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One million in US on launch day.. for a device that nobody really really needs, is pretty impressive in my eyes. I haven't used a watch since I got my first mobile phone back in the nineties. But Apple made this so delicate, so I actually look forward to go and try it on in a store when it becomes available over here. It's looking damn fine. Good start.
There are lots of thing wrong with the porn industry. If there ever was a thing such as a fairtrade certificate for porn, at least it would make sure everyone involved were treated with respect, with a fair compensation, and according to regulations. I think there are som really dirty contracts for porn actors out there..Then there's the psychological effect of consuming porn.. But that's completely on the other end.Yeah. It's good they take a stance for their app store....
The emojis with more than one face.. Like family and couples.. Are they gonna be Simpson yellow skin, yellow hair for good now, or can I change them somehow like the single face icons? That yellow hue is not pleasant in any way..
Voicing concerns about your home turf is a good place to start. That's where you can make a difference, and inspire others. Not doing business in China because this and that, making an ultimatum... is not a way to inspire. It's more likely to start a serious conflict.
Thunderbolt is really awesome, with an impressive roadmap ahead. I think USB-C is cool, and it's probably here to stay, but it's nothing like Thunderbolt. Although to a lot of end users it might appear so.
When it doesn't need the iPhone anymore, when it communicates directly to iCloud, it'll be great. Give it 5-7 years. I think it's the most well designed smart watch so far. The dependancy of the iPhone is a downer though.
Good and valid points, mate. It's a very important, and hot debate. I still think Apple is in a unique position here to change things in favour for the artists though. If I buy a song, nobody would accept that the money went to another more popular artist. Streaming stems from/ is an answer to piracy. And I'm surprised most streaming services still feel like piracy. Most labels and management try to trick the artists into signing a sucky deal, even lying about YouTube add...
Well.. perhaps I wasn't clear. Of course, any artist managed by a management, not owning the master, that has inked a sucky, or generous deal with a label etc. is going to have to split the revenue according to the contract/ law and regulations. This was not my point. (Although I think most artists should think hard about going 100% indie. There's much more to gain there for 99% of the artists that are not the size of Beyoncé.) My point is, follow the money. If I pay $10...
This is a typical feature that nobody wants, yet is difficult to turn off for most people, because it's buried deep in the menus. And most people don't even care or notice. It's just a bullshit assumption that more is better. The salesmen can pull this up while selling a TV, like its a novelty feature. Horrible aesthetics on the TV makers' behalf.
Price cut? They nuts? Even less for the artists? I don't care about the labels. I care about the artists. What if the artists pressured Apple? Not the labels. Apple is in a unique position to introduce a transparent, flat structure, where the money from the subscriber goes directly to only the artists that the user is listening to each month. Not mysteriously disappear into a big hole. A user pays $10, listening to two favourite albums and a bunch of popular playlists, and...
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