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I'd trust Nate Silver's assessment (not this early in the process, of course) over Google's. Presidents are elected by delegates via the Electoral College, not the popular vote. The popular vote is meaningless.
I still say Force Touch is just software that determines the "footprint" of a finger on a touch surface. There's no real reason why Force Touch couldn't be enabled on all existing Retina touch surfaces.
Here's the thing... Libertarianism is about self-governance, not coalescing power which is what the parties currently "in charge" do best/worst. Self-governance is best suited to our technological age since it's possible today, more than at any time in history, to be completely independent, yet still completely connected to the rest of the world.
Please. Everything is political. Everything! As a European you should be even more cognizant of this fact.
Samsung = Honey badger
Member of the oppressor class? That insane kid was almost completely alone in his thoughts and certainly alone in his actions. He was 1 in 330 million committed to carrying out a heinous act. A completely marginalized outsider! In other words, a rarity!
That Salon opinion piece has been roundly addressed here:http://tomwoods.com/blog/the-question-libertarians-just-cant-answer/Quote:"For some reason, the finger-waggers at Salon think they’ve got us stumped with this one: “If your approach is so great, why hasn’t any country in the world ever tried it?”So this is the unanswerable question? What’s supposed to be so hard about it? Ninety percent of what libertarians write about answers it at least implicitly.Let’s reword the...
Do yourself a favor and research the term "collectivist".
If they're no longer there how could I possibly?
I think it's a little more basic than that. Greater diversity means greater opportunity for mate selection and better hunting (for money).
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