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These ads are an improvement. Clear and concise message free of distraction.
That would be a nice change, considering the sluggishness VW has demonstrated thus far regarding CarPlay implementation.
I deleted their terrible app and only use the web version when necessary.
There's no "we" in my comment. That was my own opinion, which I'm certain Tim Cook will never see, just like 99.9% of the comments here.
Would really like to see Apple step up both their hiring and company acquisitions relating to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Google seems to be pretty far ahead in both areas.
A design patent lasts for 14 years and a utility patent lasts for 20. Many of the patents that Steve Jobs had were design patents.
This is the thing I've been waiting for.
They don't want to sell? Just a guess...
Incredible that they have so few viable competitors out there.
I find that an unusually odd and offensive comment.
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