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All I want from Schmidt is an admission that he told Google what Apple was doing with the iPhone while he was an Apple board member.
I don't want our government to "do more". I want it to do as little as possible, while still adhering to the Constitution. As it is now, our Federal government has violated nearly every part of the Constitution. The government is not here to hold your hand while you cross the street.
It's none of my or your business what others do as long as they don't infringe or impinge upon my or your rights.
I care as an investor. Apple's products are and should remain "neutral territory" for customers. Stories like this undo goodwill created by advertising and word of mouth, because as we've seen here the issue will not soon disappear. I can see the headlines now:  "Child beaten by students at school for carrying a 'gay phone'" ...and I'm not even being hyperbolic. You know this crap is coming.
 Are you a pedophile, or are you just looking for an argument?
I'm not. To be clear, I don't care about Tim's personal life, but I do care about the CEO of Apple diverting attention away from Apple.
I have a problem believing it, for one thing.
He made this announcement to Bloomberg Businessweek, not a gay publication. So, yes, he was representing the business.
Exactly. Clinton is the worst... until you look at Nancy Pelosi.
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