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Great performance and smooth new features! Still...no reply to comment ...no inbox or messages I really miss those features.
Tip still thick as a crayon, I know, it's Apple's fault. At some point future iPads might support proper pen input. Until then we're supposed to draw thin pencil lines with a thick crayon.
The 6 will be rad I wonder if that on-screen fingerprint sensor tech will be ready by then.
The rectangular icon I guess is an app symbol. But if indeed the new home button will be a finger print scanner I guess another icon would make sense. Either that or perhaps an image can't cover the fingerprint sensor because of interference with the sensor?
Such as if you're a cat person or a dog person.
He he, I agree on cheap.Wondering when the "Designed by Apple in California, assembled in China" and those other logos are printed onto the back, as with all other iPhone models.. Wouldn't it make sense to print this at the same time as printing the iPhone logo? Perhaps it's an early prototype, not yet approved.
Let's watch the watch race. Bring out the popcorn!! I've got this feeling the smart watch frenzy in the industry that we're seeing now got started with a rumor from Apple. And everybody was like "Crap, we better not miss the train like we did with the iPhone. Let's all make smart watches." A friend of mine is running this wristwatch online store, making serious money. There's high demand. But most customers buy fun, retro, luxurious style watches. A one-design-fits-all...
Apple's biggest most serious competitor, long term, is not google, Samsung or any other corporation. It's IndieGoGo, KickStarter and the rise of the indie developers. They have the power to change everything where as the corporations are more or less stuck and have too much at stake to make something truly game changing. Indies can focus on the small picture and create super smart and inventive things, where the corporations are stuck trying to invent the Swiss knife all...
Biggest mystery is: what are those condoms doing there?
The airplay lag won't disappear any time soon since the signal is first being compressed on the iPhone and then being sent through the router and then to the Apple TV. It's simply a laggy solution. What you could do to solve it in a game like this is to apply the swing to the position where the ball was prior to the swing.., like taking into account the lag, And being a bit generous with the preciseness of the controls. It can work in a simple tennis game, but will never...
New Posts  All Forums: