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It's also contrary to human nature. It advances the lie that the mob is more important than the individual and that the individual serves the state, not the other way around.
Yes, that detail somehow eludes the reporting on MLKing. It's a fact, so why not make that absolutely clear? Are Americans even aware of that part of his life?
If you can't beat them, you're not using a big enough hammer.
Quite nice. It'll be even more impressive once packed with customers.
Would you want to be rewarded because of the color of your skin? It's insulting and diminishing of the individual and when done under the banner of government, unconstitutional as it is unequal treatment. Let people compete of their own skills and ambition.
There are plenty of arguments for and against legalization...https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arguments_for_and_against_drug_prohibition...and we know that there is no law that will prevent people from getting what they want because as the demand increases, supply becomes more costly, which increases the involvement of criminal elements. Legalization takes away the massive profits and risk-taking and criminality associated with attempts to supply users.
Crime ridden neighborhoods and a burgeoning prison population can also be attributed to the flaws in anti-drug laws. Drug use and addiction aren't new and the illegality of drugs contributes hugely to the disproportionate imprisonment of minorities. That's a fact. Making drugs legal or decriminalizing them would correct this (and the states in which cannabis has been legalized in defiance of federal law prove as much).
Except it's shifting the cost of "ownership" over one's personal responsibilities to the taxpayer population, something that is rampant in our society and something that needs to stop. It's wrong when it's done for banks, airlines and homeowners and it's wrong here. Theft via taxation is no better than a mugging.Also, a post high-school education is supposedly statistically proven to lead to a higher income, however some of the wealthiest people in the world (living and...
I understand the background behind the rise of racial and cultural identity politics, but I generally find collectivism and groupthink to be dangerous for individual rights.
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