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This is a typical feature that nobody wants, yet is difficult to turn off for most people, because it's buried deep in the menus. And most people don't even care or notice. It's just a bullshit assumption that more is better. The salesmen can pull this up while selling a TV, like its a novelty feature. Horrible aesthetics on the TV makers' behalf.
Price cut? They nuts? Even less for the artists? I don't care about the labels. I care about the artists. What if the artists pressured Apple? Not the labels. Apple is in a unique position to introduce a transparent, flat structure, where the money from the subscriber goes directly to only the artists that the user is listening to each month. Not mysteriously disappear into a big hole. A user pays $10, listening to two favourite albums and a bunch of popular playlists, and...
Water proof, internal gps, rich phone free mode etc.. Version 2 Didn't see that MacBook coming, btw.
420gSLR Magic has got many really good lenses. http://www.slrmagic.co.uk/slr-magic-10mm-t21-hyperprime-cine-lens.html
I love this camera. I actually bought two of them. Great price for multi cam shoots. And although the the high quality ProRes HQ and RAW settings are definitely the best, the ability to shoot in ProRes LT is just fantastic! It's a very good codec, and surprisingly tolerant to colour grading. Another thing that I'm using it for occasional is for streaming live to VJ apps like VDMX. Very low input latency, and stable exposure settings. Also for streaming live on YouTube...
Yeah lol. She speaks Norwegian and really bad Norwegian accent on her English. Now all the emoji is gonna look like her.. Shite..
I hate Dora the explorer.. I can understand the use of shading in emojis, to make them stand out in any size, background etc. I still don't like it.. And I still wish, while they're at it, that Apple overhauled all of the Emoji's. I think they're really bad. And now with the new Dora design.. uh... Jony, did you approve this?
The day VR glasses are not helmets (they're still more or less helmets) I can see Apple go into VR glasses. Like if you get it to work light weight and slim like in the concept art here. Another reason to keep them iPhone's really light weight. The problem with the third concept art image, is that the iPhone would have to penetrate the nose bone, and parts of the forhead to work as described, lol.
5ys of rumours! Yeeey!
Ha.. interesting. One problem with mappnig cameras is to remove all cars from the pictures.. Google don't seem to care. But I think that if you've got high speed sensors scanning the road close to your car, (we can assume that there's at least a few meters of gap to the next car) we could potentially get a car free scan of the road that you're on.. while the surrounding could be filled with cars and other objects. Of course it also makes sense for a self driving car to...
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