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So the supposedly VERY RELIABLE Sonny Dickson* is actually just another big phony? Hahahaha! *He gave this component to Marquez Brownlee.
Is it time for tea already?
Alternate: I think different, therefore iPad. 😃
Six months later... Lenovo: "Today we'd like to announce we are discontinuing all Windows-based tablets due to consumer apathy...plus, our CEO has a migraine."
There may be patent issues that are insurmountable except with such workarounds.
Whatever happened to the company that was asserting their apparent patent rights by suing one-by-one app devs who had in-app purchasing enabled? Did Apple step up or are small companies still being sued?
And if you look closely you can see the Force lightning coming off the fingertips.
Actually, you may want to send an attractive female friend in to take care of the problem. As "unfair" as it may seem, I know of just such a person who had their phone replaced several times for free by an Apple Store Genius even though the phone damage was clearly her fault. 😶 Not kidding, BTW.
 Heheh... It looks to me like a circular MIDI triggering system... but I have no idea.
Specifically, I want to know what the product in the box labeled "Up!" contains. I know what the Alesis iODock is already. Thanks.   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2692623/Star-Wars-director-J-J-Abrams-leads-pack-Chiltern-Firehouse.html
New Posts  All Forums: