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I don't see why it wouldn't (but I didn't test that in-store).
No, you live in a world where there is still voluntary exchange at work (less so in the healthcare/medical arena thanks to forced compliance and extremely heavy government regulation). At least no one in Washington is forcing anyone to buy music (yet).
 It's not an insane policy, it's an affirmation of the right to not self-incriminate. It's one of the few positives ruled recently in favor of the individual versus the predatory state. Incidentally, this ruling happened over a year ago. Not surprising it disappeared quickly as most "news" is complete crap unworthy of...
I'll not debate you on what is or isn't stupid if you can unironically make such a statement.
The US also lags behind China's massive toxic landfills leeching poisons into their environment. Their air is horrendous, their water is poisoned, their food is nothing to write home about. Believe me, you've got it good if you don't live there.
Having used "with" and "without" eraser styli, I much prefer the "without". Having to flip the stylus to erase, then reposition to continue using it is awkward. Simply tapping on a pen or eraser icon is far better.
Actually, the little holder they use at retail is really nice and would be a nice at-home accessory. Imagine it on your desk. Reminds me of nicely designed brush holders.
I wish Apple sold that Apple Pencil holder they use in their retail display of the iPad Pro. It's a wide, flat (but gently curved on the inside to keep the Pencil from rolling) holder for the Pencil that is really nicely designed. Why the hell are they not selling this as an accessory? I'd pay $25-30 for this thing. This is more evidence that Apple has complete tunnel vision when it comes to accessories for their own products.   Please Tim, hire someone internally whose...
Subsidies have always been a bad idea. Distorting markets for political means is economically harmful and results in misallocations of capital, political favoritism and corruption and 10 times out of 10 the taxpayer gets the shaft.
I find iOS 9 to be a significant improvement to prior updates. Are you just referring to appearances? Because I think there is definitely room for improvement with regard to usability.
New Posts  All Forums: