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I nominate this thread for First Prize in the category of "Most Spelling and Grammar Errors in the History of the English Language." Outstanding work!
 Where in the world do you get the idea they "don't spend much" on their advertising?
Looking forward to Apple's build-to-order knitted running shoes with built-in Twitter and Facebook integration.
Gene Munster will cry himself to sleep tonight.
OBL had no cell phones, he used a courier to send and receive messages. By now everyone is aware of the porosity of Android security. An Android phone can (relatively) easily be remotely infiltrated by the NSA, which actually makes it a poor choice for an "evil-doer". I reject the entire premise of this opinion piece.
I have two relatives who were PC-only and I recommended the mini to them. They love it.
Correction: He knows what AI wants...more clicks. Accuracy be damned.
I'll check with Peter Jackson. 😃
And watch the watchmen.
If something doesn't need doing, rest assured a politician will do it.
New Posts  All Forums: