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Good catch, although a Russian Snowden equivalent was what I meant to write.
I don't know how old you are, but early digital cameras set 1 MP as a high water mark for some length of time. Remember, we didn't get to where we are now without a lot of painfully slow advances.
How in the world could there possibly be so many $1 billion+ companies? I think there's a whole lot of overvaluing going on out there.
Anyone else notice how all of a sudden every breaking story involving Apple (not just here, mind you) has gone sour. Sure as heck looks like a coordinated attack to undermine the stock. Fell yesterday, bigger fall today and I can almost guarantee another big down day tomorrow.
Keep in mind that despite the good that Snowden has done by exposing unconstitutional and illegal acts in our own country, there are no Snowdens in Russia or China or North Korea or Iran.
Time to get China kicked out of the WTO.
I'll be very interested to check one out for myself in the store.
 Despite the criticisms surrounding her success and commercialism, I find Miss Germanotta to be a committed musical artist and talent. Like many artists, she also seems a bit wacky at times.
Possible scenarios? Musk offers the CEO position at Tesla to Ive... Musk is just making idle chit-chat with one of his future co-workers at Apple... They were all just waiting for the appetizers...
My iPhone 5 only takes less than an hour to charge. Surely the watch, with a much smaller battery will take less time.Also, waterproof would be much cooler than just water-resistant. ­čĹŹ
New Posts  All Forums: