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Thanks. Nice post!For sure, interesting to follow. Streaming and listening has sort of become marketing rather than the end product. I'd rather play my music to people who care, and create a little micro world with Patreon and Bandcamp, etc. where it all works fine. I think honestly, that YouTube is gonna steal all streaming free music anyways. The world is becoming increasingly more visual. It's probably already doing it to some significant extent. I think it's totally...
Listen to music for free. Great business model. No wonder it "sells".   Spotify is like Google for music. I don't have the numbers, but I bet the majority of Spotify's users are free, ad supported accounts. And just like with YouTube videos with ads - the only one making money are the ones with a great number of videos/ songs with very high play count. In other words big publishers or superstars. There's no way to get a revenue to pay for the rent, from either streaming...
Nice. Next: Bearded emojis please!! Also bearded face recognition, lol. Hey that sample character looked really nice. Great style. I'd be happy if ALL iOS emojis changed at some point, toward that style. It doesn't look good right now. Now that iOS is changing, the emoji look like.. iOS 1 or something.
Ha ha.. it's like a paper mario puzzle every time you need to find it.
They should buy Nintendo then including their no latency streaming solution.Apple's hunt for the perfect living-room/ big screen/ media/ social/ controller/ home hub/ solution thing... will never stop. It's a bag of hurt. No matter what they'll do, others will say they can do more. They better do it insanely well.
Not right for the part.? While that may be how he feels, it sounds like a polite, rhetorical statement. I've got the feeling there's something about the project, or the script, that isn't very good. When people keep exiting the project... But perhaps this is what every movie production is like..
Regarding whether it's ok for a straight man to say he's "proud not to be gay".. That's the most stupid thing. Who even said that? It's just driving his anti gay agenda further. Tim has in no way expressed an anti straight agenda. Be proud of what you are. Not of what you are not. If you're proud to be straight, and reflect over insight of taking part in the circle of life, or whatever it is you feel. Yeah cool. Express your pride.
Don't think too much about it, mate. You got it!!! Now make some awesome stuff!!
He he. Not necessarily illegally. But with great powers comes great responsibility.
Has Apple become too powerful? If companies that are being approached by Apple are willing to negotiate themselves into such a bad deal. Perhaps Apple was negotiating harder than what was good for anyone.
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