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BusinessInsider...bastion of accuracy and completely bias-free! 😃 /s
His pay is determined by the board of directors at Apple.
Not only that, but if the prequels were "children's stories" Lucas must not like kids! Remember Anakin murdered an entire school full of young Jedi (embarrassingly called "younglings")?
Just meet them in court, Apple.
I agree with the many and varied criticisms of the prequels as enunciated by both Red Letter Media and the crew of Jason Snell's The Incomparable (they recently finished their criticism of the prequels in a series of hilarious podcasts).
Their founder/CEO isn't doing anything illegal or immoral by taking a large salary. Frankly, I've always viewed the available window for them to exploit their niche dominance as being very narrow anyway. They'll probably be out of business in five years or so because they add little to no value to this camera tech that is already commoditized.
Tim fired Forstall.
There you go again, making friends everywhere.
I have no problems with it. It's a good color that would work for an athlete.
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