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 Are all of these folks hourly workers or is it a mix of salaried and hourly?
 Microsoft will lay off a whole lot more since they are abandoning the hardware and manufacturing initiatives that Ballmer pushed.
 Who knows, they may have already moved on to investments in molecular assemblers or algae-based fuel cell systems. :D
Amit Daryanani? What happened to their old guy? Fired?
When 'programming' gets to the point where one can create their own assets and then verbally or textually describe to Siri or Watson what you want done with those assets (in other words, the A.I. performs the coding for you), then I'd do nothing but 'program' all day.
May hit $98 today...we'll see. Hitting some resistance right now.
Was about to note the same thing. Just got another automatic alert from my brokerage.
This too shall pass.
Gene's employer should beat him like a red-headed stepchild.
New Posts  All Forums: