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Is Woz is back! Isn't the universal remote his dream project? ;)
Watch out Patreon!
We'll soon be enjoying silky smooth scrolling in Facebook.
iMessages and its settings should be available for iCloud.com, to make these things simple.
High resolution is cool and all, but that physical image stabilization is what has always caught my interest.
My guess is that Nike got first hand information on Apple's new wearable(s), and probably got invited as a partner to develop software available at the release date. Nike probably felt "they have no chance in competing with hardware" and quickly closed the wrist band project... which might mean that Apple's wearable is not too shabby.
I think Siri is definitely one of the biggest R&D costs (if it counts as R&D) It's a huuuge, dare I say messy, never ending project. And if they aim to cover more and more languages.. holy crap... And all I'm doing with Siri is to tell her occasionally to set the timer to 8 minutes now and then...   The message from interviews with the big guys like Jony and Schiller etc. that I feel they wanna send out is that "We're just getting started", implying that they have got...
They could probably change to lightning port audio anytime they want... But yeah, it's probably B.S. :)
Yeah, totally my first thought too.Not that this visionary thinking automatically gives authenticity to these pictures, but just saying... It's nice that they get thinner and lighter etc… but currently, I think battery life is the biggest drawback of the iPhones. They're showing people in all the ads in these wild lifestyle situations, filming, taking pictures, facetiming, navigating in the wilderness, sleeping on the wall of a cliff etc. The truth is you absolutely have...
The day they can create a true hologram with rich blacks and brights is the day they'll release the full fledged version. I hope they'll release a serious update for the units already out there too. They've sold a LOT of them.
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