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Yeah bring it on to the nordic countries! I'm waiting! I find it frustrating that what seems like most of Apple's competitors in the streaming music sector, look to have no problem introducing streaming services internationally. It's like the labels are more cautious with Apple than with startups.
Exactly. Apple is a commercial company, not a democracy organisation. Of course they need to comply with the laws of the markets they're operating in. And, nowadays it's very easy, and safe to jailbreak your iPhone for this functionality. I still think China should loosen up its internet laws, and I'm sure everyone at Apple thinks that too, but that's not Apple's battle to fight.
 Yeah it's a niche. Agree. Solid. Done. I'm an animator, and a lot of my friends are artists too, so me and most of my friends are in that niche. We have Wacoms, Cintiqs and stuff. I can however imagine what it must be like outside my little world. And styluses does not take part in it. So therefore I don't make a fuzz about it, and go buy my expensive Cintiq. But just to disturb the balance in the niche concept being painted in this thread..Kids. Preschool. Learning....
 Yeah, my thoughts too. Perhaps the tip is firing/ emitting a sort of pulse to make/ fake a bigger impact?Agree with lack of pressure being a bummer for artists..
I'm not worried about criminals being able to copy finger prints. The time to worry would be when hackers create a TouchID virus designed to extract the fingerprint information on all devices around the world, and then collect a database of fingerprints.
I like 7, but it needs an update to fix the momentary freezing in Mail and some other apps. However, I'm not crazy about the new sound scheme sounds for appointments and stuff. It has a less distinct and a somehow more generic identity in my opinion. However I really hated the cartoon sounds of earlier iOS so I guess I like these sleek synth tones better... Still composing my own tones, so why do I bother typing about this again?.. sorry
This thing they're showing in the video is huge! It doesn't seem portable at all. It's an iPad mini or an iPad or something in that controller dock, right? This is not something you just happen to keep in your pocket. It looks like it's designed for home use.   I'm more intrigued by the "something missing" picture... allthough the size he's making with his hands suggest it's gonna be huge as well. I'd be interested if it was more portable.
I think it this bullshit can serve as a hint to understanding what parts are involved and what parts are high- and low cost, and once it hits mass production what parts could be expected to be made cheaper to keep the revenue regardless of lowering the retail price tag.
Biggest q: What is it that is making the C cheaper? 1. Apple taking a lower share? 2. Cheaper components? If this is at all close to correct: http://www.isuppli.com/Teardowns/News/Pages/iPhone5-Carries-$199-BOM-Virtual-Teardown-Reveals.aspx it seems sorta clear that the most expensive parts could be made cheaper, I guess.
Suddenly it makes sense. iPhone C is for iPhone China.
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