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Keep in mind that 'energy neutral', 'carbon neutral', etc. is not the same as "cheaper" or without great cost.
 I support the goal of diversity, it makes for a stronger company and imbues the company with a greater variety of viewpoints. I do not support quotas, which is arguably what Jackson's group pushes.
 Hmm... From personal experience at an unnamed company, I have a little insight into how Jackson operates.
In my case, I am not a "burden on the state", trust me.
God help you if you become a success in America.
Jesse Jackson is akin to a blackmailer, IMO. He should take care of his own house before he criticizes others.
 Authors could also voluntarily form guilds or cooperatives to pay for editing and marketing services if they are not already a superstar author (like Stephen King). The e-book is the best thing to ever happen to authors, but for someone who fails to leverage the medium it could keep them permanently obscure.
 I've never bought into the "must own a house" mentality. When people blindly follow crowds on their big life-changing decisions, they tend to make mistakes. One size does not fit all.
Now to narc on Amazon for their e-book abuses.
One could also consider using the Tor browser for Mac.
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