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Biggest q: What is it that is making the C cheaper? 1. Apple taking a lower share? 2. Cheaper components? If this is at all close to correct: http://www.isuppli.com/Teardowns/News/Pages/iPhone5-Carries-$199-BOM-Virtual-Teardown-Reveals.aspx it seems sorta clear that the most expensive parts could be made cheaper, I guess.
Suddenly it makes sense. iPhone C is for iPhone China.
I'm with you.I tried the iPhoto app, and while I was sorta impressed I just can't fit it into my "workflow". Too many media libraries already! And on the iDevices there simply aren't any ways to save big amounts of data over time, like a growing photo library. Does it all transfer to iCloud or iPhoto on your mac? Or what's the preferred long term workflow here?
Nintendo... What happened? We used to have such good times, and now look at you. You're not half the bleep you used to be. I'm breaking up!
Am I the only one who would appreciate it if you stopped using that awful picture by Yrving Torrealba whenever you write about the rumoured watch? Watches, like glasses, are a personally fashionable extentions of the taste of the one wearing it, like with a bracelet, or a necklace, nail polish etc. I honestly think Apple will have to loosen up on the design here. There'll probably be high quality details like leather under it, textile and a somewhat toned down appearance....
Mac Pro, anyone? I guess it wouldn't fit this kind of event. It'll probably be announced online or at some developer related convention or something.
Wasn't the company behind Apple's maps flyover also from Sweden?
Europe, anyone?
Great performance and smooth new features! Still...no reply to comment ...no inbox or messages I really miss those features.
Tip still thick as a crayon, I know, it's Apple's fault. At some point future iPads might support proper pen input. Until then we're supposed to draw thin pencil lines with a thick crayon.
New Posts  All Forums: