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Also don't forget those 500.000 downloads.500.000 x $12? x 0,7? = $8 571 428Combined, this potentially shows that much more people are listening to his music than prior to streaming. Which is a nice thing. But it also shows that buying is a much more powerful short term business model. It also shows that streaming is a business model that works for big time artists.I'd say it's a great launch. I could live my whole life from this amount of money ;-) Anyone who says the...
Can't they just pay and shut up and move on? They can even pay with Samsung Pay, if it works
I wouldn't be surprised if Apple was trying snatch YouTube channels over to Apple TV.
I think it will happen at some point. And I think that if they'll make a stylus it'll definitely gonna be one with style. It's in their DNA to go up on stage and say "we noticed that there has been tremendous amount of art and hand writing being produced on the iPad, even though it's not officially supporting a stylus. So it's our time to give you all the best tool for precision input. Our stylus is 10x more precise than there are pixels on screen, and with the API you've...
Jolly good times ahead I think an iPad pro would need pro work flow, pro apps, and even no latency tablet-to-Mac (Wacom Cintiq killer) functionality with an awesome and super precise stylus.
Yeah the genre is a bit too narrow for my taste on Beats1. I'd be happy to see other channels cover more underground and truly alternative stuff, as well as contemporary jazz and classical etc. and perhaps more reports from the field.I like Apple Music. It suggests good music, and it's easier to find interesting new music. It doesn't feel commercially driven at all. However I've had quite a few dropouts in the last couple of days, where entire albums refuse to play, the...
If someone could end greedy roaming policies once and for all, then by all means go for it.
"Oh no, they're selling more Apple Watches than the entire competition has done for a whole year. I'm so disappointed. Our projections were that everyone should have an Apple Watch by Christmas. Then a new product category could be introduced by January." Whiners...
Proper game pad support, and then it'll stir up the gaming industry once again.
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