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If IBM puts itself up for sale, Apple will definitely buy them.
Does the featured artist suggest a canny step by Apple to integrate into the local market, or is it an indicator of a possible upcoming iPad stylus/brush product announcement? 😆
Note to self: Never write headlines on an empty stomach.
No, to make their profit margins. As a consumer, you're free to buy or not buy.
Look...it's a Munster...be vewy quiet or you'll scare him away...
The color red is very meaningful and popular in China.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_in_Chinese_culture
That was quite a news broadcast.
Considering the concept of 15 minutes of fame originated with Andy Warhol, I think it was a fair comment. Turn the hyper-sensitivity meter down a few notches.
I'm updating it now... when the pop-up screen appears that says "Transfer Checking & Savings Accounts Now?", do I click on "Yes" or "OK"?
^^^ Apple has always charged more for RAM. It's a valid criticism, but not even remotely a new one.
New Posts  All Forums: