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Visit California. It's like Russia with beaches and sunshine.
More headlines will be made.
She's a musician alright. She had a big country music career when she was younger. Remember? She's no hack.
Jesus Christ. This is political correctness gone completely insane. Tim, make this right. Going overboard like this is extremely offensive.
Yes, they are: http://www.tv.com/shows/category/talk-and-interview/?skipm
It would be cool to have a 24 hr. live stream (a la Periscope) from the DJ booths. In fact, it wouldn't take much more of a leap of imagination to see Apple creating a range of Beats stations as MTV-style video channels on Apple TV.
Are you kidding? Do you know how online advertising rates are described? Clicks per thousand (CPM). Fractions of a penny for music that will be heard potentially billions of times makes complete sense.
It's all because of one song. Impressive! /s
I tried it and it's not too bad. Honestly, I prefer the music I already have anyway, so I personally would not be a consistent customer for any streaming audio service, free or paid.
Yeah... I think this is the last straw for Flash. Uninstall party!
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