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Jeez, AI. Are you guys that hard up for money? You are ruining your already shady reputation with the shilling for Ming-Chi Kuo. Now you float yet another "story" that points back to him. Unforgivable.
It's clear you don't understand the "mechanics" at work behind the patent implementation. You are taking for granted some complex things happening in the background. As a user a person just sees the result.
I agree. The whoring is getting pretty obvious.
 He has great taste in industrial design. I am not certain exactly who made all of the decisions on iOS 7... we'll see what he approves as iOS continues to evolve.
 There's a lot of analyst "loving" that goes on here. It's pretty ugly.
 Could be that Apple found his sources and severed them for good. Which would, of course, be good.
I think Ming-Chi Kuo is off his rocker.
Profit dollars are more important than units shipped and sold.
It may simply be that music sales across all categories are shrinking because the "last mile" is full of people who will never pay for music.
I've yet to have any interactions around iBeacons. Am I the only one?
New Posts  All Forums: