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To paraphrase a famous line from Pixar's The Incredibles: "If everyone's different, then no one is."https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A8I9pYCl9AQ
All of the "smart" money has gone from the movie biz to cable television, and now places like Netflix, over the past 10 (?) years or so.
The new iPad Air 2 is nearly a half pound lighter, in addition to being thinner. That's an important feature. I feel my iPad 3 is too heavy and I want the new one because it's lighter and faster.
Gates contributes to both parties, but mostly to Democrats.
It wasn't a distraction before.
Why should he be "obligated"? His obligation is primarily to act in the best interests of Apple. I'm personally indifferent to this bit of non-news, but it just takes the focus away from the company more and more.
Are you aware that "Western" women have to cover themself when visiting Saudi Arabia?https://www.gov.uk/living-in-saudi-arabia#dress-code-in-saudi-arabia
Next week they'll be banging rocks together, sending smoke signals and learning semaphore code.
Plus, this won't help in Apple's attempts to sell in the Middle East or to those whose religious views will now dictate they not buy Apple products.
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