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At some point the industry need to welcome nanoFlowCell batteries, or some other new battery tech. It seems like there's a limit to the batteries they're currently using. The Apple watch is probably running a (maybe not that) scaled down ios. I needs battery.
I think the 6 plus needs to ramp up into full production before they can go on sale in China. I think in Asia, people want big units.
The whole album was recorded and produced on the new Logic for iPhone+
I believe the iWatch might have an "inverted" design. The processing unit will be under the wrist, and the interface will be a thin, flexible OLED wrist band over the wrist. Perhaps even semi transparent.
It would have been a great day to have made it international. What countries does it currently work in? US only? One country?
It's a special theme park, designed for testing your iWatch, and the new payment system. 1. Aerobics, to measure your pulse. 2. Cake competition, to measure your blood sugar. 3. Party booth to measure your alcohol levels. 4. Live concert with U2, to measure the sound levels. 5. Labyrinth, to help you find your way out. 6. Shopping mall, to test the new payment system. etc...
Sleek interface. Impossibly fat. Does it even fit behind a sleeve? What were they thinking? "We gotta get this thing out before Apple! No matter how thick it is!"
Phabulous! BTW, I hope all front glass leaks we've seen are fake. Top and Botton need to be streamlined. Especially top. There's no front glass leak yet for this 5,5 is there? Most mockups either just scale up everything proportionally, or they assume they've got the same border width. For the 5,5, it looks totally too fat with the thick top border. Needs to be slimmer.
What screen are they using? Almost looks like an OLED in this video.
Finally a proper 5.5" leak. Should have room for a lot of work. Oops.. First I thought both were the new models. But the small one is the current model I guess? Ok.. So if this is the 4.7" model it's pretty large already..
New Posts  All Forums: