will have wasted billions on albatrosses.
It's because of his concern for his country that he did what he did. What he exposed to the world has already had a massive effect. We should hope the next president adheres to the Constitution better than the previous several have.
Ignorance is the enemy, not Snowden.
Couldn't disagree with you more. He exposed the unconstitutional spying and data collection that has gone on AND continues against the Anerican people. Every country spies on each other, but we as citizens are supposed to be protected against government overreach.
Katy Huberty...LOL!
Probably better to ask Snowden himself, rather than get a guess from his lawyer.
A week long battery would definitely be a major selling point, however if no other company has managed to come close to that level of battery performance I'm guessing Apple might be able to squeeze 2-3 days out of the Apple Watch at most?
I daresay foreign markets represent a major sticking point for Apple with regard to navigating all of the legal and licensing issues.
No one should be calling it a democracy, because on paper (see the Constitution) and in practice it isn't one. It's a republic.
I echo your sentiment.Also, with government agencies and politicians continually undermining and demanding backdoor access to our data and the various spy agencies hacking into and weakening privacy everywhere, these pledges ARE laughable.
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