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It would be interesting to see a Liquidmetal enclosure at some point. It has a very different finish and feel, almost like platinum.. sort of, that might not suit today's design goals. But as far as strength and elasticity, judging by the charts, it seems totally BOSS.
No need to go all caps lock, mate. I think, definitely positively, that this is a design flaw, and Apple will be struck with a massive ammount of warranty claims if this applies to all plusses - which might be the case. I'm gonna make up a number and say that I'm positively sure that well over 50% of all iPhone users carry them in their front pockets - and will so with their plusses too. If they bend when you sit down, get in the car, do a little dancing, Apple will have...
This is troubling. Warranty issue for sure, since it's a fabrication/ design flaw. It can be quite dangerous for the battery too. I was going to order the plus on Friday, but now I have to take this information into account. Crap.
Hello %uF8FFBeats.
For me it worked really well (Norway). The AppleTV update though, was so slow, it reminded me of a gprs transfer. Is it using the same system?
Taking the bate.. The term "Market share" is making people blind. "Loosing market share" in an expanding market is making people think it's equivalent to "loosing user base". As the market matures, it's really quite remarkable tha Apple is still dominating it. It's impossible. Starting a new market now. Let's see if try can keep dominating it for years to come until it matures.
THanksThanks.. I didn't know. The whole thing was totally out of place though.
"Our love for music" followed by "U2 performance". So far so good. Followed by "Mr big artist star, with sun shades on, starting rambling about a magic button, in a very unarticulated way, seeming totally joker." Ok now you're loosing it. Wtf is going on? Is it over? Is this an announcement? Followed by "I can do that!" Ok now you lost it. I will not believe you the next time you say "our love for music". This is not love.. This is... I don't know... trolling? Mega...
I remember a rumor/report a few years ago, I think, that Apple had tested ARM MacBook configurations internally, and that they worked better than one would have expected. Think about what full fledged RAM could do. RAM is probably a bottle neck for phone use, and wisely so, but would probably put multitasking to new levels if it had 16GB in a MacBook configuration. I made several great animated movies on a G4 PowerBook 12". Running both after effects, Final Cut Pro,...
Actually, Samsung should be thanking Apple for being in business. They got it all backwards. I think their inevitable holy grail is to ultimately rid themselves of Android. I bet they're trying hard to.
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