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The day VR glasses can be made the same form factor as regular sun shades, that's the day to release VR glasses with AR technology.
The cintiqs are good, and it's been a blessing with the battery free pen for all these years. But they too have problems.1. Too thick glass = too much parallax. The iPad is virtually zero parallax. This will be the most significant lead over Wacom.2. Precision issues. The fact that Cintiqs need to be user calibrated says it all. You need to take into account stuff like viewing angle, because of the parallax problem.3. Probably due to the inductive, magnetic, passive design...
I didn't like these videos at all.. I feel like they were specifically made for this occasion, and will never air again.
I agree totally. They've done such a good job with the curation, ease of discovering new great music, instead of discovering new crap music like in for instance Spotify. Because Apple seems to care about finding good music to your taste. Others, it seems, rely on either commercial rules (pay to get higher up on the list) or algorithms, that fail to understand the quality in music.And about the UI. I actually like it.
Lol for that soundtrack It reminds me somehow of Bobby Trafalgar's Kung-Fu girl, in a distant way. Bobby's song is still cool, he he. Listen to Kung-Fu Girl by Bobby Trafalgar on @AppleMusic. https://itun.es/no/teZGN?i=662909435
How well/ deep is metal implemented? Is it snappy? ;-) Are Apple's own apps on Metal now? Are Normal apps that comply with Apple's Dev guidelines taking advantage of Metal automatically? Like window manager, aqua or whatever it's called now adays.
I think it works really well, too. And also chiming in on the "for you" section being surprisingly great. I've never seen any suggestions or playlists on Spotify that I've liked. In fact I've always deeply hated every suggestion made by Spotify. Since it's commercial forces driving suggestions, or just bad taste, I don't know. Apple Music has surprised me in this area, suggesting a lot of certainly great music. This is probably the Dre currating magic hard at work. Great...
Yeah great points. Indeed, it's a crazy, and strange time for music. I always suggest patreonage as the ultimate model. In my own experience, a hundred people donating are more powerful than a million streams on the internet. It's a mind twister that is hard to accept at first.. But then it slowly dawns upon you. Here's a Ted Talk/ performance I gave on the topic earlier this year.
I think for small time artists streaming is always a bad short term money making solution. And perhaps long term too. There simply isn't enough volume to get any money that you can live from. For Dre, a few years from now, he might have earned more money.. Chances are that your music will be played by a much wider audience, which is good in itself, because if you've got many fans and listeners, it's a much better starting point than if you have fewer fans. Easier to book...
Also don't forget those 500.000 downloads.500.000 x $12? x 0,7? = $8 571 428Combined, this potentially shows that much more people are listening to his music than prior to streaming. Which is a nice thing. But it also shows that buying is a much more powerful short term business model. It also shows that streaming is a business model that works for big time artists.I'd say it's a great launch. I could live my whole life from this amount of money ;-) Anyone who says the...
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