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I'd like to see someone do a Robert Preston + NWA mashup.
Yes and yes. I think we all knew Samsung's day of reckoning would come. The split with Google will come and it will be beautifully ugly.
I hope AAPL at $105-$108 doesn't become the new AAPL below $100. It took a heck of a long time to get over that hump.
I was referring to the second part, not the first.
One... More... Time!
Just like in the US, or any other country, special interests contribute large amounts of money to politicians to create a protection racket.
"The more to track and monetize you with, my dear." β€”The Big Bad Wolf
I agree, Cole needs to be investigated for abuse of her position and Bromwich needs to return every penny unfairly extracted from Apple.
May as well toss in the GT management as well. Their noggins are probably as hard as that sapphire.
New Posts  All Forums: