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Motion- and gesture control is MESSY! Nooooooo...
I hope so.. But it's been working for all our devices for a long time. Perhaps it broke down right this instant.
I didn't have charging issues before. 7.0. Now with 7.1 the charging seems to go on-off-on-off randomly. iPhone 4S Edit: There's no problem wen chargin from the mac though.
A couple of years from now the 5C might be the new entry level 4. We'll see how Apple meant to do it. It'd make sense if the update cycle of the 5c isn't annual, instead pushing production costs down and keeping the design separate from the top line. The C and S might look somewhat similar today, but in a few years it'll probably be even more different from the top line, and cheaper, making it increasingly more appealing as an entry level phone. Just my thoughts.
I've been using my iPhone 4S a LOT for everything, and it's always in my jeans pocket. I'm sure a 5.5" or a 6" even would be more useful in terms of content creation, reading, drawing, everything… but I'm worried a 6" model wouldn't fit in my pocket anymore.   Hey all of ye phablet people, I'm wondering. How do you carry it around? Is it small enough for keeping in the jacket pocket? Or do you carry it around in a purse or what? I guess jeans pocket is out of the...
Yeah sorry about not being clear. Well in reality I think those old crap ones ended up probably being the most used head phones in history. They were shipped with every unit, and probably used by the majority of the people who don't care that much about audio quality. You know, there are a lot of people that are happy to listen to a song through the phone speakers.. 
The original ones prior to iPhone 5 fell out too, but the redesigned ones that came with the 5 fall out even more. But those are the ones that I'm talking about. The original ones prior to iPhone 5 I agree are crap. :-) The newer one needs cushions and then they're remarkably good:http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD827LL/A/apple-earpods-with-remote-and-mic?fnode=3d
I think they sound dramatically better than every other ear pod I've tried. But without the cushion you won't be able to place them right, and the sound will not be directed into your ear the way it should - and you'll loose a lot of bass and volume. But with a cushion you can place them firmly in your ear and they'll sound great. I use them all the time.(edit: speaking about the ear pods, yeah?)
In-ear headphones is not for everyone. I'm using cheap earpod cushions to prevent them from falling out. Works great, but it bugs me that Apple didn't use a material that would prevent it from falling out of virtually everyone's ears.
Horrible for main input, but as a secondary interface it could be great. If all the space from the keyboard and down to the edge was such a surface with a sort of illuminated touch display interface with interchangable graphics it would be awesome.
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