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I'd rather Tim got some distance between him, Apple and this White House administration. In the unlikely event Trump becomes the next president, there will be scowls on every face at Apple. They need to look a little closer at their political tunnel vision. Stick to your business and stay away from the politics.
Since 2008, these massive gyrations bother me less. I understand that markets operate based on their own special brand of herd mentality and they are ultimately meaningless, despite what the news would have you believe.
It hit a morning low of $92. Whoa. Flash crashes everywhere today.
Video card went out?
The Chinese stock market is to Chinese investors what a day at the horse races is for gamblers. If you thought US companies had problems, China's command economy is fraud based on fraud based on yet more fraud.
Nothing has been added. Nothing has changed. This story is pure speculation.
Nope:"The Bill Clinton Myth goes something like this. After “mismanagement” of the economy by President George H.W. Bush, which resulted in the recession that coincided with the 1992 election, Clinton took office and “managed the economy” wisely during his eight year presidency. Clinton’s “centrist policies” were just what the economy needed at a time of technological revolution, and his wise stewardship resulted in not only unprecedented growth and low unemployment for...
"Be greedy when others are fearful." (That's half of the quote, anyway).
Of course, however aren't these events timed so they can't be accused of manipulating their own stock? I assume (perhaps wrongly) that their buybacks happen whether the stock is up or down.
Not to mention if a tree falls on the car or if it's caught in a hailstorm and all the windows are shattered...
New Posts  All Forums: