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I get the feeling this is the "new" Apple led by Jonathan Ive. I though it was beautiful.
Imaginary quote: "You're taxing it wrong.."
What region are you in? It's probably one of those US only services... like with most video on demand services. I couldn't find it either. Norway here.
Pretty nice. He looks really proud The pen tips need to get thinner though in order to get truly useful. Is Apple preventing tiny input shapes, or is it a hardware drawback of the touch technology they chose? ps. what's up with the latency? Looks like a really slow drawing engine there. What software is he using?
I  think Pages for iPad is the best of the three, and a pretty good one. I've written a couple of things from scratch to finish in iOS (like 40-50 pages scripts and stuff) and I like it. There is something "magical" about holding the document in your hand as you work through it. Keynote I guess is pretty decent but suffering from the iOS way of handling media in general to make the work flow fluent I think. I've tried to get used to Numbers for iOS many times, but I think...
The big question is.. if Apple is the new mainstream - who is the new punk?
My step son (9) wants a Samsung. Why? It says Samsung on the chest of his favourite soccer team. It's a foul world we live in..
Yeah.. Agreed. But there's also terrible design elements in Maps (which is unrelated to the bad data). It's really hard to see white roads on pale beige(ish) backgrounds with grey(ish) smoothened lines on a retina display. Bad design for a map. It's in need of sharpness, contrast and more defined outlines and surfaces. Perhaps Mr Ive is the right guy for this task.
Tac-2, anyone? ;-)
Does it need to be plugged into a power adapter at all times?
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