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A democracy is not much better than a dictatorship.In the U.S., we don't have a democracy because democracies do not result in the protection of individual rights. A democracy is mob rule.
Spelling errors decrease the credibility of this story, even though the points appear to be correct. In other words, someone at AI should proofread before posting.
On the mobile version of this site, please tell me I'm not the only one getting these horrendously outsized headlines (AI please fix this mismatch in font sizes): The body copy should be just slightly smaller than the headlines...and the headlines should not be allowed to be 120 pt. type!
Just my initial impression, but it sounds to me like you need to locate the original video file through the Finder, then change the permissions setting. Once you change file permissions to "anyone" (?) you should be able to make changes in iTunes.
BAre you claiming there's a Federal smoking ban?
I believe ios 8.1 on Monday addresses those issues.
The new iMac display looks spectacular.
Will you bend if someone sits on you?
Apple must do what is most beneficial to Apple. Whether that means hiring anyone associated with GTAT is anyone's guess.
What a bunch of jerks.
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