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Nah.. They'll all be running "A" processors by then. ;-)
I think the big iPhone and the bracelet/ wearable or whatever, will come in one presentation. It'll be the solution to not having a very large unit in your hand for most little tasks. It could remain in the pocket/ bag or wherever it is.
After all the fuzz I just had to check out te 360 and... wtf.. It's some sort of a joke, right? It's the worst thing I've ever seen. Well, whatever Apple does I hope it comes in different flavours. Wearing a bracelet is very personal, and I'd hate if there's a one-design-for-all mindset there. We'd all look like patients on a futuristic hospital.
I'm pretty sure I can type just about anything MUCH much faster on an iPhone keyboard than with a pen... So what's with the pen? I'd like a pen for art and doodles.. Is it for non text note taking, like math and stuff? How are they marketing the pen?
Samsung? Not 4 me.
The iPads were created with "a day of work" in mind, I'm sure. The iPhones seem to be created with "a day of phone" in mind. I think the iPhones should be designed with "a week of phone, a day of work." in mind. The iPhones are being used much more than most iPads, I'm sure. Bigger batteries and super smart CPU power saving ftw!
Ouch. I can see the fun vs work mindset arise. And daily managing 1000 iPads probably being a life in misery. If it was just the keyboard, there are good clam shell covers for that. But I definitely see the need of a configurable system that can fit into the school system nicely.. Perhaps with the new IBM initiative this could become real?
If I started a new phone brand right now, I'd call it "Other" and create some great slides...
Finally! Once they get around I hope they'll open the new content store for old units. There are so many Apple TV's out there it's a mystery they haven't pushed it more..
I like the new commercials a lot. But this one I don't care about at all. I think they missed the beat with this one.
New Posts  All Forums: