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This made me think of the scene where Jeff Goldblum does some radio hack to find and call his ex wife in Independance Day. He he..
With all this money finally studying at the university can be free for all.
Updates, cool. Is that pro Intel graphics thing any good for pro use? Where's the 1tb SSD? Fusion isn't fast enough..
That iPhone 4K footage is looking great.. I do a lot of synth tutorials, and this could be really useful for capturing little synth displays in crisp quality, which has sometimes been a problem with my HD pocket cinema camera. I just wish the iPhone video camera had manual control for white balance and frame rate, so that it's easier to mix it with other cameras. Or why not even LUT support
This reminds me of Nokias words about rumours about an Apple phone. "They can't just walk in! We have years of experience..." etc. Guess what, they walked in and ruled u out of business... Ignorance might be fatal, Elon.. Of course they can build a car. Tesla can too, and nobody thought they could.
In tomorrow's news: Microsoft puts the Surface Book into the hands of Dreamworks' artists ;-) Bullshit aside.. I can't believe how many Apple Pencil videos there are out there on YouTube of people that can not draw... at all... This Periscope video is super important to see how well it performs in the hands of an artist. I think Apple should not only make commercials that highlight this, but short documentaries of different artists that use it creatively in their everyday...
This is highly competitive. Good specs, pretty good design, At some point the specs will allow fully professional use in a tight form factor.. This time is probably now. The truth is, should Apple have made a MacBook Pro 15" tablet that I could draw on, I'd have used it all the time, and probably not listed for an iPad pro, and been happy with one machine. This is because I'm an animator/ artist. Now I do want an iPad pro, but until there's some professional software and a...
Cool. This is really great. But they should have been part of the development in the early process. Feedback #1. Can you make a bigger version for in house production use?
As some suggest.. lightning port would be a better choice. True Apple style, however, would be to dis the audio port alltogether, in favour of wireless.
I have much better battery life on iOS9. iPhone 6 here. Also after turning on Low Power Mode by 15%, it stayed at 15% for hours. Not that I was constantly using it for hours, but checking in now and then. This is all good stuff! I've now got the impression that low power mode could have the iPhone 6 run for several days, if I'm not using it a lot. Say, for travel or somehting..
New Posts  All Forums: