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It might be fast enough for fast virtual RAM, almost starting to blur the line between RAM and disk.Isn't it coming out in products next year already? Perhaps not in consumer products? It might take a while to find its place, alter the operating systems to make use of them in a way that makes sense.. and producing them in a capacity, volume that needs demand etc.
A side track.. One thing with 3D Touch is that suddenly any passive stylus is pressure sensitive. I tried a Jot Pro on the iPhone 6S+ and it was pretty impressive how the pressure sensitivity kept up. For my taste I had to set it to light. It felt pretty good.I think that I'm one of the suckers that is going for the iPad pro v1. A serious iOS drawing pad is just so compelling in itself. If there's anything a version 2 should have to keep its pro label, in my opinion, it's...
3GB ram sounds like there's a new feature to be introduced. Perhaps the plus will get multitasking? Or is it the 4K that's eating away RAM? I don't think they'd upgrade the RAM if there wasn't an always-on feature that they're introducing.
Bullshit? By speak out loud I mean speak instead of type. Sorry mate for shrouding your thoughts. Not like I need to speak louder than normal or anything. The voice recognition is pretty great. The language and meaning, understanding the context, however, is still just an advanced list of commands and actions, isn't it? That's definitely how I feel about it. I don't have the slightest feeling that Siri ever understands me. But rather if I hit the right keywords she'll do...
I've been reading Apple Insider for so many years now so AI means Apple Insider for me. I really had to strain myself to read Artificial Intelligence every time it occurred in the text! Lol.. I hope they make a much much better Siri with neural stuff. Siri might work today, but it's such a poor experience. Today's Siri is like DOS. You need to learn a bunch of commands, and speak them out loud. The only "human factor" of Siri is that she sounds kinda nice.
Until truly professional software arrives, the iPad Pro will still be just an iPad. It's taking a looong time for a professional software developer to develop a completely new iPad offering of their apps. And it might not even make sense to the company. Adobe is finally getting it, and slowly doing something about it. I hope others will follow. I'm in the animation industry, and hoping for Toon Boom Animation to make a Harmony version for the iPad Pro. I can't see it...
I force close for three reasons. 1. To restart apps that don't work for some reason. 2. To tidy up the log. 3. For privacy reasons. Number 2 alone is enough reason there should be an option to force close all apps.
Why do they keep doing stuff this?
Lovely 😂
I'm wondering if liquid metal will eventually find its major use, or if it'll stay an experimental thing. I'm thinking the Apple Car could be a project where manufacturing has to see huge inventions anyways, so maybe there's place for Liquid Metal there? Perhaps not Velcro assembly, lol, but in some form.
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