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Yes, those "bytes" are a riot of spelling errors.
Possibly. Is the reason people buy an Android versus an iOS phone really all about cost? We already know most Android phone owners steal more software and refuse to pay for most things. Will things actually change if they become Apple customers? I wonder. These are bottom-feeders.
Funds cannot go overweight on highly volatile stocks. Too much risk that their quarters might end up in lawsuits. Everyone who is responsible for managing billions is going to flee from risk to save their own skin.
I guess now we know what Apple has planned for all those massive ovens that were supposed to create sapphire. Load in Android crapphones and set to "Incinerate".
Yes. It's a low-margin business, except when it's a high-margin business (in the luxury car market).I still little likelihood of Apple getting into car manufacturing.
In heavily congested cities (such as New York), or where it is prohibitively expensive to own a vehicle (Japan and New York), shared vehicles might become a thing. The vast majority of the world is not a dense metropolitan environment, so I see such vehicles as being quite limited in their appeal.
You mean the D.U.I. (Driver User Interface)?   
According to a relative of mine who actually has a Windows phone, Cortana is pretty bad.
What business associate would ever offer to donate their liver to their boss? Absolutely incredible.
This is what it says there: "Step count is the number of steps you take throughout the day. Pedometers and digital activity trackers can help you determine your step count. These devices count steps for any activity that involves step-like movement, including walking, running, stair-climbing, cross-country skiing, and even movement as you go about your daily chores."This suggests the data still needs to be collected from another device or app. Am I wrong? Where is the...
New Posts  All Forums: