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You're kidding, right?
What is your response to MrShow's falsified information now?
So, you basically completely lied and lifted quotes out of context to make point that doesn't even exist. Wow. Anyone is free to compare the source material with what you twisted then posted. You blatantly and completely misrepresented what was written. Here are just a few quotes from the source...  Example:"The Federal Communications Commission is misleading the public about its 332-page plan to regulate the Internet, a Republican member of the commission said Tuesday.The...
I don't like or listen to Limbaugh either.
"freight on board" (logistics/shipping industry term)
Whatever source you are allegedly quoting isn't indexed by Google, so...sources?
Was the FCC the source of this conclusion you reached? How about including all of your sources instead of providing your own highly partisan spin?
If you develop a foolproof way to determine a stock will drop 20% in advance, I'd like to hear about it...and so would every person holding stocks.
Quantum electrodynamics. Sutor, ne ultra crepidam.
Please look in a mirror first and good morning.
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