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You seem confused. Why do you think Apple has premium pricing on their products? If prices are significantly higher in Australia, why might that be? And to top it all off, you want Apple to pay MORE taxes to Australia, which would only serve to add to the cost of goods?
If the networks don't wise up fast all of their entertainment programs will soon disappear and be replaced with full time ads for ambulance chasing legal firms, catheter suppliers and various remedies for embarassing medical conditions.
CBS should be paying us to watch their ad-supported content.
Marvin, in all circumstances when a government entity controls the personal decisions of a person, that is the definition of a dictatorial power. It's no one's decision but that of the individual.
Hmm... New premium channels and a more cable-like interface, perhaps? DVR functionality would go a long way...but then I wish it had a built-in over-the-air digital tuner also so I could hook it up to my iPad and watch over-the-air live TV that way.
If you're REALLY concerned about your monthly costs, cancel your cable subscription. It's possible to live without hundreds of channels of garbage you're not interested in watching anyway.
Who will they cast as Wozniak? Jack Black?
LOL... How did I manage to misspell that name? Dang it.
One more chance for Wall Street to undermine and sell short AAPL for the week.
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