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 Because he lives in Colorado?
 And they hate babies! Where are the infant players?
 You must hire more people immediately down at the strawman factory. Production is at an all time high.
Have any here actually tried to solve a problem using their web site? It's a real shame.
 There is a long tradition of cowering before accusations of racism in this country, well-founded or not. In this case, not.
 My post included this:  "The visas are about employee expectations, engineering and programming skill levels and costs."
 Yes, you're guessing.
 Coin toss?
Of course these venues will use this feature for advertising and self-promotion of services. They have little other incentive to offer it otherwise.   We are supersaturated with advertising in the US, so much so that we don't even notice it anymore.
I am not in favor of what Cook said. I'm more interested in what they intend to do. If quotas are involved, they will be institutionalizing racist policies and giving in to race-baiters. What is Jackson's criteria or description of a "diverse" company anyway? I have a deep suspicion it is something along the lines of a hiring consultancy contract issued to his organization.To dredge up a shopworn meme, Steve Jobs would've told Jesse Jackson to go **** himself.
New Posts  All Forums: