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 You mean that lens-shaped leaf from the Apple logo? That one? 
 A giant one...with skateboarders!
 And Siri looked upon it and it was good.
 It's definitely intriguing. Maybe U2 puts on a post-announcement concert?
 What is the purpose of posting analyst notes from analysts with proven poor track records? There's no shame in saying it's completely to drive web site traffic, but please do not pretend to be posting anything newsworthy. It would be "news" if AppleInsider posted supplied analyst propaganda, followed with a skeptical analysis of both their prognostications and the accuracy of their previous notes. Minus that editorial angle, it is not news nor does it serve...
 He's gone beyond "yep" and "nope". "Holy shit" is a new one from him.
 "...But this is our hill, and these are our beans."
 We'll know soon enough (some will say it can't arrive fast enough). With the additional seating capacity, Apple definitely wants to get the word out fast.
 Thanks a lot, former Gov. Schwarzenegger. (eyeroll)
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