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I'd understand if the 4.7 would be the new flagship model. But to make the 5.5 camera better doesn't make sense. Plus, a smaller phone is in greater need for stabilisation due to low weight, small size. A bigger unit is easier to keep stable. I might be crazy, but the "iWatch" might be the thing that would differentiate the 5.5 from the 4.7. It'd make sense to develop an iWatch so that you can leave the bigger unit(s) in the bag when taking a call, reading a tweet etc. I...
I'm hoping for a redesign too. But if the dummies, (which these mockups are based on, I assume) are being sent out to enclosure manufacturers, the layout of stuff should at least be locked. I'm still hoping for a tighter layout though.
That is insane!
That face tracking must be a huge deal for them. 4 cameras dedicated to tracking!? It'd better be good! Does the amazon version of Android allow general Android apps? It looks kinda different, doesn't it?
In profile it looks like there's been some major internal innovations. These things are super slim! New batteries? Reduced power use? I'd like to see a totally different face though.
Yeah I know what you're saying. But a big iPhone? Who is it for? I'm thinking professionals rather than the average consumer. Professionals have different needs. I'm an artists and animator, and there is no way I can use all the great art and animation apps on the iPad without a fine pen tip. It's (pardon the pun) pointless. Or was it China that was big phone friendly? Anyways, come fall...
I'm not a fan of fragmentation, but aside from that, if Sony have PS3 compatibility and great movie content, this could be a great offering. The drawback with Apple TV is the sparse content. It's like it's truly a hobby. I mean, come on, get on with it already! The Apple TV should be open for anyone to create streaming, free, paid channels on the AppleTV interactive titles with Apple standard bluetooth game controllers. All managed through an Apple TV channel- and app...
If there indeed will be another, larger iPhone model, I'm really curious about how they're going to differentiate it from the base model. I've got a feeling it needs some unique features, other than just being larger. Like... pen support for artists? Roll out display? I don't know what to expect..
Is Woz is back! Isn't the universal remote his dream project? ;)
Watch out Patreon!
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