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I am a powdered Whig, also known as a "toupee" (not to be confused with Apple Pay)...
I guess our votes cancel each other out. ūüĎć
Gotta love Phillip Elmer DeWitt:  http://fortune.com/2015/02/23/apple-at-133-look-whose-price-targets-are-underwater-now/
Depends on how you define "liberal" I suppose. Libertarian philosophy is also known as a "classical liberal" philosophy. Both the Democrat and Republican parties, on the other hand, are big government, special interest driven warmongers.
I have not heard of this. I wonder if they'll be getting offers from Samsung and Google to buy the company. Watched the demo video on their site and saw nothing particularly amazing, just some added functions which Apple should be able to surpass in short order.
What have you found to be the most useful function or feature of the Amazon Echo product?
 This is what happens when finger puppets are allowed to marry.  /s
Looks like they have the Freddie Mercury emoji all ready to go...  
 It's odd that they'd change course for no visible reason, but isn't cost typically the deciding factor in an industry that lives or dies on slim margins?
I think you'll rue the day RueVue is in view.
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