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Ditto that. Wrist stuff makes me feel chained. I got rid of my last watch the day I got my first mobile phone sometime in the 90's. I'm not in those 19%. On a side note though, a friend of mine is running an online wrist watch store. And it's going extremely well. So the demand for wrist watches is surprisingly high.
It sends out rumors to the internet now and then.
Quartz Composer is great.. I wish Apple was less mysterious about it and its future.
Yeah, bring on the rumors! I lost interest in Apple rumors the last two years, but now it's picking up steam again. All kinds of crazy rumors popping up. Jolly times ;-)
The big question for me is "will iOS, at some point, take over Mac OS X?" Eventually, yes, I think so. Even now several developers are trying to make good productive professional iOS apps, but they're all just a supplement to its desktop counterpart. The biggest problems in my opinion that iOS is facing to become a full professional system are: - file structure. There just MUST be a proper way to handle files before you can handle any kind of significant project. Imagine...
I hope Apple has a clever idea to make this good for indie musicians that won't get plays. Streaming is the death of royalties for indie musicians and good for big labels. It's too easy not to purchase a song or album once you've got streaming.
If they're out there at a games dev conference talking about it, spreading rumours it might just around the corner. Could be a scam though. Anonymous guy posing as apple employee, ha ha..
I think it makes sense. Using the iOS app I've many times been thinking to myself "yep, this is what the Facebook phone OS will be like".. It doesn't even have to deal with sms, mms, app stores or anything. It's just Facebook.. and they have it all under one roof. It'll probably be free and ad based. *shrug*
Apple needs something spectacular. Most smart TV's UI sucks, so that will be the first wow for Apple I assume. 4K and h265 is all cool buzz. Great for industry adoption of h265 to have a giant make wide use of the codec. But what will the 4K be used for? A lot of HD TV streams are even 720p and looking no that shabby. Movies in 4k from 2 meters away will only marginally look different from 2k. Perhaps they're readying the system for up to 4 users simultaneously.
Btw... "Users" would make si much sense on ios. More so than on Mac OS X in fact.
New Posts  All Forums: