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Wow, great stuff! The fact that they're using medical research as an example makes it sound expensive though 😬 But that's to be expected when launching new technology. I hope it's straight forward to implement in computers and phones etc. That there are versions that communicate over common busses etc. Is 1000x faster than NAND enough to be faster than current RAM memory?
The like factor is soooo important. If you like it, you'll use it. If you use it, you'll find good use for it. Thanks for sharing!How do you find using it with no hands? Is it working?
I think the ads are mostly eye candy. Like "Apple watch is gorgeous, and it runs apps!" They look nice and attractive, but they don't do much for me. It would be nice to see cases of use where pulling out a phone would be either impractical, impossible or inappropriate. Like when skiing, in the lab, when driving(?), when cooking, when baking, when swimming, when paying, when having a brilliant idea is the most unlikely situation and you wanna take a note etc.
It looks pretty nice as a city car. Do you guys think Apple is going compact with their car? Personally I hope Apple is not just making an electric car with snazzy features and Ive design, and that's it. They need to try and solve things. It'd be better if they created a commute taxi network with 8 passengers vans, with a constantly re routing hop-on-hop-off service. Request pickup via app. A closeby car with a free seat, and a route in the same direction will reroute and...
Seeing the watch in this context makes so much sense. For businesses there might be some killer apps for the watch. I hadn't even thought of that till now.
Wow, what a thread this turned out to be. Because two girls went travelling together? What if they were a boy and a girl who went travelling, Portrayed with juuuust the exact same "vague" relationship? Would anyone care? Probably not. Nobody would probably say "I don't get it, are they heterosexual?". I haven't read all comments here, but are there any girls commenting in this thread? Or are you just embarrassed on our male behalf? Please girls, come save this thread.
I think they're supposed to be traveling.
This tag line is gonna get soooo troll style hijacked by Samsung in one way or another!!
Whether the numbers are right or not, I actually thinks it's very likely that early adopters were more in numbers than the continuos stream of buyers. For two reasons. 1) I think this might be related to the purchase patterns of fashionistas. 2) Even though the watch is amazing, I still think it does just a few things better than on a phone or on a computer, for most people...
When I clicked play I was ready to hate the trailer, but wow, I thought it was really great. If the finished film has any of this energy that the trailer has, it might very well be brilliant. And because he looks nothing like Steve I actually felt I was getting more involved in the story, and the tone of the direction.
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