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I think the Rockstar arrangement actually worked out for Apple. According to the WSJ (emphasis mine):  "The Rockstar companies squeezed more than three years of use out of the 4,000 patents, and will keep licenses going forward. The 2,000 patents they held back from Rockstar—and aren’t part of the sale to RPX—were among some of the most valuable in the Nortel portfolio."
Corporatism does not refer to every single business. Are you completely unaware of the historical and present day ties with Goldman Sachs, General Electric, Boeing, etc., etc., etc.?
Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of criminals.
Your corporatist government at work.
So...they're an insurance service protection racket.
I hope not. Apple needs to stay focused on the future and on improving what is here today. An organization that is stuck on veneration of the past wouldn't stay in business long...unless it's a museum.
They look (on paper) like the dumbest IP owners in the history of the patent system. I'd like to see their growth chart or stock history...are they even a for-profit business? Frankly they appear to be another consortium, but this time as a holder of far less valuable IP than Rockstar.
Here's a direct quote from that page:"RPX provides a purely defensive service. Our goal is to acquire and clear high-risk patents so that NPEs cannot assert them against our clients."They don't OFFENSIVELY assert their patents, but they certainly would DEFENSIVELY, otherwise the IP would be valueless.
Rest assured, if there are IP violations on their patent trove, RPX would be the ones filing the appropriate lawsuits.
Precisely. Also, it's possibly many of those patents will be expiring soon and the $900 million is a fair price for the remainder of their term. Actually, this link states that "RPX will turn around and license the patents to a separate syndicate of about 30 other technology companies that include Google and Cisco Systems Inc."
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