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It's interesting we still have zero insight into exactly how or where Apple Watches will be displayed, demonstrated and sold in the Apple Stores. Obviously with the myriad variations and decisions that must be made by the customer, these sales are going to require far more time, attention and salesperson interaction than an iPhone or iPad. Also, theft will be a bigger concern.
Katy Huberty...LOL! On the plus side, how many have noticed that Shaw Wu no longer makes even a peep anymore. Perhaps his lousy track record finally caught up with him?
Google: Sure We're Geniuses, But We're Still Giant Idiots
How about self-driving cars, robotics and balloon-based Internet service for the third world? LOL!
I'd be mainly concerned that the workers were "friends of the family". A corrupt system must be completely purged and rebuilt from scratch.
Not always obvious which way the market will go, but 2008 was the biggest flashing BUY sign in my life. I'm glad I acted instead of being paralyzed with fear.
I hope you fired that broker.
Personally, I find his work overly talky, with a lot of hand waving and typically preachy. His characters are all intolerable know-it-all blabbermouths.
Apple must be the biggest boon to Taiwan's economy and people in their country's history. Well, if Ireland ever succumbs to EU pressures, I know where Apple could relocate their overseas operations...and probably completely tax-free.
They should completely "clean house" and keep absolutely no one previously employed. Sounds like a real mess GT created.
New Posts  All Forums: