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In-ear headphones is not for everyone. I'm using cheap earpod cushions to prevent them from falling out. Works great, but it bugs me that Apple didn't use a material that would prevent it from falling out of virtually everyone's ears.
Horrible for main input, but as a secondary interface it could be great. If all the space from the keyboard and down to the edge was such a surface with a sort of illuminated touch display interface with interchangable graphics it would be awesome.
Buying them now will be a better deal than dealing with costy lawsuits later on.
Yeah, bring on the iPhone 6 rumors! Erm.. where's the info on that bezel-free design in the title again…?
So whatever it is it's not flexible.. I was hoping for a flexible device - but with saphire glass I guess it's not.
Even though they're new, they're clearly using the old voice synthesis - except the UK ones.
Anything that's ad-supported stinks..
It wait was after holding it, so.. Yeah. Feels heavy in my hand.And yeah, 5 was not my taste either, as you've probably guessed by now ;-)
New year approaches, new phone rumors awaits. My 4S is showing signs of resignation. 5S not my taste. 5C appears heavy and clumsy compared to the 5. iPhone 6 rumors. Bring it on!
I think the watch will be the TV controller.
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