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There is a historical component to Mormon church "approved" racism. I recall Mormons at one point believed (perhaps they still do believe) that black people came from mud. Any Mormons here might want to speak to this.
I'm not sure that's completely fair. Look at it this way, if a person is prejudiced against another person for any reason (the reason may be rational or irrational) a law cannot force that person to be any less prejudiced. Do you agree? I see plenty of emotionally wrought and irrational arguments against people of all colors and beliefs by people of all colors and opposing beliefs.
I believe "Share Sheets" is an Apple trademark, but Zuck used that term in their (embarrassing) keynote.
How would any person prove material harm from Google's actions? All that is provable is that Google violated Apple's security features and possible local laws? The likely outcome is a large monetary extraction from Google that will go right into the coffers of the government, to the benefit of no one but the government.
I'm in the same boat... spend a load of money on a new SSD external or get a new 5K iMac...
As usually happens, this new drive will probably cost a fortune until they face heavy price + performance competition.
Just let me know when I can get a 3+ TB external SSD at a reasonable price.
You bring up a good point. How many people have seen those RFID tags that people are using to track their keys? Anyone know if there's a security feature so if the phone gets too far from the watch an alarm or tap will warn the wearer? If the watch could do this, it's an instant must-have device.
Think different... think Apple Robotics®
Who here (except for the trolls and haters) wouldn't want to live in a house and an entire city designed and managed by Apple?
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