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 Thanks a lot, former Gov. Schwarzenegger. (eyeroll)
The invitation is all white, which obviously suggest a medical component... (I'm just gettin' started here, folks)...
On September 9th, there will be a thunderclap heard 'round the world, heaven will open and iPhone 6 models will descend on the cusp of a cloud guided by angels. Jony Ive will smile and earnestly speak to us from an all-white room. World leaders will break out in song. Dolphins will demonstrate their psychic powers and order lattes.
 Limbless monkeys are people too... or are they?
 Absolutely not. :D
 Obviously, AI is getting some kind of consideration for these "stories", just like there seems to be a somewhat slimy relationship between them and their analyst "exclusives". Full disclosure on all "stories" would go a long way toward reducing the "we're just a cheesy blog, so we don't need to act like a news organization" taint.
It's a holding area for the angels and unicorns. It's gonna be...snif...magical!
I guess they're expecting people might be interested to see what's new or something. 👍
"Oh, my gosh.... Look at her butt..."
And that Apple waterbed Gene Munster has been talking about non-stop...
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