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Yep. Traders care about money and making more money for themselves. That's it.
Do you pay a monthly fee for cable TV or Internet service, or did you actually buy the entire company when you signed up?
We'll see what President Trump has to say about this. /s
Ba-dum. Tsssssshhhh!
I really should ignore any and all threads containing the words "analyst" or "analysis". I want to reach through the Internet and slap the people providing their "free advice".
If Dilger wanted to do some actual journalism, he'd "ambush interview" these fraudsters and call them on their own lies.
Speaking for myself, I've been waiting on the "s" version and holding onto my 5, just because it still works fine...although my eyesight has gotten much worse during the meantime so the bigger screen will be nice.
Are you bitter because the manipulated stock price run up fooled you into buying at a peak... or something?
9.75 out of 10 analysts suffer from head in rectum disease. Won't you please help to find a cure?
New Posts  All Forums: