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That's quite a commentary, however the author makes a series of assumptions and observations that are laugh out loud funny due to their absurdity.Connecting the "poo" motif to cultural decline is absurd primarily because the icon is a carryover from "emoji" that originated in Asian culture, where they have fewer hangups about such imagery and notions of cuteness are emphasized more. Is the author frightened of other cultures?The authors comment on Lady Gaga I found...
Last watch I wore (years ago) it cost me about $30, lasted about 3-4 years and was very simple. When the battery died, I quit wearing watches. ūüėČ
All other factors being roughly equal, why shouldn't someone want CarPlay if they are already an Apple person? It'll certainly be a factor in my next car-related decision.
The Patent Office (USPTO) used to use another method that required far more investigation and mediation to sort out who was the actual inventor, but everyone screamed that method was unfair, so they now grant patents on a "first to file" basis. If I filed for a patent application five minutes before Apple did and the patents covered the same process, I'd own the patent. It's a race against time now, so rest assured businesses have departments dedicated to nothing but...
Now you're cherry picking:   "The Republican commissioner acknowledged that the actual regulations take up just eight pages of the document. But he insisted that another 79 pages are citations of the Communications Act, which will also dictate the practices of broadband providers. The rest of the document is a summary of public feedback and reasoning for the FCC's decision, which Pai said is "sprinkled" with unofficial rules." If you are going to quote someone, quote the...
 Starting with this headline, "Republican FCC Commissioner: Public Is Being Misled About Net-Neutrality Plan", he's spun the out of context quotes as some kind of argument that bolsters his false position on the FCC ruling. Feel free to compare all of his quotes with the source. I'm not doing your homework for you.
You're kidding, right?
What is your response to MrShow's falsified information now?
So, you basically completely lied and lifted quotes out of context to make point that doesn't even exist. Wow. Anyone is free to compare the source material with what you twisted then posted. You blatantly and completely misrepresented what was written. Here are just a few quotes from the source...  Example:"The Federal Communications Commission is misleading the public about its 332-page plan to regulate the Internet, a Republican member of the commission said Tuesday.The...
I don't like or listen to Limbaugh either.
New Posts  All Forums: