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 Since I don't know you and you obviously don't know me, I ask you the following: - Is it "right wing" or "fascist" to want as little government as possible in every facet of American life, more individual responsibility and no more wars? Fascism is radical authoritarian nationalism. How am I a fascist? In fact, a good argument could be made that the current US administration is partly fascist, partly corporatist, and certainly promotes elements of Marxism. - I used to...
 We'll always have Paul Walker... oh, wait...
^ Agree completely, TS.
Our opinions are our own, so take them for what they are.Now, about his Communist ties... And the sorry economic state of South Africa... Any opinions?
 I think those who visit here purely for political arguments stay in Political Outsider.
 They were married. Do you really think Winnie was doing something Nelson was not aware of? Especially since she was giving speeches on how to perform a "necklacing"?
 I mostly agree with what you've said also.  I guess donations are nice, but they cannot but treat root problems. I've never seen a problem completely solved (other than the "problem" of not having any money!) by throwing money at it. Just ask Bill Gates how difficult it has been for him and his foundation trying to find ways to spend money effectively. You feel good for a day, then the problems remain.
 So, if you're saying "most people" are unaware or blissfully ignorant of his past, I would agree with that. If you're (not so subtly) calling me a racist, I wholeheartedly reject that nonsense. The favoritism or oppression of anyone based on their skin color is disgusting and demeaning. People are individuals, not colors.
 I'd be among the first to call out Reagan on the "war on drugs" police and military buildup that flourished under his administration, and he was certainly no promoter of free-market capitalism even though he somehow got that reputation. The fact is, the same lousy policies that existed under Reagan continued under Bush and Clinton, then Bush and Obama. Washington is a cesspool in which all sensibility and adherence to the Constitution and Bill of Rights has long since...
New Posts  All Forums: