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Country music is still the top-selling music in the US. So much focus on "EDM" is a big mistake, in my opinion.
 Then why do it? What's the real tradeoff? What's the benefit?
Coming soon to UK Crapstore Unlimited.   And here to serve you...
 That poor woman. Sold into slavery and forced to get a Huawei tattoo.
I hear Instagram is the new YouTube. Disney just premiered a new Star Wars clip on Instagram.
Ha! Never heard that one.
What else are you gonna do? If you're Huawei, there's no money to be made in the phone business.
Another vaguely Apple-related thing has just been announced. An ex-Apple engineer has taken on the furniture industry to make couches that knock-down and set-up in minutes. Looks intriguing:   http://www.campaignliving.com
Just peel off the old set, roll it up and throw it away? 
 Unless some magical entity responsible for negotiating global rights appears, that'll never happen. Broadcast, streaming and content rights are all local and country-specific.
New Posts  All Forums: