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Baloney. I'm not a Republican, but the ACA wasn't voted on by any Republicans. Democrats, led by Harry Reid, changed the rules for the vote and pushed it through approving the beast without debate or even allowing time to read it. Surely, this hasn't already been forgotten? When the law went to the Supreme Court, Roberts said the law was not legal as written UNLESS applied as a TAX. Well, the law wasn't written to be applied as a tax, and it wan't re-written and sent back...
I'd trust my healthcare to Apple any day over the Federal government.
It would be an uncharacteristic move, but Apple always has the option at some point in the future of going ahead and making an inexpensive model iPhone to completely gut and destroy the Android market. Unlikely, I know, but not impossible.
What new non-incremental improvements could be added to the iPhone that would allow Apple to once again leap a generation ahead of their knockoff competitors? I don't really know, but if Apple spends billions to improve the phone, their competitors would also have to make such a burdensome investment.
Gangs serve business ends. It's all about supply and demand. There is a massive and highly profitable business trafficking drugs. The demand for drugs stays relatively consistent regardless of whether or not they are illegal.Legalization and/or decriminalization would save billions of dollars wasted on enforcement and incarceration: http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Economics#sthash.QgQHtZSb.dpbs
Would you sign a lifetime NDA for $60 million? $30 million? $5 million? I think most people would be eager to sign such an agreement.
Not to mention the unholy marriage of said banks with their crony capitalist buddies making and enforcing the laws (presidents past and present included).
The "gangs" and "drugs" part of that list could be largely eradicated with decriminalization (gangs rely on scarcity, which leads to artificially high prices created by those laws declaring certain drugs illegal).
An NDA could potentially last a lifetime. On the other hand, there is no way to enforce a 'non-compete' in California.
New Posts  All Forums: