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It's for artists, content creators, video, desktop publishing, precision input. A core professional Apple user base. If they wanna take the iPad to a full fledged platform it need precision input imo. Also, with the speed of USB-C it could work as a tablet for the Mac.even the precision of Wacom's Cintiq is not 100% precise. So there's definitely room for improvement in this field.
That was a sad and empty script. They could just as well change every line to "we're really cool". It's the message they're trying to convey. The more they say it, the less I believe in it. There's absolutely no informative aspect in Samsung's video. It's designed to brag. It was the worst.. I think the product looks pretty ok though, but they should think about removing that obscure Samsung logo from the front. It's really disturbing all aspects of the design.
Anyone that has launched software on AppStore during this last month knows that it's been slow. Probably because it sort of coincides with the Watch launch.
Oh teh anger! Chill commenters. I'm eagerly awaiting the new MacBook Pro 2016 with this design. It'll probably still have Thunderbolt though, but possibly no SD reader ;-)
I like that a few of the shots portray people with the watch on their right arm. I always wore it on the right arm, and have been a bit worried about whether or not there'll be a "right arm" option in the system. I don't know how these will be received by the wider audience.. But I think they talk to the emotional nerve within me. I sort of fall in love while watching these videos.. Especially the first and the last ones. Perhaps normal product people like humour,...
Is the iPod touch still popular as a gaming device? I can see a new premium iPod Nano move to the Apple Watch iOS. It could be like a keychain device, or necklace worn device.
One million in US on launch day.. for a device that nobody really really needs, is pretty impressive in my eyes. I haven't used a watch since I got my first mobile phone back in the nineties. But Apple made this so delicate, so I actually look forward to go and try it on in a store when it becomes available over here. It's looking damn fine. Good start.
There are lots of thing wrong with the porn industry. If there ever was a thing such as a fairtrade certificate for porn, at least it would make sure everyone involved were treated with respect, with a fair compensation, and according to regulations. I think there are som really dirty contracts for porn actors out there..Then there's the psychological effect of consuming porn.. But that's completely on the other end.Yeah. It's good they take a stance for their app store....
The emojis with more than one face.. Like family and couples.. Are they gonna be Simpson yellow skin, yellow hair for good now, or can I change them somehow like the single face icons? That yellow hue is not pleasant in any way..
Voicing concerns about your home turf is a good place to start. That's where you can make a difference, and inspire others. Not doing business in China because this and that, making an ultimatum... is not a way to inspire. It's more likely to start a serious conflict.
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