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I'm tellin' ya... Apple should go ahead and make that gold link band an option. It looks better than the current version without the gold.
Again, it's not a matter of paranoia or calculation, it's a matter of human nature and the fact that each one of us is self-interested. This simple fact was acknowledged in the creation of the US Constitution by the framers. They had the expanse of recorded human history as their guide. People today have become deluded with notions that because they can get "free stuff" from government their interests are taken care of, when in fact the opposite is true.
The obvious counter-argument to this DA is "what are you doing to protect our liberties"?
Which monopolies and what are they destroying?
Honestly, I've wished for some time that all iPhones, iPads and iPod touches had FM or AM/FM tuners. I love my own music library, but sometimes I'd like to be able to tune into whatever is on the radio at that moment. I don't have an unlimited plan for my iPhone, so I typically cannot listen to anything current/live until I'm on WiFi.
Obama? He's not concerned about protecting the Constitution, he's concerned about maintaining power for him and his party. Same goes for the previous president, and the one before that one and so on.
And it's even more interesting that the hack used by the US to damage the Iranian reactor some years ago is now the same hack being used against the US by the Chinese. These things are like Pandora's box.
That's really beside the point. The more power and responsibility people hand over to self-interested persons working in government the more power they'll collect and use, regardless of consequences.
Might come as little surprise that the biggest threats to our Constitution and personal liberties are coming from our own government these days. This is how freedom dies. One power-hungry "public servant" at a time.
What an idiot. Also, for personal security turn off your iPhone's Touch ID for the phone unlocking function.
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