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You're really giving the hilarious TV series "Mr. Show" a bad name...We are in the mess we are in today thanks to Democrats and Republicans, not Libertarians.It is because of corporatism (aka crony capitalism) established and nurtured by Democrats and Republicans who serve themselves and their party instead of minimizing the corrupting influence of a large Federal government that decisions such as this one from the FCC can be dressed up and falsely called "Net neutrality"...
At the risk of repeating myself, you also fail to understand the difference between free market capitalism and crony capitalism (also similar to corporatism):http://tomwoods.com/blog/do-libertarians-support-crony-capitalism/And in this article Ron Paul outlines why he calls Obama a corporatist, not a socialist:http://m.csmonitor.com/Business/The-Daily-Reckoning/2010/0429/Ron-Paul-Obama-s-not-Socialist-he-s-Corporatist
What you are referring to is crony capitalism. I have the perfect bit of reading for your enjoyment: http://tomwoods.com/blog/do-libertarians-support-crony-capitalism/
Since we haven't got Capitalism, I'd like to see evidence of that. However, we have many years of Marxism, Socialism and Communism which we can see have been abject failures.
The L.A. Times just linked to their coverage of this, and here's what they wrote:   "Do you use the Internet? Then here's why you should care about today's "net neutrality" vote: New rules prohibit Internet service providers from charging more to speed up data delivery for some, which of course means slowing it down for others"   Once people fully realize the depth and breadth of this ruling, they are going to be very disappointed (or they should be!).
Aw, what the heck... let's try Swahili this time.
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Why in the world would I want to address anyone who starts their comments by calling me an idiot? Would you?
Yes, you are. Welcome.
I don't need to restate it. This sums up my position: 
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