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Irrelevant in the sense that only US citizens are affected by US laws. Our constitutional protections do not extend to other countries or their citizens.
Answer the question. A non-US citizen's opinion of US laws is irrelevant, just as a non-Canadian's opinion regarding Canadian laws is irrelevant.
 I think there are provisions in the Patriot Act that compel a company to divulge any information on servers that may be accessed by the public. They consider the Internet 'open season' for data, except when it comes to their own data, naturally. And this disrespect for privacy by our own government has led to developments in alternative means of computer connection, such as mesh networks and private Internet-like networks limited to other countries.
Are you a Canadian or not?
Aren't you phoning in all of this nonsense from Canada, which is a constitutional monarchy? The US is the only country I'm aware of which has a constitution and Bill of Rights which protect individual rights above all else. At least that is the purpose of those founding documents.
Weaknesses engineered into OS encryption serve criminals as well as law enforcement, therefore no backdoor is the only way to ensure security for everyone. Credit card data and any other critical information would be vulnerable otherwise.
Is it? LOL!
LE = law enforcement (?)
Perhaps. Without the little "/s" sometimes is just isn't clear.  ;)
I personally believe this is the only way Apple will be able to continue to offer their products in China. The US government would never allow China Mobile to offer their wireless services in the US without full access to all data. You can bet on that.
New Posts  All Forums: