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Yes, I'm sure you're very concerned about Apple. 😐
Let Foxconn buy and run it.
A person caught wearing dozens of hidden taped Samsung phones can be prosecuted for wearing a "suicide vest".
If memory serves, I recall taking a boat from Hong Kong across the harbor into Shenzhen, China and didn't have to walk through a metal detector there.
And that, my friends, is why it's so important to use Apple Pay or cash only at retail establishments.
Sure there have been breaches. Gmail is under constant attack and has been broken into by Chinese hackers, for one high-profile example.
If I recall correctly, this firm was in the process of collapse as a profitable business, or may have already entered into bankruptcy. What employee in their right mind would have waited to see what came next? Sometime after, the company was sold to a Chinese company... Who else remembers this timeline?
See? I knew the guy had a sense of humor. What's the point of being human if we can't have some fun with each other now and again. Thanks for the lighthearted, rational and humorous response, Mikey.
There are a whole lot of false arguments in that rather lengthy post.First and foremost are the assertions that governments are inherently ethical, secondly the assumption that the people exist because of their rulers and not the other way 'round.
People use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and as far as I know, Facebook is the only profitable platform. I can't see the sense in Ping 2.
New Posts  All Forums: