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I stopped taking my computer home after getting the iPad pro. It's so nice! If there was a way to edit and grade ProRes video it would be gold. I can't believe how full of crap animation and storyboard apps the App Store is though. Come on developers! This is the real deal. I welcome Concepts and Graphics. Great apps.
Just put a thin layer of GoreTex in front of the vent
Authorities should be more concerned about giving everyone access to guns than to encryption. I bet guns kill many more people than encryption. Just a though..
Compact version. iPad took off amazing big. Introduced new vision. People bought it. iPhone caught up. Now you can do 90% on the now bigger, more powerful iPhones of what you can do on an iPad. iPad sales decline, iPhone sales reaching new records seemingly every year. iPad Pro came. Pro creative app community adopting it really fast already from day one. Pro power developers on board with vision. iPad Pro, in my eyes, defines new pro customer tablet, especially in...
+1 for training wheels off. iMovie, GarageBand are powerful but still baby apps. The platform feels powerful enough to run Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro iOS counterparts. Watching how well Cubasis works on the iPad is certainly a wake up call for Apple. Pro iPad, pro apps. Time to shift gears. I don't know how representative I am. But I got the iPad pro 100% because of the Pencil. I'm into arts, animation, illustration and doodling as my main profession. I've been waiting...
Official USB3 support would make so much sense on the iPad Pro. With that speed you could probably use it as a no latency, lightly compressed, or even uncompressed(?) drawing tablet for your Mac. Also external disk support for video editing would be gold.
I got mine today, but the they had not gotten the pencil yet. Comes in later. So I had the chance to try the iPad without the pencil today. And I feel like without the pencil it's just a big iPad. The pencil holds the key here for my use. Drawing and animation is my main use. I was impressed though of how low they got the touch latency. Playing instruments in GarageBand is suddenly quite a musical affair. The latency is low enough to actually be playable. This bodes well...
How about a smart connector Apple pencil charger/ magnet holder?
A friend of mine was touring China playing gigs in varying sizes. He had to cancel mid tour, because I guess it was considered harmful. Too many crowds gathering, word spread, freedom loving, longing for love and truth lyrics, in a humorous and dubious way. It's difficult sometimes to understand what they find harmful... But anything potentially challenging the Chinese way, I assume.
Worst ad.. People unfamiliar with the iPad get like what, two second to understand what they're watching?
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