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Larry, aka Elmer FUD...
Has iFixit ever dissected a frog, squirrel or pig on their site?
Can iCloud Drive be used to make a Time Machine backup? I'd like to backup a cloud copy of my external HD.
I'll always look for the best deal, but I don't want a junk computer. I've worked with cheap PCs but I've never owned one. Only Macs.
Under the hood hobbyists can always buy a Windows or Linux PC. I've zero interest in screwing around with the computer anymore. I'd rather get work done.
Sounds like some interesting new features, but I'm waiting a month just to let the waves settle before I dive in.
Perhaps a better explanation for the nerves.
Wish there were some solutions to getting rid of all of those 'orphan' prefs and leftover garbage that tend to migrate over time. Maybe there is some application that does this of which I'm not aware.
Public speaking is a larger fear than dying for the majority of people, so he's not alone in his nervousness.
To paraphrase Steve Jobs, Hugo Barra should hate himself for taking the CEO position in a company that is utterly bereft of originality. Good thing he left Google also. They couldn't use even one more executive with no taste or vision.
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