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Would s person who makes only "$100-$140 per year" be a worthwhile target for advertising? Gotcha! 😆
You should at least be able to pay to get rid of them.
Apple should spin off the iBookstore as a wholly separate, independent entity and locate the new business outside US legal territory...and slowly do the same for the rest of Apple (ideally, Apple would join with other likeminded corporations and form an independent country completely owned and operated by the corporations... A true system built by and dedicated to companies. Hey, at least we know Google would be on board). Atlas Shrugged finally realized.
If Internet is more important than where you chose to live, then you should move. THAT'S reality.
If you are unhappy with the service you can always cancel or threaten to cancel, but once the government sinks their claws into the relatively open Internet we know today, it is an absolute certainty they won't stop there. Bad idea. Very bad.
For Apple to both compete with Google and make "free" and "freemium" models work for developers, this is how you split the baby (or bicycle, if you're a Seinfeldian).
Personally, I've not worn a watch in many years either and have no desire or reason to restart wearing a watch, even one with greater utility than a "normal" watch can offer. I tend to agree with your assessment. Fortunately, Apple has plenty of money in the bank to experiment and pursue other avenues for growth and innovation, I just don't want them to fail to innovate or rest on their laurels. Down that road lies stagnation and irrelevance.
Since Rockstar operates independently and in its own interest, imagine a scenario where Google approaches them to offer an outrageous amount of money to actually BUY patents from the consortium's portfolio, rather than license. Such a thing should theoretically be possible!
I have to agree, unless some unexpected massive news out of China accelerates things into a slingshot around the sun I have trouble imagining $150 by the end of next year.I eagerly look forward to being proven wrong.
"Patent troll" is term used by the company or person who doesn't own the patent they are infringing. It's a loaded term that should be avoided, because it really depends on which side of the lawsuit you sit.
New Posts  All Forums: