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It's only changing for direct messages (DM's).
Oh, man. Alex Lindsay from PixelCorps is going to love this.
"MouseFingers"... They're delicious!
I always wanted an FM radio in the iPod touch.
I certainly wouldn't mind a second tier of Apple watches that only had iPod and health tracking (plus watch) functions. It could look like the Sport watch, but be priced closer to an iPod.
Actually, it's a very OS X/desktop-like feature. In that respect, it really is different from what we've seen in iOS.
Once they work out the whole 'mid-air 3-D image projection' thing, it'll be fine. 😛
Steve NEVER would've... /s 😆
Hmm... Then that is obviously different than what was shown in the demo.
The Re/code article is by Peter Kafka, not Walt Mossberg.What Kafka failed to note was that Spotify is a sinkhole that is losing money at a spectacular rate. I presume that Apple does not plan to copy that element of the Spotify "business model".
New Posts  All Forums: