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Tim Cook:  "Introducing the new iLoop™... and hoooooo-boy, have we patented it."
 I really would like to see Apple be the first to market with some kind of nanoscale or optical computing device that would be impossible for Samsung to duplicate.
 Good find, DA. Please, Apple continue to buy up the fundamental building blocks of next-gen technology to completely lock out IP vampires like Samsung.
 That has been happening to me more and more also. Incredible what these advertisers won't do. We need something for Safari on iOS to block this crap. 
I heard a rumor that Apple is entering the Zamboni market and will make a big splash with the NHL...better get on this one, Samsung!
You're overthinking things.
Dilger really has no business writing opinion pieces that require subtlety, rather than multiple hammer blows to the subject.
Just no tartan pattern shirts on the geniuses, please.
I'd chalk it up to seasonality and the fact that every man, woman and child is aware of Apple's anticipated product releases these days.
"Flat" retail operations? This headline is deliberately misleading. Sales per square foot are still solid and beat almost every retail operation on the planet.
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