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Careful what you wish for... Keep your driver license out of your phone. If you hand it to an officer, it could be confiscated or searched. You might be OK with that now, but just wait until the convenience of not having that piece of state issued plastic in your wallet or purse becomes legally disadvantageous.I say "keep 'em separated" and always remember this phrase, "I do not consent to searches".
Any features that increase the growth or power of government I'm not really interested. Keep it small and constitutional, IMO.
Come on, Hermie. You weren't born yesterday. Wall Street is interested in one thing only and they'll pressure the stock down or pump it up to get it.
How thoughtful. Should help narrow opinions before rushing to order.
This 'sketch' function should be really popular in Asia. Perfect for quickly drawing out characters in Chinese or Japanese. Might be nicer if one could respond to a text with an inline sketch.
Replace your driver license? Absolutely not. If you voluntarily hand over your phone, it could be implied consent to a search of the device. Bad idea. Keep your license physical and apart from your phone.
Oh, really? Care to make it interesting?In five years, the watch may be able to replace the phone for some people. You have no idea what roadmap Apple has planned.
Absolutely right. Most people see the minor price difference and go up one level.
So what? You were expecting a 4K FaceTime camera?
I'll be interested to see how Apple implements person-to-person (iPhone-to-iPhone) transfers. No reason why they couldn't make an anonymous "like cash" transaction system. I'm also curious what the reaction of thieves and organized crime will be to these devices. There will always be a reaction because criminals do not give up easily.
New Posts  All Forums: