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Get over what?
People who "get it" have already ordered an iPad Pro and are immune to such pointless criticisms.
There should be a Star Wars channel for AppleTV.
I'll certainly not visit iFixit's web site to provide them with any additional traffic, but this represents more cutting-edge Apple engineering that goes unappreciated or simply ripped off by scumbags like Samsung.
I hope you meant "prostrate"...
(In memorium for Steve Ballmer...not dead, but certainly forgotten) "Apps! Apps! Apps!"
Apparently, Rene Ritchie (iMore.com) has a sister who is a nurse. She uses the Apple Watch and finds it invaluable. Write him a note on Twitter and he usually responds.
You must've been using a Surface without realizing it. I tried one last weekend and was blown away with the increased size and the responsiveness of the Pencil. Placed my order already.Consider changing your screen name to "Rotten Egg".
New Posts  All Forums: