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The Jim Dalrymple criticisms of Apple Music were damning and uncharacteristically brutal, especially those made on his blog and Twitter account. I consider "The Beard" one of Apple's strongest supporters, so you KNOW Apple has really blown it on this one.
Personally, I think Apple should stop providing any guidance quarter to quarter. They get absolutely no benefit from doing so and they are not legally obligated to provide such guidance.
Yeah, what does that mean? TS suddenly left?
There's that blabbermouth "Supply Chain" again. Always yapping.
Each person is normal to someone.
No way I'd want this. Just a clean and smartly designed UI for the TV instead.
"Steaming product"...that says it all.
Comparisons are ultimately futile since there are vast differences in population size, homogeneity and cultural mores.
Yes, simply turning off the comments (but not bothering to remove the "view comments" clickable area) is so indicative of their sloppiness.
I suggested the same spinoff idea previously, however it's really a matter of there is no "monopoly" to begin with. It's upside-down and backwards thinking in Washington which has fostered the notion that government must continually amass power and intervene in all matters, regardless of consequences.
New Posts  All Forums: