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A private business owner should be able to pick and choose whomever they want to conduct their business. I think it's wiser to be open and accepting of everyone's business, but freedom of association also means freedom to not associate.
It's better to remain a shareholder and make your opinion heard. Don't you agree?
My view is as valid as yours. I find it interesting that less and less of the content of my posts is being addressed in favor of personal attacks. Not a good way to go.
The end result of jumping into such a fray will be harm to Apple's bottom line and the impression that Apple is two-faced, making a big stink about an issue in the US, while saying nothing about discriminatory or oppressive behaviors in other highly profitable markets. I'd rather Tim voluntarily quit to pursue a job in politics or at the UN if he prefers to take his attention away from Apple.
This (whether it's completely accurate or not is beside the point) is why a consumer electronics business should stay out of socially and politically sensitive matters.
Whatever they are doing, I hope we're still on track for a fully armed and operational artificial intelligence OS out of Apple by 2019.
...and then instructions for preparing sushi are uploaded to the robots by a hacker in Russia.
Y'know, that little symbol on the end of his unserious comment..."ยก"? It means the same as "/s", both of which mean "sarcasm".
A church that collects money and occupies a physical presence on taxable property is not the same as a religion. You can practice your religion almost anywhere in private and many places in public and none of that ability to practice the religion is impeded by taxation.I'm against all taxes, but if taxes are levied, churches should be afforded no special favors. It's a violation of the Establishment Clause. I believe the excuse that is used today is that these religious...
I believe in minimal, constitutional government. What American government is today is far removed from constitutional.
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