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Especially if Apple is legally able to continue to provide uncrackable security measures. Expect our illustrious leaders to continue to mount full frontal assaults on Apple.
So Apple's guidance has been for 30%+ each quarter prior?
I'm guessing the stock could drop even further tomorrow (based on nothing, naturally), so line up your automated trades now.
I know what the argument is going to be... Next iTunes will be accused of being a monopoly, despite dozens of crappy competitors.
A relative bargain, but you said you were already too heavy on AAPL for your portfolio.
Not this year. I'm still shooting for $140 and think considering the level of stock manipulation, we'll be lucky to see that.
On the plus side...buying opportunity.
I demand an SEC investigation.
Look at the 7% drop in the stock in after hours trading. Idiots!
What utter load of crap based completely on hearsay and because of obvious competitor conflicts of interest. What's next? They're going to Federalize iTunes? Nonsense of the highest order. I strenuously recommend investors call, write and fax their elected representatives to complain about these abuses of power.
New Posts  All Forums: