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Pixelmator is great. I keep forcing myself to using it instead of Photoshop a lot of times in order to get more used to it. And no kidding, that new engine is feeling blazing fast!   I still haven't gotten used to Apple's automatic saving, versioning and then the "duplicate" guidelines, all of what Pixelmator is strictly following though. I'm so used to the old school. I guess "Save" now means "Save Version", since regular saving is performed automatically. OK, got it.....
I'm concerned as well. I find 7 more efficient in many respects, and I can see where they're going, but looking back at 6 - yes, I think it lost some magic. I hope they're not satisfied, but hard at work perfecting and bringing back the magic.
The Mac Pro is the first "desktop" computer in about two decades that I actually consider buying. Perfect. But I've grown so used to Retina displays so I'm dreading having to use non retina displays again. They're like itching in the eyes with those big colour dot arrays...
I disagree. Colour grading can do millions to a photo. How do you think a feature film would look ungraded? Or a fashion magazine ungraded? Pretty bad, I'd guarantee you. The filters shouldn't be about making it look crazy this and crazy that, that could be up to other apps. Apple's filters or photo settings should be treating the RAW files before saving them to JPEG, like brighten shadows, secure skin tones, low contrast, save highlights, shot against the light,...
The filters are very poor. How about a filter that actually improves the photo?
Yeah bring it on to the nordic countries! I'm waiting! I find it frustrating that what seems like most of Apple's competitors in the streaming music sector, look to have no problem introducing streaming services internationally. It's like the labels are more cautious with Apple than with startups.
Exactly. Apple is a commercial company, not a democracy organisation. Of course they need to comply with the laws of the markets they're operating in. And, nowadays it's very easy, and safe to jailbreak your iPhone for this functionality. I still think China should loosen up its internet laws, and I'm sure everyone at Apple thinks that too, but that's not Apple's battle to fight.
 Yeah it's a niche. Agree. Solid. Done. I'm an animator, and a lot of my friends are artists too, so me and most of my friends are in that niche. We have Wacoms, Cintiqs and stuff. I can however imagine what it must be like outside my little world. And styluses does not take part in it. So therefore I don't make a fuzz about it, and go buy my expensive Cintiq. But just to disturb the balance in the niche concept being painted in this thread..Kids. Preschool. Learning....
 Yeah, my thoughts too. Perhaps the tip is firing/ emitting a sort of pulse to make/ fake a bigger impact?Agree with lack of pressure being a bummer for artists..
I'm not worried about criminals being able to copy finger prints. The time to worry would be when hackers create a TouchID virus designed to extract the fingerprint information on all devices around the world, and then collect a database of fingerprints.
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