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Seeing the watch in this context makes so much sense. For businesses there might be some killer apps for the watch. I hadn't even thought of that till now.
Wow, what a thread this turned out to be. Because two girls went travelling together? What if they were a boy and a girl who went travelling, Portrayed with juuuust the exact same "vague" relationship? Would anyone care? Probably not. Nobody would probably say "I don't get it, are they heterosexual?". I haven't read all comments here, but are there any girls commenting in this thread? Or are you just embarrassed on our male behalf? Please girls, come save this thread.
I think they're supposed to be traveling.
This tag line is gonna get soooo troll style hijacked by Samsung in one way or another!!
Whether the numbers are right or not, I actually thinks it's very likely that early adopters were more in numbers than the continuos stream of buyers. For two reasons. 1) I think this might be related to the purchase patterns of fashionistas. 2) Even though the watch is amazing, I still think it does just a few things better than on a phone or on a computer, for most people...
When I clicked play I was ready to hate the trailer, but wow, I thought it was really great. If the finished film has any of this energy that the trailer has, it might very well be brilliant. And because he looks nothing like Steve I actually felt I was getting more involved in the story, and the tone of the direction.
One finger Force touch could replace the home button all together. It responds very well on the watch. It might be a waste though, dedicating the force touch to just one button.
Drake, no dis, but what was he thinking up there? It was like he was pulled in last minute, with no preparation, barely knowing what it was he was supposed to be talking about.. I felt so bad for him...
The free three month is a bag of hurt. I can understand that, being an independent artist myself. But for me the revenue will be around $0 regardless. That's how bad it pays for low play counts. So why bother whining?Not sure about your reasoning here.One problem with streaming is that if I play one song once, one month, and nothing else, where will all my subscription money go? Certainly not to that one song. It will get its $0.0 revenue, and all the rest of my money will...
The new "For the price of one album a month you can listen to as many albums you want" streaming model is troublesome. There is just no way that it can ever be fair for the musicians, song writers and copyright holders. It only makes sense economically if you have a catalogue of thousands of songs that get a fair amount of plays... which typically, artists do not. Corporations do. Then the bigger the catalogue, the better. It's so corporate it's sick.. As long as you're...
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