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There were no victims. The whole thing is based on outdated legal concepts.
No, it's not cool. People will steal anything not locked down or electrified in China, given the opportunity. Theft of all kinds rampant.
They could probably release their version globally instead of in the US without worry.
It's collusion without collusion. A pattern is established and investors all pile in and sell off while the suckers who don't know better get burned.
But www.macuser.com redirects to www.macworld.com ... So, the online information lives on.
Is it better to be feared or respected? 
That's right. I do disagree that anti-wage suppression laws are nonsense. That unions are allowed to exist (and they should be for private industry, they are protected under the First Amendment constitutional right of freedom of assembly) is a huge argument against the law as it stands.Also the law is ridiculous. If it was an effective law, it would be applied consistently and equally. It's not about any of that. Its a political and legal tool created to extract money AND...
Prove there was actual harm. You can't. This was an apparent violation of law, with no victims. All that was proven here was that these companies colluded, but when government and certain businesses or financial "institutions" collude it's all perfectly legal.And why is it legal for employees to form unions to force concessions out of businesses, but it's illegal for businesses to band together to protect their interests?It's laughable.
Apple is besieged with lawsuits because they have money. No one sues a company that can't pay.
Who at Apple is most likely to follow Cook as CEO? Or would an outside candidate be more likely?
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