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Apple will more likely just buy San Fransisco, move everyone out, and test it there, rather than reveal their project to the public, years early ;-)
Those game demos were pretty darn impressive..
3D touch looks addictive. No 3D touch on the iPad Pro? Maybe next time? Let's hope so. I want to try the Apple Pencil so bad. I just would have liked it to work for the Mac as well. I doubt the professional apps that I'm using will suddenly appear on the iPad Pro.. But a no latency tablet/ iPad for the Mac would be great. Hey @AppleInsider Staff how was the tip feel against the glass? Is it slippy plastic to glass, or is it slightly rubbery with some friction? Editing 4K...
Thanks mate, for taking your time.I'm a typical end user, artist creator that demands fast performance for graphics and video creation in high resolutions. I'm stuck with semi professional tools from Adobe, Toon Boom and Apple etc. They say it's for professionals, and it is, but when looking at the performance of most software it's somewhat sad. I just know how well they should run if they was coded right. I was asking for years about proper multi threaded rendering in the...
How is ECC RAM superior? (I ask because I don't know, and would like to learn, so just be to the point, please.)
Could someone explain to me what's so great with the Xeon lineup? After seeing benchmarks pitting the MacPro against iMac's and MacBook Pro's with results only sometimes in favour of the Xeon beast pro I just don't get it. Am I missing something? Or does it require Xeon specific optimisation to fully make it shine, which no one seem to care about/ have the skill to do, because the install base is too small to care? Should we get excited about a Xeon laptop offering?
 I absolutely hear what you're saying. Yeah the colour temperature has been a real frustration. But their current models has gotten pretty trustworthy in this regards, I'd say. Not the best black levels, in part due to the coating I guess, but very solid colours. No crazy colour deviations. Especially for film. Perhaps not for print or web? The 13" however, disturbingly cold LED stuff. Yuck.And yeah, that Panasonic thing is probably not yet a real alternative. But they're...
I'm an animator, and I'm working with Cintiqs every day. I've had four Cintiqs over the years.. The points I mentioned really bugs me, every day. But perhaps the biggest issue is the low resolution. They keep making bigger Cintiqs, without significantly increasing the dpi. If you hide the cursor it would be nearly impossible to use the Cintiq. It's still not precise enough to do that.The 13 inch Cintiq is the only model that has made advancements in any of my complaints,...
Exactly, like the Super Bowl, only worse, because it wasn't even any good. Such a waste.
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