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 Samsung's team wisely did what they could to completely confuse the jury. Apple's team probably should've objected to the many, many times they brought wholly unrelated testimony into play. Bad on the judge, bad on Apple's team... but good on Apple's team for actually winning on two counts. I hope they employ better tactics next time to combat Samsung's "back up the trash truck and dump" approach to testimony.
    There are some facial characteristics that are similar, I admit.
Wait... is this "Attack Microsoft Saturday"? I thought it was "Attack Samsung Saturday"...
She is indeed. Just watched her TED presentation. She's not a bad presenter, truth be told. At her level there seems to be a similar type of presentation style among executives. I suppose presentation training for executives is de rigeur these days.Also, her Wikipedia page has this interesting bit: "Ahrendts says she does not model her approach after any other fashion house, but looks to world class design as an influence including Apple Inc."
Apple currently sells iPod shuffles and nanos with no problems and they are quite small.
Everyone wants something for nothing. Doesn't matter if one is a millionaire or a bum on the street... "Humans... We're the worst."™
I think the presenting attorneys would have to waste far too much time explaining how patent law works before presenting their case.
The subtleties in the Jobs quote obviously elude you. Jobs was talking about fighting against "the establishment," not literally being a pirate (thief). The monolithic culture of IBM and the tastelessness of Microsoft was what Jobs rebelled against. Chalk it up to youthful exuberance, it was not a justification for willful patent infringement, you cretin.
Apple should buy a controlling stake in Xiaomi and gut the low-end Android market, thus robbing Samsung of their marketshare. Disembowel the enemy before he has time to think.
DED should apologize for this hyperbolic nonsense-filled article. He never gave a moment of thought to the possibility Apple would be handed a middling win and Samsung would be handed an even lesser win. Patent owners should be alarmed at the indifference displayed by this jury, IMO.
New Posts  All Forums: