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AI has become quite the mouthpiece for blowhard analysts with lousy track records. Their loyalty certainly is certainly not on the side of the readers. If it was (see Philip Elmer de Witt for the difference) stories like this would critically analyze these claims instead of regurgitating them.
Regrettably for small inventors and business owners that brief timeline would not only be disadvantageous, it would crush the idea of them participating entirely in the market of creating and utilizing intellectual property for their benefit. The timeline should remain the same. What I don't agree with is the Disney-spearheaded changes that led to the unreasonable extension of copyrights.
I know what you're saying, but simply because Square has established a niche product that beats the credit card companies in some respects does not give them a first-movers advantage against a potentially disruptive wallet system from Apple. Think of all the middlemen and hardware that would be eliminated. Square is an add-on for iOS devices. Do you really think people would be unwilling to get rid of the add-on?
Maybe I'll revisit iMovie. I actually tried to edit some short clips together for a quick project (having come from the Final Cut Studio end of things...pre-Final Cut Pro X) and found the process incredibly frustrating. The limitations of the software exceeded my patience.
This is the only time I'll say this.......AFLAC!
Apple doesn't need Square because their upcoming wallet app will sidestep the entire traditional POS transaction process. Digital P2P (or in this case, Person-to-Business) money transfer beats cash registers.
Yes futhering my point of how screwed our patent system is. This wouldn't pass in another other modern patent system and it has not. Well what I'm I saying our system is a joke off course its not modern.[/quote]Are you a programmer? Your responses indicate you don't understand how this works.
Some analyst's kid needs braces.
Apple's patent for this feature on a phone is solid. We'll soon see the results from this trial, stranger.(Also, it looks like AI is completely falling apart. Their forum software has gone nuts)[edited to fix formatting - Mr. H]
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