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So both Carney and Bloomberg are liars... sounds about right.
I believe the claim by Dickson was that it was an iPhone 6 screen.
Nadella has no real choice in the matter. Correct the past mistakes or the company eventually dies.
Wouldn't Apple pay the contractor, not the subcontractor?
After construction is complete, the outer ring will accelerate, creating a quantum time space discontinuity field (similar to the RDF) which will allow Jony Ive to travel back and forth in time to bring back materials like transparent aluminium for use in upcoming products.
So the supposedly VERY RELIABLE Sonny Dickson* is actually just another big phony? Hahahaha! *He gave this component to Marquez Brownlee.
Is it time for tea already?
Alternate: I think different, therefore iPad. 😃
Six months later... Lenovo: "Today we'd like to announce we are discontinuing all Windows-based tablets due to consumer apathy...plus, our CEO has a migraine."
There may be patent issues that are insurmountable except with such workarounds.
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